Torture + Lies Exposed * Iran Shell Game Action

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Editor - Jonathan Mark -
April 1, 2008 - Torture + Lies Exposed * Iran Shell Game Action

"We must all learn to live together
as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.
We are tied together in the single garment of destiny,
caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And
whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. "

-- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Speech in Memphis, April 3, 1968,
the day before his departure from this world

1) Will US Now Illegally Rage War Against Iran and environment?
- - Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border
- - Ex-Terror Detainee Says U.S. Tortured Him
- - Attorney General Mukasey lies about 9/11 and international spying
- - NPR News: National Pentagon Radio
- - U.S.-Led Coalition Forces Bomb Shiite Militia in Basra
- - A Day in a Guantanamo Detainee's Life
- - Day of Infamy - US Declaration of War on Iran
2) Reflecting Pool US Economy Impact Silverstein & illness lawsuit
- - Report Of WTC Collapse Cover-Up Justifies Call For New Inquiry
- - The Impact of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on the US Economy
- - Developer (Silverstein) Sues to Win $12.3 Billion in 9/11 Attack
- - Court Clears Way for 9/11 Illness Lawsuit
- - Film Review: The Reflecting Pool

Editor's Notes:

Can we collect 100,000 NYC voter signatures in time to get on the national election ballot in New York City? Citizens have a right and responsibility to know what happened on 9/11/01. People have gotten sick, and sicker, lives were lost, radios didn’t work, transponders went silent, and so did the media and Congressional Corporate-entities. However, such complicity cannot stop a citizen independent review based on principles in the US Constitution.

While an independent investigation is a key objective, our goal is to move the process along as quickly as possible. This issue contains recent updates on the US build-up to possibly attack Iran. Monday night I was on a teleconference with key activists, artists, filmmakers, authors, researchers, engineers, in the 9/11 truth movement. We decided that if we can pool our focus, and actions, we could have more beneficial impact on all our projects. For the first aligned campaign, we have agreed to support a national campaign (web site to be announced soon), which could ignite The Shell Game into mainstream awareness. During the week of April 16 thru 22nd, please consider buying multiple copies of The Shell Game from bookstores where they are counted for the weekly NY Times bestseller list. This high octane cautionary tale is based on 9/11 evidence, and can help avert the next false flag terror war. For a unique perspective, see The Shell Game review by Jehan Abdur-Raheem. I will have more on this mid-April campaign soon! Also coming are some reflections on the fortieth anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination. I wrote an article on what happened the day after MLK's death at Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn. Martin Luther King's inspiration, devotion, nonviolence, remains the heart and soul with many today.

Valley 9/11 Truth presents:
The Reflecting Pool
The first investigative drama to
challenge the official version of 9/11
Revealing the Sources
Media Education Foundation
April 30, 2008; 7:00pm

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April 1, 2008 - Torture + Lies Exposed * Iran Shell Game Action
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