The Elephant In The Room @ The London Independent Film Festival

'The Elephant In The Room' has been selected to be screened at the London Independent Film festival
Check out the festival program and schedule here

It will be screened at 2pm in Screen 2 at the BFI on the south bank on Monday, April14th.

If you are In London then Please show your support.

Its nice and cheap so please show you're support and come along if you can.

You can purchase tickets at the link below

We are currently trying to get into festivals in The US and get an American tour going with the film so watch this space



All the best,


Thank you and well done Dean..

...for all your efforts. Your work has been tireless mate, credit to you.

Here's hoping this film gets the recognition it deserves.

See you soon.

Wish the best...

This is hoping, "The Elephant in the Room" does well and has an impact.

In America, we have the impression that your civil liberties have been curtailed perhaps even more. We may even have an impression--rightfully or not--some of it originates in, as Bush 41 referred to Britain, "the Mother country". It is after all the Anglo-American financial Empire as it is in decline.

I'll always be a Dean Puckett fan after his dressing down of Sir Richard Dearlove former head of MI6. It's too bad the link is no longer available to that 9/11 Truth encounter on Google. It is one of the all time greatest!

...don't believe them!