Japanese weekly magazine SPA! reported 9/11 truth conference at European Parliament

Last week's issue of Japanese weekly magazine "SPA!" reported 9/11 truth conference at The European Parliament.

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Magazine's homepage is http://spa.fusosha.co.jp/


Can anybody translate?

How widely circulated is this magazine?

The circulation is 195,000

Below is a link to a Japanese print media marketing activity report where on page 3 it shows the circulation of SPA! to be a little over 195,000.



We need some sort of translation or summary of what was said.


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

how do you know it's goo

All of these high votes for this article and we don't even know if it's positive, negative, or neutral. If someone can please translate so I can know whether to share this with Japanese co-workers or not who I'm slowly introducing to 9/11 myth/reality.


Fujita is pretty solid info. However, page 5 has a picture of a 20 dollar bill folded to look like the towers so there is bound to be some not so good stuff there.

it says this is an urban myth.

So not so bad.

Rough part translation

Just the headings, starting at the bottom of the first page.

"Pursuing the doubts [about 9/11]- close coverage of the European meeting!"

Right side of 1st page

Diet counselor Fujita Yoshihisa is traveling around Europe [visiting former government ministers, etc. looking for the truth about 9/11!

Now just the parts under the EU flags:

"Europe is charting a different course from the U.S., working toward revival of Afghanistan"

"The U.S. should have been able to investigate insider trading just before the terror attacks."

"A new investigative report has appeared which deepens the doubts [about 9/11]!"

(referring to Griffin's new book and perhaps to Zero movie)

Now English flags:

"The former British minister who testified "The U.S. knew and did nothing about it"

(Referring to Meacher)

Then-head of Bank of Germany testifies "there were impossible market movements just before the terror attacks"

(Hoerst Welltek??)

page 29, bottom left has a Q & A between Fujita and Prime Minister Fukuda.

Just above that, the heading has Fujita saying he's not a conspiracy theorist or anti-American.

That's it for now. Generally, very positive toward 9/11 truth. Not good news if you work for the State Department. The last heading on page 31, last page, says "Governments have already started to distance themselves from the U.S."