Actor Esai Morales blasts the fraudulent "Wars On..." on Bill Maher - 4/4/08

He also tells people to watch Kevin Booth's new film "American Drug War", gets called a "conspiracy theorist" by Maher in typical fashion. By the way, I'm pretty certain Mr. Morales attended Alex Jones' Los Angeles 9/11 Conference in 2006 with Charlie Sheen. There's a picture of him with Willie Rodriguez floating around somewhere out there. Relevant portion is at the 5:20 mark...

Bill Maher makes me sick to my stomach!!

As soon as anyone doesn't tow the official government story on ANYTHING,
he labels them a "conspiracy theorist". And by doing that, he's implying that
they're insane or paranoid.

I hope he invites Jesse Ventura on his show and I hope Jesse
tears him a new one!!

Someone needs to give Mr. Morales

a copy of 9/11 Contradictions and LCFC right away.

Thanks for posting this.

Mr. Maher makes me ill, I want to go to his show and let him know what real patriots think.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

he's probably already

got 'em : )

Wasn't there some talk....

.....awhile back about Mr. Morales playing Willie Rodriguez in a movie about the latter's experiences on 9/11?

Does anyone know if that is moving forward?

Esai sounds like he is on the edge of going public about 9/11; I hope he finds the proper venue and speaks freely....

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

must've missed this...

from the 'Overtime' segment (which is not televised but runs on after the show)

skip to the last two minutes...Esai Morales defends the brave Los Angeles truthers who got kicked out of Maher's audience for disrupting his precious teevee show. Also calls him out a bit on his general pig-headedness.

thanks to user 'jfal' for the tip!


looked like he may have listened to this guest . . . check out his face . . . he says, "do you really believe . . ." . . not "well you are a nut!"

The OCT is alive and well on HBO

All Mr. Morales had to say was "9/11 was a crime that has still not been investigated after more than six years. Where's the proof that al-Qaeda did it? I haven't seen it, have you, Bill?"

No theories, no WTC, just "show me the proof."

I'd love to see Heir Maher choke on that.

Thanks for posting this.

The truth shall set us free (some may lose their tv shows).

Love is the only way forward.