A simple way to turn on 9/11 light bulbs in more people's heads.

Following are examples of events of 9/11 that by themselves virtually prove the Official Story of 9/11 to be a lie. The Official Story of course, is that 19 Islamic hijackers caused the death and destruction on 9/11. I use the word “virtually” because some people offer implausible or highly improbable alternative explanations. And if taken by themselves, it is possible that an implausible or highly improbable explanation or two could be true. However, I contend that many of the following examples by themselves actually DO prove the Official Story to be a lie. To believe the Official Story, one must believe virtually ALL of the implausible or improbable explanations. For if only one support for the Official Story is proven to be false, the whole Story begins to crumble. And mind you, these are NOT isolated events. They are all major parts of the Official Story. So, like a veterinarian examining a sick puppy, ALL symptoms -- in this case, events -- must be considered in the diagnosis. The veterinarian can perhaps explain away a single symptom or two, but you are not going to be happy if he tries to explain away all of the many symptoms that are ailing your dog. After all, its your puppy dog; or in this case, your country and your disappearing rights; or your relative or friend that was killed on 9/11; or your maimed or dead brother/sister/mother/father/son/daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan; or a sick or dying First Responder; or....or....or....

9/11: How many virtual proofs does it take to turn on the 9/11 light bulb in people’s minds? A keep it simple approach.


(Note: The author is asking for suggestions for other "Virtual Proofs." Also, for other comments about how the list could be made better or any inaccuracies. The author is also asking about other suggestions for item #14 (hiding of information) in the list.
And also what are the most damning and incriminating lies made about 9/11. Or, any other suggestions.

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North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

I'll check out the "North Texans."

I posted a comment on your blog about the "virtual proofs." That's where I found it. I thought I would give it another try. I wonder if there is a way to get this on the front page? I have been putting the link here and there and asked if you might do the same.
I take it you think the virtual proof lists is worthwhile. I think it is. It puts a lot of the main points in a concise and convincing way. And it can be handed to people to read so you don't have to try to get people to listen which, I'm sure you know, get be either impossible or a real pain.
Maybe spread the link around a bit. I'll check out the "North Texans." Thanks.

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