Zeitgeist Screening this Friday: Fonthill, Ontario, Canada

Limited seating is available so please phone to make reservations

Date: Friday April 4 2008
Movie Starts at: 7:00 PM
Place: The Niagara Gallery
Hwy 20 at the 406 across from the Drive-in Theatre
Reservations Call: 905-892-3111

Details can be found in this attached Word document.

Are you showing all three parts?

Please poll the audience after the film for feedback as I'd be very interested to know what they think. Please also note if there are any walkouts during the first part.

I get very mixed feedback from those I've shown it to.

Thanks, Somebigguy.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I'm not putting it on, so

I'm not putting it on, so I'm not sure what the format will be. I only learned of this event today. Actually, I haven't even seen the movie, so it should be interesting.

Many people find part 1 (about religion) to be controversial.

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With due respect, most people find any statement that conflicts with their own beliefs to be controversial. Such is the nature of religion.
I personally found the first part enlightening.

Agreed! The entire movie is fascinating, IMO, but parts 2 & 3

are rather more pertinent to 9/11 & our current dreadful state of affairs.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Yea it is very good,

Yea it is very good, especially part 3, but part one for all the good bits of info in it does go too far by saying "Jesus didn't exist" - that unnecessarily alienates a lot of people and is basically like trying to pull a "no planes" on Christianity. If they had left that out I don't think there'd be that much controversy over the film, because most real Christians don't like the dogma and prefer the principles of goodness that the religion is all about and so are open to critique of aspects that are obviously ridiculous. Also the way religions in general have been co-opted and used for political gain is a fact that needs highlighting, I just think Zeitgeist unfortunately pushes it too far.

It's an opinion.

Having been brought up in a Calvinist/fundamentalist world, I have been subjected to some peoples almost hysterical reaction to any criticism of the proscribed doctrine. On the other hand I find most people today are more tolerant and would consider that statement (Jesus didn't exist) someone's opinion that they may or may not agree with. I had a discussion the other nite with a kid who is fresh out of 12 years of Christian school and he was telling me about this video he called Zeetgiest. The interesting thing was, he never once mentioned part one. He was more interested in telling me about how the US government were behind 9/11. Needless to say I gladly engaged him in conversation and schooled him on some points he didn't know then left him with 2 copies of Loose Change: Final Cut.
My point is, if everyone worried about offending someone with their beliefs and opinions, nobody would never learn anything. Let's face it, the Christians have never been shy about forcing their beliefs on "unbelievers," and look how they have grown.
BTW. I have noticed that I have been engaged in good productive dialogs every day this week about 9/11 Truth, and not one was initiated by me, and each one from unexpected quarters. When I'm on the receiving end of the information instead of the sharing end, it tells me we are making progress.

the point of the religious part is

if it hasn't already been somewhat realized, to point out how people are basically bred to believe just about anything without asking any questions. this is how governments/media, people who are smart about pulling off crimes, pull off their crimes. use their 'credible' position to make you believe whatever stupid shit they tell you so they can do what they want or because they actually believe it themselves, they just relay the information to inadvertently manufacture the 'consensus'. the same way your parents or whomever in some authority position is to be believed, as you were growing up as a child. if one is raised religious, chances are one's critical thinking skills are going to be lacking and only kick in when it's about their immediate personal interests.
religion is inserted into us at a very young age when we don't know any better. nobody dares question what they are raised to believe unless specifically challenged to do so or someone who has a rare knack for not believing everything their told (even if they don't know better).
it IS a foundation of authority worship and uncritical belief (for most, as that's how it spreads), hence, being a very good to use part in proving the rest of it's points. I had already come to this conclusion on my own before having watched the film and I must say watching the film was satisfying for someone else to see the obvious link between the two.
Not only that, but 9/11 truth is also heavily associated with Christians, thanks to the likes of Alex Jones and various other groups who like to dwell on government conspiracy usually happen to be some hardcore christians.. this is for the growing number of atheists/agnostics out there. As there are many 'pop' atheists who like to cling onto the official story because it's convenient to use it for proving how bad religion is because of fanatical muslims.

