A Walk Down 9-11 Truth Memory Hole Lane with Bill Maher +

This Better Bad News piece I just ran into had me digging up the old series of "Bill Maher meets 9-11 truth" media archives. I think there is something to be learned about the media amidst all this. I just don't know what it is. Maybe we can figure it out being that we are moving into an intensely focused time for politics in the media.

Better Bad News

Bill with Cornel West, Richard Clarke and John Legend on "9-11 Conspiracy Theories" (5/12/06)

Bill Maher takes on Charlie Sheen and the millions of other Americans who believe 9-11 was an inside job (9/8/06)

Mos Def tells Bill he doesn't believe "in that boogeyman s---" (9/7/07)

Bill fires shot across the bow and tells those of us who don't believe planes+fire+gravity destroyed the WTC to eat our Paxil (9/14/07)

Jeremy of WeAreChangeLA corrects Bill during Overtime segment @ about 2:30 (9/28/07)

WeAreChangeLA responds to Bill Maher- (10/1/07)

WeAreChangeLA demonstrates outside CBS studios where Maher films- (10/12/07)

WeAreChangeLA- "The 'What about Building 7?' interruption" (10/19/07)

CNN covers Bill Maher's heckling and shows WTC 7 being demolished (10/22/07)

Glen Beck covers the "heckling" on CNN with help from "experts" Michael Shermer and James Meigs (10/22/07)

Tucker Carlson covers the "heckling" on MSNBC (10/22/07)

Bill O'Reilly covers the "heckling" on Fox News (10/22/07)

"9-11 Truth vs. Mainstream Media"- good collection of snippets (11/1/07)

Bill does his 'What Andy Card shoulda said' impression for Tony Snow (1/11/08)

and finally,

Bill Maher gets schooled by Tavis Smiley on MLK's message and assassination (3/28/08)

Clarke's behavior eludes to Limited Hangout

I used to think Richard Clarke's confrontation with the WH was a clue that he was waking up to the truth of 9/11, however, he appears to be a Limited Hangout.