Air America Host Randi Rhodes Suspended For Calling Hillary A Very Bad Word

Air America Host Randi Rhodes Suspended For Calling Hillary A "Big F*cking Whore"

Air America host Randi Rhodes called both Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton "whores" in a recent appearance, seen below. Rhodes, who hosts a weekday radio show on Air America, said to the cheering crowd, "What a whore Geraldine Ferraro is! She's such a fucking whore!" She then proceeded to say, "Hillary is a big fucking whore, too" to a mixed audience reaction. "You know why she's a big fucking whore? Because her deal is always, 'Read the fine print, asshole!'"

We can worry about Randi's rants later.

I suggest this be taken off the front page. There is too much other really important stuff going on: (MOST IMPORTANT!) (Steve Alten spreading the word on ABC) (Jesse Ventura)

We can worry about Randi's rants later.

off topic and obscene

i agree
what is this doing here?

Yes, Ms. Rhodes should have been more to the point. They are

not exactly whores, they are treasonous, NWO, Zionist-promoting filth is what they are.

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Too Bad

Randi was a good talk show host. This is unfortunate. She may have eventually been brought around to 911 Truth. Now it's doubtful she'll get another FM job. Sirius? I don't know. Too bad the public perception of so called "propriety things" still revolves around curse words and sex when truly evil things go un-reported, un-analyzed, and un-thought the official crimes of 911.

She still is a great talk-show host. I don't think this is

unfortunate at all, except that it's being exploited by shills like yourself.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:


Shill Colombo? That gave me a big laugh. At least I use my real name man.

I Love It!

I was wondering why her show was called off for a few days. Now I know. It's a shame she can't be that honest when it comes to 9/11. I guess Hillery being a whore is more important than the lives of 3,000 Americans, two wars, the patrotic act and all the other goodies that came with 9/11. You can bet your sweet ass that Randi knows for sure that 9/11 was an inside job. The way I see it, it would be better to put your job on the line for something as important as 9/11. She should have followed Mike Malloy's lead. Air America canned him for spreading 9/11 truth. I have great respect for Malloy. Randi copped out.

Go Randi!!!

I listen every day. Simply for the fact that my employer has XM radio and its the only talk station I can stand. Her show has not been off the air, and she has not been fired. She's one of the most popular liberal/progressive talk show hosts in the country. She can get away with putting her foot in her mouth now and then. She should have known better, and yet I think she was having a grand old time venting some of the frustrations she can't express on her show.

Ferraro and Clinton are dreadful people, while we have no reason to suggest that they sell sex. And by the way, I heard Randi on her show getting right up to the edge of 9/11 truth, while not falling over. She's skeptical of the official story. But like so many people we have found disappointing for their lack of courage in this matter, she has her job and her sponsors to think about. She just can't go there even if she really does know what's going on. I know she sees past the incompetence theory.

Anyway, I think she's a sweet/tough gal, and I wish her the best. I'm sure she'll be on again soon.

She could be a powerful ally

and she may be making her move . . . as this story starts to break wide open . . . some of these folks are going to jump over and try and seize the moral high ground.

I don't care, I just want it to come out so I can move forward . . . this obsession is suffocating sometimes.

Oh the irony.

For much of 2006 and 2007 I posted prolifically on Randi Rhodes' 9/11 forum. The RR forum banned me back in September for lashing out at a super-hateful "debunker" called Robert The Liberal (he also posts as "leftysargeant" on JREF), calling him a piece of shit. Admittedly what I did was wrong, and arguably, I fell precisely into the trap that paid shills set up - to make you so mad you lash back at them. It was pretty early and I was pretty grumpy, and in RTL's OP, he cheered and celebrated Alex Jones' getting arrested at Ground Zero last year. That set me off.

The admin "Ronzo" sent me a message giving me a warning because of my "blatant personal attack" on RTL. At the bottom of Ronzo's PM, it said "Do not respond to this message" but I responded anyway, pointing out that RTL is allowed to call people like Richard Gage and Steven Jones "twoofers," "moonbats" "whackadoos" and claiming these people "need serious medical help," and the sheer hypocrisy of this inequity. Ronzo simply responded with "What part of 'do not respond to this message' did you misunderstand?" I replied that he probably didn't want me to respond to him because he's a coward and he knows I'd point out the hypocrisy of the non-level playing field when it comes to insults; RTL spews ad hominem against the truth movement day in and day out and it seems to be OK. Well, anyway, a few minutes later, I found I had been banned.

I guess my real sin wasn't calling RTL a piece of shit, but rather, the almighty sin of challenging the mods on their hypocrisy. Since my incident with them, and upon reading their forum as a guest, I'm very suspicious that some of their admins in addition to some other posters are "controlled opposition."

I find out later that RTL is able to get to spew all those insults because he's insulting the prominent people in the truth movement (more in the public eye), whereas direct insults from RR poster to RR poster are strictly forbidden. One time the admin "Randys" gave his/her rationale for this: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and if Gages' and Jones' proof is not extraordinary, then they're fair game for the same kind of "bashing" that Rhodes would do to Bush or Cheney on her show. Randys, Ronzo and other admins have at one time or another expressed that they don't sympathize with the Truth Movement, and lean towards trusting Popular Mechanics, Robert The Liberal and other debunkers. By the way, these "modarators" started cracking down once "We The People" started "spamming" the 9/11 forum with TRUTH!

All pretty lame, huh?

as did user alexjonesfan

banished was i also from the house of truthiness