now saying it's 'going too far' to say jesus doesn't exist, if the data is true about there being very little substantial evidence, then how can we say he existed for sure? the same way we can't say we know for sure 19 hijackers pulled off 9/11, despite it being considered some bonafide fact in the mainstream consensus
perhaps it would've been better to address jesus that if he did exist, he was a philosopher...i don't certainly remember from the film, but i think they did mention that in one form or another. even then, the point is even if he existed, the religion has been totally made up around him. what difference does it make to worry about whether or not he existed if the religion is just mostly made up even if he did?
to be honest, i almost find it easier to believe the official story of 9/11 than to believe anything 'for certain' about a guy 2,000 years ago shrouded in mystery and dogma. if people are going to cling to that stuff like they saw what they were told with their own eyes, they'll either believe in stuff as dumb as 'no planes' (for those religious who try to be 'rebellious' against the government) or if 9/11 was blamed on pot smokers (for those who believe authority at all times)
I wouldn't put it in the category of a 'no planes' for the religious. just about anything pulling apart religion is considered 'no planes' to them.

it's just one of those videos that puts the big picture together in a format that's sure to piss off just about everyone who holds rigid beliefs and doesn't like to hear the bad news of it being wrong.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe


It's funny that some people squabble about the religious part of this wonderful documentary. It's quite hypocritical of anyone who goes around spreading truth about 9/11 to dismiss any other truth that may arise.

I agree with the last poster; the first part was highly enlightening and finally I have some tangible facts to help my disbelief in organized crime... I mean religion.

Then again, to each their own. Believe whatever you want to.

Canada Wants The Truth

First part

Being a sun worshipper, I enjoyed the first part.

At some point in the future

when my present lines of research slow down I may take the time to do a thorough critique of Zeitgeist.

It is a very interesting, provocative and extremely well produced film.

That said, I have some serious reservations about the net benefit of the film for the advancement of 9/11 truth in the U.S.A. and that is the lens I view everything through these days.

Keep up the great work, brothers and sisters!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

A suggestion

rather than spending any time on fine tuning another's work, create some work yourself or hand out DVD's.

first thought was the Mel Brooks movie "History of the World" . . . . "the first art critic".


Amen AJFan!

Our group in Dallas is now up to 18,000 DVDs.
Tonight I will be interviewed on this new Dallas AM talk radio Station:

It will be recorded (30-45 min) then air tomorrow night at 11pm Central Time.
Tunde Obazee wants me to talk about what got me started, what our group is doing, etc.
Tunde is fully on our side.

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Second that, AJFan

I've been burnin' some CDs with some pertinent info for my local area!

It''s foolish to second-guess when the government will peg you as a homegrown terrorist regardless! How can you be more professional then AE911 Truth and the government has them solidly in the terrorist column?

...don't believe them!

Hello folks, just a follow

Hello folks, just a follow up, I went to the screening and the movie blew me away. Nobody walked out after the religion part, and at the end of it all I heard comments like; "It sent chills up my spine" or "I believe most of it".

I don't know or care too much about religion, so that was mostly new to me, I'm pretty well versed in the 9/11 and Federal Reserve stuff so that was mostly review.

This was held at a little art gallery and I would guess that 40 or more people were crammed into the little screening room, so all in all, I'd say it was a success.

BTW, Arnie, Where were you? I was hoping you'd be there...

Got the original.

Sorry pal, Niagara is just a little out of my way to see a video of which I have an original copy (although I'm sure it was time well spent.) But if you want to organize something in Toronto again, I'm all over it, especially if it involves Loose Change: Final Cut. The Bloor Cinema's still available I think.

Show LCFC, it rocks!

Even if the audio hasn't been fixed yet.

Thanks for the follow-up, Somebigguy.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.