9/11 Civil Information Salutes Colorado Truth Activists

We wish to congratulate these outstanding individuals and groups on a job well done!

A new video produced by '
We Are Change - Colorado' in collaboration with Colorado911Visibilty.org and TruthAlliance.net was recently brought to our attention in which they ask Sen. Gary Hart some sharp questions. Our blog members have now had a chance to review it and we are very impressed, extremely pleased, and proud to share it with others as a fine example of positive, civil activism. We invite others to watch it and truly hope many will take the time to do so. While not pertaining directly to the events of 9/11, it is relevant in terms of understanding the agenda behind it, which we have seen unfolding in the wake of events of that day.

Direct link to the video here

While this video is officially entitled We Are Change Colorado confronts Senator Gary Hart, we actually do not see a "confrontation" here. It was reported upon by Steve Watson of the Jones Report, with the title: We Are Change Colorado Confronts Gary Hart on New World Order Vision The article presents a pretty good synopsis of the content, but we feel the title really distracts from it's great content and usefulness. We note for example that the article received very few "diggs" on Digg.com, which is most unfortunate. Perhaps it is an indication that people generally do not want to hear about confrontations? "Sen. Gary Hart Responds To Questions About 9/11 and Globalism" (or something along those lines) may have invited more curiosity. But we digress.


Here are just some of the comments we have received and are pleased to share with you:

Robin Hordon said:


On a scale of ten, I think that this hit a 9.999...my only objection is the fist at the end...

Anyway, I have been making the point for a LOOOOOOONG TIME that 9/11 Truthers are BY FAR, the most intelligent and most patriotic group of people that I have EVER stood with shoulder-to-shoulder. And this work by Colorado simply proves it beyond any doubt.

This is NOT a confrontation, this is what respectful 9/11 Truthers can do when they think things through ahead of time, set the stage and work together...grass roots activism.

In the end, Hart knew he was not capable of handling today's issues and said he needed a nap. This is also true of most of the whores masquerading as politicians in WDC.

We are smarter than them, we are more creative than them, we are more patriotic than them, we care about our country and the people of the world more than them....and they flat out KNOW IT!

What I have sensed happening in the streets for almost two years now is precisely what happens when the electorate becomes INFORMED...they begin to take charge.

So, there is no better statement to be made than: "Let us become who we wish to be".

This is a fantastic "9/11 Hall of Fame" piece of work by some GREAT FOLKS amongst us..


Its CIVIL...its full of INFORMATION...it is irrefutable...it is easily watchable by ANYBODY in our countries...and its amazingly effective. How could anyone look a Gary Hart anymore and think that he is NOT way, way beyond his time...and simply overmatched.

These guys in power...white gray haired males, who have small penises and large bank accounts, seem to have this desperate and never ending need to make both of the aforementioned bigger. Its THESE GUYS that are the problem...and not us...

...unless we make ourselves the problem all by ourselves....

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...and with boundless respect and appreciation for our Coloradian 9/11 Truthers...



Wayne Prante said:

Thanks for bringing it to my attention Chris. I would not call that a "confrontation", but rather, effective, civil, citizen journalism, with intelligent and informed questions and civil discourse. Even though I personally find Hart contemptible, this is the way to go.

This group used an opportunity that was presented (rather than disrupting and stealing time) and used it very well. They were well organized and prepared. They made great points and counter points. The audience will also have heard some new information, which they may decide to check out.

Hart did dodge some questions and plead ignorance to things I feel he would be aware of, and things he was uncomfortable speaking about. He did some dancing and threw out the obligatory "conspiracy theorists, blah blah blah" and "oh there is no way that such a big conspiracy could ever be kept secret" (which seems to be the code for, "they will kill me if I agree with you") BUT, he did not have to run away in fear either, nobody got hurt or arrested, and nobody can use this to demonize 9/11 Truthers nor other activists.

It is quite possible that Hart learned something too (assuming he is not so high up the food chain), or that he will learn something if he looks at the information and material he was given. All we can do is try 'our best' and that was certainly the case here. Now, assuming he is better informed than he lets on, at least he now knows that we know a great deal and are not a bunch of sheep and will not be baffled with BS. Pretty scary for him and the others of his stature.

Well done guys!



Drew Noftle said:

Thanks for pushing me to watch this.

My take? It is excellent! All the questions were well rehearsed, well thought out, and very polite. Only the long black hair guy asked a question that needed a slight toning down - and only very slightly. I think it is a wonderful video to introduce Gary Hart as someone to lookout for in the upcoming administration. Good work Colorado WAC!

This again brings up the problem of the "CI" debate putting WAC under an umbrella of in-your-face activism. I think in the next "CI" public memo, a clear statement of how "CI" does not blanket "WAC" as entirely bad. I understand that we do not, but many others do not get that yet.



We have additional positive responses and may add them later, but it suffices to say now that we are very happy to see our brothers and sisters BEING the change that we not only WANT to see, but NEED to BE, if we are to bring about REAL CHANGE in the world. You have set a fine example for us all to follow, are grateful, and we look forward to more of the same or better.

We will indeed, as suggested by Drew Noftle, take this opportunity to state clearly that we are not against We Are Change and their stated objectives. We only take issue with "confrontation" for 9/11 Truth, which is being practiced by some members, highly promoted by many and given popular, emotional support. We understand the emotion, frustration and drama, but see this backfiring, as the mainstream media uses it as a PsyOp to frighten the public. Our enemies use every opportunity that we present them to blame it on "9/11 Truthers" generally, and to discredit, malign, vilify so that governments can and will target us all.

REAL CHANGE is something that begins with us individually and not something we can force on others. The world is full of confrontation that is being manipulated to suit an agenda and a certain mindset. We see confrontation, agitation and disruption and a propensity to disrespect others as an invitation for the enemies of truth to infiltrate, divide and destroy our movement; a trap (intentional or not) that can and is being used against us by the enemies of truth. History shows that we must contain our inner urges, remain civil and resist the temptations to become extreme or even annoying, (which ultimately aids their agenda), until all means of peaceful protest and free speech are gone.

We feel this is a "spiritual battle" as much as an "information war", and therefore advocate civility and articulate dissent, being in control of our emotions and modeling change, and in this way, attracting others to us, rather than turning them off. We are not perfect either, but are trying to raise the bar for ourselves as well as others. Those who manipulate through fear are being confronted by the fact that "we the people" have seen through them, no longer believe nor trust them, and will not go along with their plans, nor behave as they want and expect. This is being accomplished by freeing ourselves from their games and traps, being the media and informing as many others as we can, as civilly as we can. We are not playing their game, and not endangering ourselves nor others (nor giving that perception), and thereby having a big effect on people. We merely need to be present, as often as possible, and in as many places as possible, and make our message and information attractive to average people.

We have more detailed discussion of this on our blog and we ask others to read and consider these, but most importantly to think before acting; to consider what the net benefit will be for the movement. Those of like mind are invited to join us and to contribute their thoughts.

The bottom line is, to always remember and respect what it is, and for whom it is that we are engaged in this movement, as well as respect and honor those outstanding individuals who have risked much to speak out and to bring us great credibility in our pursuits.

Victory is ours if we choose the high road and stay the course.


The 9/11 Civil Information Team