DC's ESPN Redskins Radio Uses Latest Issue of the Rock Creek Free Press to Discuss Willie Nelson's Statements of 9/11 on Air

Rock Creek Free Press

During Friday afternoon's prime time drive, in one of the nation's worst traffic parking lots and weekend exodus from the District of Criminals, ESPN's host on the John Riggins Show on 92.7 FM here locally in DC from 4-7pm, decided to discuss Willie Nelson's latest statements regarding 9/11, using our local Rock Creek newspaper as the vehicle of choice to open the dialogue on air.

Even though he was making fun of the issue, he spent an incredible amount of time discussing it, even reading the entire article on the air from the paper. There is no plausible reason for a sports show to be discussing anything related to 9/11 and the evident conspiracies surrounding the issue, but just another way for a show host to bring up his personal view, more than likely, while making fun of it without violating known mainstream media broadcast policies on the obvious media blackout. We've seen many shows use this method by talking about other people in the media who have brought up the issue.

The easiest way to stay employed as a media mouthpiece with a huge audience without being fired over talking about 9/11 is to make fun of the issue and discuss other famous people and their statements, repeating it over and over, getting the audience to go look at the information themselves and dipping their toes in the water, hopefully becoming immersed in the absurdity of the government's Official Conspiracy Theory. Many purported media Left Gatekeepers are starting to do the same thing, by being able to discuss the topic because celebrities and other personages are bringing it up, giving them a loophole on bypassing station policies to not discuss the issue, thereby keeping their jobs and soapboxes, influencing millions on a daily basis. I've talked to a few hosts who've said they can't talk about it on air, but if someone calls in to start the discussion, then they can do so by discussing the caller's questions or the guest's topics on those issues that they've brought up themselves.

Here is my friend Lou's play-by-play of the radio show here in DC he heard live. Curious to see if the show makes the archives in their podcast section, as it hasn't yet ESPN Radio Podcasts:

It was 5:35 as I was driving home yesterday (Friday) from the National Archives listening to the 'John Riggins Show' on the sports radio station shown below, ESPN Radio, 92.7 FM.

The host was going to the commercial break but he teased the next segment by saying: "Next we will listen to what Willie Nelson said about 9/11."

After the commercial, the host (not John Riggins who was out of town) said: "Listen to this. You won't believe it! Yesterday, I picked up a free newspaper called the 'Rock Creek Free Press' from a newspaper box. Right on the front page, there's a story titled "Willy Nelson: 9/11 Truther."

At which point he proceeded for ten minutes to read the story verbatim and then make all manner of negative comments like: "I remember seeing an airplane slam into one of the twin Towers, and then the building fell down. And then the other building fell down too. But he (Willie Nelson) thinks the building came down because our government used dynamite to bring the buildings down."

"I don't know whether this Rock Creek Free Press is a real newspaper or what. It is dated March 2008; I don't know whether it is a daily or a monthly or what. I guess it may be a monthly. They have to be careful though or their news gets old before it hits the street. But I suppose this is some free pub [publicity] for them."

"It's not The Onion. This is a different paper."

"This shows that all the years Willie Nelson was smoking dope ruined his brain cells that he could think this one up."

"Their other stories are more of the same wild stuff. 'Toxic Mercury in Fish' and 'FBI Refuses to Turn Over Documentation Used to Identify 9/11 Planes.' Ha-ha-ha."

It was bizarre.


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All publicity helps

Russ Hallberg

The sports junkies had never heard of 9/11 truth. Even though it was derogatory, so what? Many people in the audience harbor unconscious
doubts about 9/11.

People would have seen positive messages about 9/11 truth if all the 9/11 truth advocates in the traffic jam had 9/11 truth bumper stickers or rear window placards. Mine says 'INSIDE JOB, 9/11 TRUTH.ORG". Got one?

Two Years Ago, This is all we got

Truth contained within hits. I truly believe this is the only
way most of those in the media who know the TRUTH
can get it out there. We've all seen it dozens of times.

While I would much prefer Bill O'Really? announce the
confessions of the usual suspects, I will celebrate this.

"All publicity helps" plant the seeds of doubt that eventually
lead to the truth.

This articles analysis is correct. If a guest brings up 9/11

This articles analysis is correct. If a guest brings up 9/11, it enables the host to discuss it, without getting fired.

That is why the coming 911 WEEK OF TRUTH BUY-IN, focusing the entire movement to spread the word about "The Shell Game" and the Week of Truth Buy-In from April 16th through 22nd, to drive "The Shell Game" into the top 10 of the New York Times list, is so important.

When Alten is on corporate media talking about his "novel," which is a safe guest for hosts to have on, he then can quote the REAL facts and research within his novel, that point to 9/11 as an inside job.

Alten also systematically makes the point that the 9/11 truth movement is made up of investigators, physicists, engineers, etc. and is comprised of tens of thousands now demanding answers to questions that need to be answered.

Also, Alten gives the hosts an out, by saying, "I'm not an activist, I'm just a novelist who was trying to write a good book, and in my research, learned this, and this, and this."

Alten can help suffocating media people to find a way to get into the hard facts of 9/11, without getting fired.

I hope all are spreading the word about "The Week of Truth Buy-In" April 16th through the 22nd.

Sunday morning french time : no archived copy yet

Herblay FRANCE

Sunday morning french time : no archived copy yet.

Perhaps the 911bloggers could ask them to put it up for us. And they might be surprised enough by the voluminous feed back, that they will go further along the 911 truth road ?



Good Idea

Good Idea. We'll see what we can do. In the meantime, if you haven't checked out the Rock Creek Free Press you should. www.rockcreekfreepress.com

Please keep us informed ....

...when anyone sees the archived show online? It sounds interesting. It's weird when MSM choses to do a hit piece but spends too much time reading it verbatim? What was the intent? It seems the host sitting in wanted to get it out there and the most acceptable way would be to do a hit piece.

...don't believe them!