National Geographic Documentary Omits Building 7

"Inside 9/11" is an Emmy winning documentary made by the National Geographic Channel. The film goes through the events of 9/11 chronologically.

Even though the film itself is two hours long, it doesn't mention Building 7 even once, as you'll see in this video clip.

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The program doesn't bother to mention either the collapse or the building itself. Instead it skips straight from the North Tower collapse (10:30 AM) to 8:30 PM.

It seems just like the 9/11 Commission Report, Building 7 fails to turn up.

You can view the whole film below:

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Building 7. Building 7. It

Building 7.

Building 7.

It always comes back to Building 7.

7 will not be a lucky number for the world Empire.

This now makes me aware that National Geographic is

controlled by the United States Government. So in all seriousness, thank you for this enlightenment

Gee Whiz...

...what BS this is!! I couldn't even get thru the first 15 mins of this propaganda crap!