The Money Party & 911 Truth

What could be more important than the search for truth?

What movement could be more important than the search for 911 Truth?

Yet the movement is derided and ridiculed in the mainstream media and in many so called left leaning sites on the internet. How can this be? The public consistently shows a strong desire for a new investigation in the events of 9/11/2001. The residents of New York City, 50% of them, said that higher ups in the government had prior knowledge of 911 and let it slide. Yet nothing is done.

But why would Congress launch a search for 911 Truth? They wouldn't even make the slightest move to get out of Iraq after a clear message in 2006.

The ruling paradigm in this country is great wealth, translated into power. Gore Vidal called it "the Property Party" years ago (he is always well ahead of the rest of us). It's now referred to as The Money Party. I've launched a series on this phenomena and how it takes and retains power. The latest version talks about media control and pitting factions against each other – "Us versus Them" This control mechanism is the enemy of all truth, particularly the very important truth of 911. This is the true enemy of Truth. But their time is running short.

Election Fraud

Michael has also written some great pieces on Election Fraud, and some of his work has been circulated by Mark Crispin Miller, another Election Fraud warrior.

(Robin Hordon, this guy is right up your alley.)