An Open Letter to Boston U

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March 31st, 2008

Dear President Brown,

My name is Christian Tutschka and I am a M.A. candidate in the International Relations and Environmental Policy (IREP) Program here at Boston University.

I believe Boston University is an illegitimate “university” or “institution of higher learning.” Beginning today I will suspend my participation in the IREP program at BU until I once again believe BU is a legitimate institution. The following will explain this decision:

The Role and Purpose of the “University”:

BU Website: “Forging our future… More than any other institution in our society, the modern university exists to serve the future. Boston University does this by educating individuals for fulfilling, productive lives and by creating solutions to pressing or anticipated problems through research.”(1)

John Silber, Former BU President (1971-1996): “A university – whether publicly or privately funded – cannot pursue the truth and advance knowledge unless it can proceed in freedom with toleration of all points of view and with vigorous criticism of each.” (Excerpt from Silber’s essay, “On the Purpose of a University,” which was until recently on display at Mugar Library.)

Given this role and purpose, the “university” acts as a “power center” of our society. A societal “power center” is an institution dedicated to serving society with the ability to influence the direction of a society.

The Failure of BU as a “University”:

BU has failed to perform its role and purpose due to the following three reasons:

1) Impeachment: These is clear evidence that members of the Bush Administration have committed not only impeachable offenses, but crimes against humanity, some of which include: lying to the public about the threat of the Iraqi regime, the illegal invasion and occupation of two sovereign nations (which has cost the lives of over 4000 U.S. soldiers,(2) left thousands permanently disabled and has killed over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians(3)), using illegal weapons of mass destruction, failing to protect civilians in war zones, condoning torture, illegal spying on Americans, … and the list goes on.(4) The fact that Congress has not initiated impeachment proceedings against members of the Bush Administration is evidence that each member of Congress is a political criminal for failing in their Constitutional duty to protect the Constitution and act as a check against an abusive and tyrannical Executive Branch. In effect, our system of government has over the years become completely corrupt and all of our public officials in Washington, D.C. are corrupt political criminals. When this occurs, it is the duty of the other “power centers” of society to demand their removal. BU has failed to do this.

2) 9/11: There are many legitimate professionals in various disciplines that question the findings presented in the 9/11 Commission Report concerning the events of 9/11 due to the uncontroversial evidence – much of it not investigated by the Commission – that demonstrates various events could not have occurred as described in the Report.(5) As 9/11 was the event that launched the global “war on terrorism” which continues to affect the global community, these professionals are demanding a new, independent investigation. BU has failed to publicly demand a new, independent investigation and rather has promoted the conclusions of the flawed 9/11 Commission Report.

3) My Experience: When sharing some of these ideas with some Professors, I have been ignored, dismissed, and even reprimanded. This is incompatible with free, critical thought which is necessary for determining truth and serving society. Furthermore, I have witnessed statements and behaviors from Professors regarding these issues that have left me shocked and disappointed. Some statements contained such false understandings or flawed reasoning that the consequences could be described as dangerous given that these individuals are professional educators. As the list is long, I have not included it here, but I can provide it per request.

The Challenge for Re-Legitimization:

I will consider BU to be a legitimate “university” if:

1) Congress has initiated impeachment proceedings against members of the Bush Administration and a new, independent investigation of the events of 9/11 commences and BU has been instrumental in causing this….


2) I receive satisfactory answers to all of the following questions:

For the Physics and Engineering Professors:

1. How could World Trade Centers 1 and 2, both 110-story steel-framed structures, collapse in an average of about 10 seconds which is a rate at or exceeding free-fall speed from fire and the impact of the planes? The 9/11 Commission Report explains these collapses as “pancake collapses,” however this type of collapse would take considerably longer. Also, the “pancake collapse” theory cannot account for the destruction of the interior steel-beam core, or the complete pulverization of the buildings.(6)

2. How could World Trade Center 7, a 47-story steel-framed structure, collapse in under 7 seconds in a controlled-demolition style at around 5:20 pm on the afternoon of 9/11 when it was not hit by a plane and received considerably less damage than other WTC buildings which were left partially standing? The 9/11 Commission Report did not even mention the collapse of WTC 7.(7)

For the Law Professors:

3. How can the various acts of the Bush Administration not be considered impeachable offenses and crimes against humanity?

4. How can members of Congress not be considered “political criminals” for not initiating impeachment proceedings against members of the Bush Administration (both Representatives for not initiating the process and Senators for not demanding that they do)?

5. How is this country not turning into a type of totalitarian “police state,” complete with concentration camps,(8) given the various unconstitutional acts passed by Congress and the various unconstitutional National Security Presidential Directives, Homeland Security Presidential Directives, and Executive Orders passed by the Bush Administration?(9)

For the Military and Intelligence Professors:

6. Why were there military drills that occurred on 9/11, some simulating very similar events as which occurred on 9/11? (The drills: Amalgam Virgo, Vigilant Guardian, Northern Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Vigilance, Amalgam Warrior, Global Guardian, Crown Vigilance, Apollo Guardian, National Reconnaissance Office, AWACS, Fort Meyer – Virginia, TRIPOD II – Manhattan, Timely Alert II.)(10)

7. Professor Michel Chossudovsky has compiled a wealth of evidence concerning the links between the CIA, Osama bin Laden, “Al Qaeda,” and the Pakistani ISI which supports the claim that Osama bin Laden and the “Al Qaeda” network are agents of the U.S. military/intelligence complex.(11) Given this evidence, how can one claim that Al Qaeda is anything but a “scapegoat enemy” working at least in part for the U.S. military/intelligence complex?

