9/11 Truth Ottawa

I think it's spelled




Way to go guys! All very civil and productive time well spent time talking to your fellow citizens and neighbours.

You had fun, nobody was annoyed and nobody get arrested or hurt.

It also shows how many people now do know, or have their suspicions about 9/11.

- Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth http://www.FV911Truth.org
- 9/11 Civil Information Blog http://911civilinfo.blogspot.com

... it's the other War on Terrrorism ... silly!

Capital 911 Truth!

Thank you Ottawa!
I think those security guards might appreciate the kindness and effort...
after they get through watching the DVDs you gave them.

This movement needs

more purple tee shirts! (bright blue and green ones, too)

***goofy grin***

Great job, guys!

What were the videos you were giving away?

I love how you have to talk to security for your own "safety".

No one has challenged the law to make malls a public space in Canada yet?

Keep up the great work!


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Vancouver 9/11 Truth has nice bright yellow shirts

Here they are in their yellow-splendored glory at the Vancouver Pride Parade last year (300,000 people watching parade route). : )


I know and I almost got one,

but they were out of them when I was in Vancouver for the conference last June.

I got a white one, instead.

Nice photos, thanks.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.