comes under fire from CBC re Trojan Horse clips

The website which put together a montage of highlights from part 1 of the 2 part movie Trojan Horse which aired last Sunday, has come under fire from the CBC and warned to remove their content by Friday or face legal actions.

The Webmaster of responded with the following post on the front page of their site:

Hello CBC....

former Governor Jesse Ventura is screaming at the top of his lungs that September 11th was and inside job while you're chasing down this little website for copyright infringment. Nice to see your priorities are in order.
Listen to Gov Jesse Ventura here

Architects, Engineers and Scientists are screaming at the top of their lungs that September 11th was an inside job while you chase down this little website...

Architects and Engineers website here
Full video presentation from Richard Gage American Institute Of Architects here
World Trade Center Building #7 video here....explain to the families of the 24 dead Canadians how this wasn't a controlled demolition on the CBC please

Canada routinely sends police and politicians down to Mexico and abroad to investigate crimes. Where is the investigation into September 11th? Military, CIA, FBI, politicians, engineers, architects, scientists are all demanding the truth of 9/11 be told...

Repeating a press release by the very people being accused of the crime is NOT journalism.

Enough of the silence! We have the evidence and it's your duty to report it!


The CBC has asked to remove the Trojan Horse clips by Friday because they feel it is a breach of their copyright. Since this topic is detrimental to our country and the brief clip available on the CBC's website doesn't get the message through like the CBC email claims, believes our research falls under the "fair dealing" section of the Copyright Act. Our legal page can be found here

Having said that, we don't want any trouble and it will be removed by Friday as requested. We ask that our readers tune in for Part 2 on CBC this Sunday and we hope the CBC enjoys the free promotion.



Hey Webguy,

If you want to show this video on your site, send your site visitors to You can link right through to it from your site.

Lifting our content like you have and posting it on your site is a breach of our copyright and you'll have to take it down. The message will get through just as effectively if you do it the legal way. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here, and assuming you don't know about or understand copyright law.

I will be monitoring your site for the next few days to give you a chance to comply; but if I don't see any action on your part by Friday, I'll pass this to our Legal Dept.

Carol Coristine

Carol Coristine
Manager - New Media Distribution
Business Development & Digital Programming
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Room 7F200-C, 205 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3G7
tel: 416 205-2477 / fax: 416 205-7750


My Comment:

It might be an idea to thank CBC for this 'fictional' film that imitates reality in many ways (voter fraud by hidden programs, use of false flag terrorism including 9/11 as a pretext for war, setting up patsies as assassins, etc etc) , and ask them to look again at 9/11, SPP, Harper, Mulroney and the political whores in the other parties who are selling Canada out, based up 9/11 lies.

They recently signed a deal with the USA allowing their troops to come here and to deal with "civil emergencies" which could include putting down "civil unrest" which is a likely scenario when the public wakes up one day and finds there is no more Canada and that Bush is charge.

I dare say that is far more significant than hassling over possible copyright infringements, when they are really promoting a CBC film and asking others to watch it !

You might include a link to this video:

"Broken Promises", featuring Bev Collins of CAP is an in-depth look at the first 2 years of Stephen Harper’s New Conservative Government and their part in furthering the North American Union, exposing the strong ties between PM Harper and former PM Lyin' Brian Mulroney, the strong political and business relationships that exist between many of the top business leaders in Canada and the USA. She shows the need to expose and stop the SPP/NAU agenda being put forth by both the Liberals and Conservatives, making very clear that neither party presents a valid choice for average Canadians; that both are funded and supported by the same power brokers and globalist groups.

Bev Collins is a former business woman from the Scientific Industry in Ottawa. She is a speaker, researcher and writer on Federal Political Issues, and has toured throughout 7 US states and our Western provinces talking about NAFTA, Quebec, and Canadians continuing loss of sovereignty to a North American Union.

Please support too !


PS. CSIS and RCMP, you don't need to investigate me or We are not planning a coup, just trying to expose one. Investigate the above mentioned people who give you your orders. You might do well do well to watch the movie too and see how they play you like a fiddle at the public's expense. That would be real national security work.

CBC 0 vesus StopLying 1

CBC can really make fiction look real as staff writers go beyond their own confines of imagination into the realm of real possibilities from others who have already done the research for them...Perhaps its the CBC looking the fools here by stealing ideas from others and playing the bully on this alternative news site in Canada who shares 911 truth with its readers. EXCELLENT WORK , you put truth before the eyes of the media gods and made them take notice of the questionable issues surrounding 911. Still I dont think her majesty will allow them to pursue the job using unbiased, professional journalism integrity...that would be like telling the public too much and suffer the cbc with better ratings...cant have that with a public corporation out doing privately owned media in can we...

You can contact CBC news here

You can contact the CBC's nightly news program "The National" here: if you would like to leave a comment in support of They also have an 800 number 1-800-565-1422. I suspect that would only work in Canada and not in the US.

1 problem

there is only 1 problem with that... we've been emailing, calling and protesting outside their door for 6 years....