Senator Arlen Specter Agrees Able Danger Cover-up and Confirms Anthrax Not Work of al Qaeda

Senator Arlen Specter Agrees Able Danger Cover-up and Confirms Anthrax Not Work of al Qaeda
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 3, 2007

Questions posed by members of Philly 9/11 Truth to Senator Arlen Specter about the pre-9/11 military intelligence program Able Danger and the post-9/11 anthrax attacks were responded to with a fair degree of candidacy. The Warren Commission member asserted that as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee investigation into the US military SOCOM program Able Danger that the inquiry, "like the song Oklahoma, we went about as far as we could go." Perhaps he meant to say, "like Oklahoma City in 1995, we went about as far as we could go" before his handlers tightened his leash. Unexpectedly, when questioned about the anthrax attacks, Specter conceded that al Qaeda was not responsible. "Coincidentally", a few days after this event and a follow up by We Are CHANGE NYC stories such as the following began to appear in the media (,2933,342852,00.html ). Perhaps we are being preempted so that this condemning piece of evidence loses its potency in the mind of the public.

Superb! You're damn right the anthrax inside job was to help

persuade the passage of the so-called Patriot Act, & those attacks had lots of shock-&-awe value as well!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Remember Specter's past.


These people don't reform. They get worse.

I don't get it

What is the point of talking to one of JFK's murderers about 911 and Anthrax?

I fucking laughed when buddy had to repeat "Able Danger" - as if Kennedy's (one of) murderers didn't know what Able Danger was/is.

Bare in mind that this is the same sack of crap that negotiated the infamous "interview" with Bush Cheney for the 911 commission. His job, as head of the Judiciary Committee, was to ensure that Zelikow and his commission didn't get blind sided.

This guy knows 911 was an Inside Job. He knows about JFK, MLK, RFK, OKC...he knows it all...he's one of the crew.

Stop showing up at these events asking them for their opinion.

Start showing up at these events and start calling them what they are - murderers and traitors.

I wouldn't ask this sack of crap a question - I'd just stand up make a brief historically accurate statement about JFK or 911 and accuse him of being involved in the coverups and of being a traitor.

End of story, man.

Stop showing these treasonous bastards any respect at all.

They should be referred to only by last name...Specter, Bush, Cheney...never by sir, or Mr. or by title...and we should always leave an encounter by calling them what they are - Traitors.

Peace and Truth for the Planet.

Every Blinking member

Every Congress member and Senator know 9/11 was an inside job and the anthrax was local, not just the ones who answer politiely with half truths like this one.


I think it's more successful when we are respectful and courteous. They might be inclined to give more information than they otherwise would and the people in the audience would be more inclined to research the topic. I hate to be devil's advocate but I have had more success with getting information out of people when I treat them well.

I agree 100%


National security?

One could better say "national secret keeping"!

Nice work.....

Just another dirtbag!

No not a needle in a haystack....

...more like finding weaponized anthrax spores in a biowarfare lab!

It's a great 9/11 Truth Squad effort and you may be correct in your inference the proganda arm (Faux News) of the government may be out to deflect criticism by printing an article (as if they are really doing something)?

Keep up the great work!

...don't believe him!