For the History Professors:

8. The U.S. entered major conflicts in the 20th Century only after being provoked. There is evidence that some of these provocations were either “false-flag attacks” (Sinking of the RMS Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident), or were allowed to happen (Pearl Harbor).(12) Given this history, how is it possible that 9/11 could not also be a false-flag attack to launch the global “war on terror” and justify the invasion of Middle Eastern states?

9. How is the Bush Family, going back to grandfather Prescott Bush and his involvement in building Hitler’s Nazi regime, not a crime family?(13)

For the BU Administration:

10. Within hours of the attacks on 9/11, the Bush Administration blamed Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. There was no investigation carried out before this claim was made. Did BU demand an official independent investigation into the events of 9/11 before or after this claim was made? If not, why not?

11. If I am mistaken, and BU is indeed a legitimate “university,” I would like BU to explain to me how my reasoning is flawed.
If I do not receive a response from Boston University regarding this letter, or this letter is dismissed or ridiculed in any way, I will consider this a violation of the role and purpose of a university. Furthermore, if I am dismissed from Boston University as a consequence of this letter and the decision stated in this letter, I will also consider this a violation of the role and purpose of a university and I will take appropriate action against Boston University.


Christian Tutschka


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Obviously, universities such

Obviously, universities such as this receive lots of federal funds - from student loans, research funds, tax grants, and many of their teachers are corporate funded through research subsidies. This is widespread and is but one way that the powers that be get the educational institutions behind them - or least, to be quiet about it.

Unless they are tenured, professors - are subject to losing their contracts and jobs. For myself, I learned more about history, politics, sociology, psychology since leaving university than I ever did during my time in "higher learning."

"For myself, I learned more

"For myself, I learned more about history, politics, sociology, psychology since leaving university than I ever did during my time in "higher learning."

Well Said.

Same Here!

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Great Letter!

I was on the scientific faculty of a "well-known American university" for 10 years. Academic freedom is a fairy tale, and universities are essentially corrupted by their funding. Here's why:

- A faculty member is a nobody if he/she doesn't pull in enough grant money. To get, say, $100,000 in grant funding, we had to get $167,000, of which the administration immediately took away $67,000 ('overhead'). This 'overhead' determined your stature with the boss ('dean').

- 90% of the grants in my department were with either federal agencies or the military.

- The administration's evaluations of faculty were largely based on grant income (not teaching or research). Untenured faculty without grants were fired, period.

- Even tenured faculty were considered 2nd-class citizens (low pay, lousy assignments) if they had no grants. It was a grim fate.

To promote 9/11 Truth, a professor would have to throw it all away: no grants, no research, low pay, crappy treatment. Also, his administration would desperately try to shut him up, out of fear of losing university-wide grants.

This is why so few academics have spoken up, and amounts to corruption of what should be a free-thinking part of society. One has to admire the courage of people like Steven Jones (and he left BYU, remember?).

Great letter, Christian, and my heart is with you as you rattle the cages at BU. It takes guts to do what you have done.

Yes, the military/industrial/banking complex has its tentacles

wrapped around everything, including Universities/academic freedom!

We must begin to take back our out-of-control federal government, to get the ball rolling.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Very well said, and please

Very well said, and please consider writing a longer piece on this subject as it is a huge part of the break-down of US society.

JFK on secrecy and the press

911 Blogger

and many of the other Truth Sides are doing what these University Faculty are supposed to be doing.

Proper Scientific Review, Study & Investigation.

With Solid Grassroots Actions.

What a Wonderful Thing altogether.

Let's keep up the momentum.

Build a Strong Intellectual Case with is practically Irrefutable. is a good start.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

You are

absolutely correct!

A well intentioned and

A well intentioned and sincere letter but...and I'm sorry to say this for all your efforts in footnoting etc., you really should have given your letter a solid proof read. Reason being is that the there is some awkward wording and errors in your letter. And since it is directed to the high-ranking administration of BU, to which you criticize their very directives, the argument you present loses some of its cache. Such egos could easily just dismiss your letter just because of that, reasoning that they wouldn't really want such a careless writer to make up their alumni.

I know that sounds harsh but when it comes to matters like this when you're calling them out, one has to be absolutely flawless in their execution.

Feel free to rake me over the coals on this but I just thought you should know.

Maybe the writer isn't native English.

This enlarges the possibility of errors but maybe also the
lack of fear to speak up!

Besides, we will not win this war by writing perfect letters to corrupt people.
We have to confront them in every possible way, even with a letter with some mistakes in it!

Constructive criticism is always a good thing

Be positive and have at it!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Great letter

I'd like to see the list of professors' statements, either here or at Christian's blog.