"The Trojan Horse" on CBC - Notes, sysnopsis and video montage

Indoctrinating Canadians Into the Secretly Legislated North American Union? Or Writers And Producers Trying To Wake Up A Sleeping Nation?

A two-part mini-series drama on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Part 1 aired Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Show Synopsis:

Tom McLaughlin (Paul Gross), former Canadian prime minister, watches from the sidelines as a majority of Canadians vote for union with the United States of America. The Canadian flag comes down and the country is redrawn into six states.

In revenge, McLaughlin -- secretly backed by three key European nations -- runs as an independent for President with his ex-wife, Texas Governor Mary Miller (Martha Burns) as his running mate. An assassination attempt boosts his credibility with voters. Veteran British journalist Helen Madigan (Greta Scacchi) is probing the London shooting of her adopted son –- she too gets targeted for assassination after she uncovers a computer program designed to fix the votes in the next U.S. election. She believes McLaughlin is an honest broker and she looks to him to expose the corruption in President Stanfield's (Tom Skerritt) current U.S. administration, an administration hell-bent on invading Saudi Arabia to cut off China's oil supply.

The video Montage is hosted here:


This is an excellent movie! You'll find a synopsis below.

Here are some things that i picked up on in this Part 1:

"Ghost Software" - a back door computer program (same as Promis software)

President mentions "the success of our great enterprise" (federal reserve / NWO)

The President names several previous events having been used as a pretext for war (including Pearl Harbor, 9/11) suggesting them as False Flags, and they actually plan one in the show.

Hacking voting machines (seems to be a hint that the vote at the beginning of the show used voting machines, not just in reference to what has gone on in the USA - a warning to Canadians about voting machines?)

Setting up patsies as assassins.... and more

Just going off of the top of my head here. I should have taken notes. Others who watched may want to add comments below.

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