9/11 Truth Tuesdays April & May Schedule

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At the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater

13 miles west of Philadelphia; take the R5 train; one block south of the Wayne train station.

7pm - 9/11 Movie - $5 Tickets **

9pm - Informal discussion at the Freehouse Restaurant, 110 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne, 610.688.0800

1. April 1st - Loose Change Final Cut (128 minutes) - By Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas
2. April 8th - September 11th Revisited (83 min.) - By Dustin Mugford
3. April 15 - 9/11: Press For Truth (85 min.) - By Ray Nowosielski, Kyle Hence
4. April 22 - Who Killed John O'Neill? (100 min.) - By Ty Rauber, Ryan Thurston
5. April 29 - The Reflecting Pool (106 min.) - By Jarek Kupsc
6. May 6th - TERRORSTORM (130 min.) - By Alex Jones
7. May 13th - Zeitgeist - Parts 2 & 3 (80 min.) - By Peter J.

For further information, please contact Betsy Metz: emetz999@aol.com
Also, please visit: patriotsquestion911.com, 911truth.org, 911Blogger.com

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." - Edward Abbey

Thank you for your interest.

* Movies subject to change.

** ALL ticket proceeds will be donated to the FealGood Foundation to help the sick and dying 9/11 first responders and their families.

Hard Hitting.

Great Lineup!!!


Will appreciate that. She put a lot of hard work into figuring out the line up.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Thanks! I do appreciate

Thanks! I do appreciate hearing this. I didn't choose these films quickly or flippantly . . . I'm now deciding what might be a part of a 13 week Friday at Midnight Summer Series.

What would your perfect 9/11 movie line-up be? Anyone? I like feedback.



Loose Change: Final Cut ~ "The Classic"
9/11: Press For Truth ~ professional and family orientated
WKJO ~ artistic and jammed full of information
TerrorStorm ~ contextual
Zeitgeist ~ cultural craze.

I haven't had the chance to see Revisited or the Reflecting Pool, but I've seen most or a lot of 9/11 related films and the ones above were some of the most memorable. Awesome.

BTW. Keith Olbermann made a mention tonight on his show about questioning malfeasant complicity in the Sept. 11th attacks.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3VjCFNNFRQ (it starts at about the 1:15 minute mark.)

"Sir! No Sir"

For anyone who chooses to present a film collage of 9/11 Truth and what it means to World Peace, I suggest that the first film shown after a introduction to 9/11 Truth [such as 9/11 Mysteries], is to show the amazing documentary film about what REALLY stopped the Vietnam War. Its called "Sir No Sir" and it will resonate so very well with 9/11 Truthers who are so keen at identifying "psy-ops". I suggest also that there be an audience discussion because this DOCU rattles historical "understandings" immensely.

Although live protests were very important to the rejection of, and ending the Vietnam War, they had been ongoing for years and years before Nixon pulled the string. But what made Nixon end the war was the fact that the military had LOST CONTROL of its soldiers to "execute" that war on the ground. The GIs were "offing" their commanders instead of "offing" the Vietnamese so that they could remain alive and get back home in one piece. And YES, our protests absolutely "empowered" the soldiers to do this.

Just think about this for a moment. What would have happened if it "slipped out" that it was the SOLDIERS REVOLTING that ended the Vietman War. Wouldn't that have given "instruction" to the next round of soldiers in the "next"war who found themselves in yet ANOTHER UNJUST MILITARY ACTION? Wouldn't they have then followed suit and revolted also? I surely think so.

So, what did the government HAVE TO DO? It had to create a "psy-op" that made "protestors" think that it was only THEY who stopped the war.

This brilliant tactic by the HI PERPS not only deflated the "soldiers powers" to stop a war by themselves, BUT, it also set up US protestors to think that all we had to do was hit the streets to have influence over the government and to stop wars.

Well, we have certainly found out since then that there is not quite as much power in the streets of DC as was once thought. This is because there is usally nobody in town to "hear or see the protesters". AND, because the ruling class controls the corporate media, all they had to do is NOT cover the event accurately, and effectively, then there was really no protest at all. [Insert Project Mockingbird here...]

Protesting to motivate the corporate media into "covering the protests" has ended up the most significant "hole" or inherent FLAW in the tactic of civil activism from the 60s and 70s. This is magnified now because we have the internet. So, does that OLD tactic need to be used now?

I liken the new millenium's "major protests" focusing time, energy, vacations, funds and ingenuity upon one distant location...the deafened, dumbed and blinded environment in WDC... to another fabulous documentary..."The March of the Penguins"...but with no cameras.

Yes, the penguins marched...yes, it is an amzing event for both the penguins and the few who witness it...BUT...with no major exposure to the "masses" accomplished by a "filming crew", effectively, "The March of the Penguins" really wouldn't exist except to ardent readers..

The gift that the 9/11 Tuth Movement is giving to Civil Activism is that it starts at the LOCAL STREET level, and it's electronic tentacles...the internet. It s NOT a few big "marches" that have propelled the 9/11 Truth Movement into the bloodstream of USofA consciousnesses, its really the person-to-person reach out, and the creation and distribution of our amazing and wonderfully VIRAL DVDs...and books ...and webstites...and U Tube and Google videos.

Its in THIS WAY that there are such significant simlarities between what the "soldiers" did to end the Vietnam War and what the 9/11 Truthers are doing in trying to end this tyranny now. The Vietnam era soldiers just said NO...and 9/11 Truthers are just saying NO. And BOTH activities are trying to be countered by the HI PERPS who were and are trying DESPARATELY to hide the truths behind both actions from the public.

In the end, and especially for the "New Millenium"...aka...the "Information Age", its NOT the collective efforts focused upon WDC that will turn the tide here, its the work accomplished on the "front lines" by the soldiers of truth working in their own "neighborhoods".

In Vietman it was in the jungles...in our new millenium, its on our own nearby streets...with a few big differences!

Our neighbors are our fellow soldiers...and the TRUTH and INFORMATION are our weapons that we are CIVILY turning upon our COMMANDERS!

Civil Informationing in our own towns is the way to take back our countries...NOT with confrontations with the enemy...but with informative conversations with our neighbors establishing how much we all have in common...and one of them is taht WE ALL NEED TO VOTE ACCURATELY AND WITH INFORMATION...aka... Informed Consent! This is what the HI PERPS fear most...informed citizenry who have the power to vote THEM out of power...

In this CI fashion...Civil Informationing...psy-ops, cointelpro, agent provocateurs, and disinfo can be easily countered by each one of us because we simply do not need the corporate media to spread our information and realities to our neighnors as was neccessary 40 years ago.

Folks...its 2008 and NOT 1968...get out and meet your neighbors...you will be thrilled and have a blast...

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...and someday WE will get to tell them WHO goes to WDC and not vice-versa!

Robin Hordon