Why doesn't the 9/11 Commission know about Mukasey's 9/11 story?


"This isn't just a matter of academic and historical interest about the 9/11 attacks, although it is that. One of two things almost certainly happened here, each of which is of great importance. Either Mukasey is lying about the 9/11 attacks in order to manipulate Americans into believing that FISA's warrant requirements are what prevented discovery of the 9/11 attacks and caused 3,000 American deaths -- a completely disgusting act by the Attorney General which obviously cannot be ignored. Or, Mukasey has just revealed the most damning fact yet about the Bush's administration's ability and failure to have prevented the attacks -- facts that, until now, were apparently concealed from the 9/11 Commission and the public."


He is lying

his lips are moving

(your point is well taken - he has painted himself into a corner)

I think all this Mukasey "hoo-ha"...

Is a lot about nothing. We have one of the "Jersey Girls" telling us about whistle-blowers trying to come forward with information indicating this Government knew the day, the type of attacks, and the targets, and yet, the AG "maybe" has indicated that "possibly" this Government "could have" intercepted a phone call that may not even have existed. Time to get on the ball Keith O. and Glenn G.

Edit: If Mukasey is referring to what Kevin Fenton stated below, then it is not about nothing.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Glenn Greewald Is One Of The Goodguys

Yes, he is not a 'truther", but we have encourage and support those with some establishment media credibilty (GG's credibility is mainly with the establishment left) to look into what actually happened on 9/11.

I find a lot of "truth squad" ambushes on whoever to be often counter productive. Bringing up Bilderbergers and NWO questions hurts the 9/11 truth cause. Asking reasoned and non confrontational questions, trying to engage rather than harangue is the best way to go.

Agreed, positive engagement and incrementalism

with the so-called "left gatekeepers" is the best approach. Research their positions and ask them to clarify and expand. Carefully introduce them to new information.

If we can do this kind of thoughtful, methodical "truth squadding" wherever these folks go, we can make rapid progress with those open to dialogue and out the true gatekeepers.

Always appeal to someone's basic humanity, even if it is lost on them it will not be lost on the larger audience and, in the end, it is that audience that is most important to any movement.

Polite public shaming and well- articulated open ridicule of the prime suspects is appropriate following thwarted attempts at reasoned dialogue, imo.

Note that this does not include calling anyone " NWO scum". "Mass-murdering traitor" is a much more accurate epithet. "Soulless, treasonous scoundrel" works for me, as well.

Ain't language grand?

Keep up the fight, brothers and sisters, the truth will set us free!

Love is the only way forward.

Greenwald is all about truth and justice!!

Glenn Greenwald is truly one of the "good guys", in that he is a tireless advocate for truth and justice and for exposing the morally corrupt Bush Regime,

Another snippet to add meat....notice Daily Kos is mentioned as having to eat their hat (ha ha!!)

Since I wrote about this on Saturday, there has been some slowly evolving media attention paid to it. On Monday, I discussed the story on the radio with Rachel Maddow who, as always, grasped completely its importance. The following night, she was on Countdown with Keith Olbermman, which had a lengthy and detailed segment, highlighting all of the right questions (video below). Raw Story compiled a very thorough article with the key facts, and the top Daily Kos post this morning does the same.


Video below?

Obama Wins Backing of 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman Lee Hamilton

It does

There are two cryptic references to it in the 9/11 CR (note: Mukasey is garbling it a bit - the safe house was not physically in Afghanistan, it was in Sana'a, Yemen, and merely relayed messages from Afghanistan to the hijackers in the US).

One is the paragraph on page 87-88 that starts "The law requires the NSA..."

The other is a pair of sentences on page 222: "Mihdhar's mind seems to have been with his family back in Yemen, as evidenced by calls he made from the apartment telephone. When news of the birth of his first child arrived, he could stand life in California no longer." Actually, I think it was his second child, a daughter. What the 9/11 Commission is not telling you here is that these calls (8 of them at this time according to Lawrence Wright) were intercepted by the NSA, which drafted dispatches to some other US intelligence agencies about them, but failed to inform the FBI he was in the US.

It is also discussed in the Congressional Inquiry report, on pages 155-157.

The "safe house" was not just a safe house, it was al-Qaeda's main global communications hub (we call it the "Yemen hub") and was involved in the embassy bombings and the Cole attack, as was Almihdhar himself. The 9/11 Commission is also keeping quiet:

(1) The fact Almihdhar was on the NSA watchlist at the time the calls were intercepted (which was in the relevant staff statement, but was cut from the main report);
(2) The fact that some of the calls were made using phones (landline in apartment and mobile phone) registered to Nawaf Alhazmi. At this time the NSA knew Alhazmi was an al-Qaeda terrorist, knew he was associated with Almihdhar, and also knew he was associated with the communications hub where Almihdhar lived in Yemen.
(3) According to FBI agent Dan Coleman, the FBI had a specific standing request for calls between the Yemen hub and the US. The NSA repeatedly failed to fill this request and neither the Congressional Inquiry nor the 9/11 Commission bothered to ask the NSA why.
(4) Judging by a highly redacted passage in the Congressional Inquiry report, the NSA overheard Almihdhar and Alhazmi discussing a terrorist plot in early 1999. For some bizarre reason, the NSA failed to disseminate this information until (don't laugh) 2002. Even after they were reminded about it by a foreign intelligence service.

Yemen Hub Timeline:

Summary of Timeline:

I wrote to Greenwald, Olbermann and Raw Story about this, but no reply. Maybe it would be a good idea for people to let them know there wasn't just one call.

Olbermann works for MSNBC. In 2004 fellow MSNBC employee Lisa Myers said:
"Investigators tell NBC News that in early 2000, days after the two hijackers settled into a San Diego apartment, al-Midhar got the first of what would be a dozen calls from the switchboard in Yemen."
Check out the section called "The Calls".

Bottom line: the NSA hid Alhazmi and Almihdhar from the FBI. At the same time, the CIA was hiding them from the FBI. According to the Able Danger people, the DoD was also hiding them from the FBI at the very same time. This continued into the summer of 2001, when the CIA (especially the CIA people who were hiding them from the FBI) knew that there would be an attack against the US, knew Almihdhar would be involved and knew Almihdhar was in the US. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that a group of employees at the CIA, NSA and DoD wanted an attack to succeed.

Mukasey and Zeikow

Emptywheel has some interesting background on how Z appears to have shut down any Commision effort to check NSA intercepts. at