Wireless detonation in the course of history

A side note of history I ran across the other day that might prove to be helpful. One of the biggest complaints I hear from skeptics is that “it would have taken miles of wire” to set charges in the WTC’s. Not necessarily true. Certainly by now we all know about commercial wireless blast systems, but as I’ve just learned, militaries have been using forms of wireless detonation for explosives at least since WW II.

I thought I would share this because I’ve heard no one in the 9/11 movement mention the history of Kiev, Ukraine September 19 – 26, 1941 and found it ironically important. If the bulk of the WTC's had been rigged with wireless detonation devices, that sure would take a lot of the manpower out of the conventional wired method. It is also historical record that buildings - not just one or two, but dozens - have been successfully destroyed by wireless detonation since at least 1941. I found the information in 2 different books and the published Nuremberg Trial testimony.

“During the Second World War, Nazi Germany occupied Kiev on 19 September 1941 (see the Battle of Kiev). Overall, the battle proved disastrous for the Soviet side but it significantly delayed the German advances. The delay also allowed the evacuation of all significant industrial enterprises from Kiev to the central and eastern parts of the Soviet Union, away from the hostilities, where they played a major role in arming the Nazi fighting Red Army (see, for example, Kiev Arsenal).

Before the evacuation, the Red Army planted more than ten thousand mines throughout Kiev, controlled by wireless detonators. On September 24, when the German invaders had settled into the city, the mines were detonated, causing many of the major buildings to collapse, and setting the city ablaze for five days. More than a thousand Germans were killed in what was "the biggest and most sophisticated booby trap in history."[3] Conot, Robert E., Justice at Nuremberg, Carroll & Graf, 1983. p. 225


Justice at Nuremberg
Info found on Page 225

Stalin, The Russians, and Their War: 1941-1945
Info found on Page 140

And on page 603 of The Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal published in 1947


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great addition to the research. thanks


Great find. Keep digging! We need more of this historical information to prove our case that the wireless demolition technology used to fell WTC 1, 2, & 7 has most certainly been around for a long long time.

Also, since you are currently reading or have read the books you listed, I have to ask, is there any mention of truthers in Nazi Germany that may have been labeled as conspiracy theorists for desperately trying to spread the word to unknowing German citizens that concentration camps were in existence and in play?


A random discovery...

Mekt - It was just random that I ran into this information. I can't recall the circumstances that caused me to google or wiki & stumble upon it. I'm not actually reading these books, but I was certainly glad to be able to find said passages about the remote control detonation online.

As for your separate question on the labeling of "conspiracy theorists" in Nazi Germany, another book that waits in the wings of my reading list is this one They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 by Milton Mayer. Read the reviews and see what you think. It might help you in your quest.