It Is NOT Too Late

With the never-ending assaults on our constitutional liberties by the wanna-be fascists . . .

With the constant manipulations of the economy by the powers-that-be . . .

With the mountain of horrific crimes committed by the mega-corporations in Iraq and America
. . .

With the constantly-increasing blizzard of psyops and snow-jobs by the corporate media . . .

It is easy to lose hope

Or to have the fire of righteous anger doused by the dampness of fatigue

Or to ease up on trying to fix things

A Little Perspective

It is vital to put things in perspective:

  • We are (still) able to share real news on the Internet
  • We are (still) not locked in prison camps set up for those who criticize the government
  • We have (still) not bombed yet another country for oil
  • There has (still) not been a nuclear or bio false flag
  • We are (still) able to access food and other necessities

Therefore, we still have resources to work with . . .

NOW Is the Time

Indeed, while the forces of darkness are perhaps greater than ever before, we also have more awareness and more resources than ever before. More people understand the history of false flags than ever before. More people understand than ever before that wars are fought for the financial interests of the few (according to Noam Chomsky). More people can access uncensored information on the Net than ever before. More people see the big picture than ever before.

I'm not saying everything is okay and we should relax. I am saying that the battle isn't over yet. Liberty and justice and sanity can still prevail.

NOW is the time to stand up and insist on our freedom.
NOW is the moment to seize victory away from those who want to manipulate us.
NOW is the window of opportunity when the people can throw off the yoke of the tyrants.

We still have everything we need to win.
It is (still) not too late

NOW is the perfect time to take action!

On the contrary- with the

On the contrary- with the recent developments, events planned, media coverage and celebrities I am feeling more optomistic than ever.


Still time to act with the full force of love

Meet ends with means

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush


(This coming week) is the time to get out in the streets on the 11th of the month! Heck, it'll be Friday night... gives fliers and dvds to all the kids hitting the cool bars and clubs.

Bush's GOD is Gold, Oil, and Drugs.

The battle for Truth is International

You are not alone. There are literaly millions accross the world.working overtime to defeat the faschist thugs. We know who they are.

Soon they will have no place to hide.

"It Is NOT Too Late" indeed

"It Is NOT Too Late" indeed to use the tools we have right now for civilly informing our friends, neighbors and countrymen / women. Forget the obsession with MSM and BE the unfiltered media with truth, love and hope. Put aside the anger. BE the Change, not part of the problem. That is what people want and need, and respect, and which they will support. That is what THEY (enemies of truth) fear most.

- Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth
- 9/11 Civil Information Blog
... it's the other War on Terrrorism ... silly!


I am in my fourth decade in the peace movment, my first decade in the 9/11 Truth Movement, and my first year in the CI [Civil Informationing] Movement....and I am convinced that indeed it is never too late to learn, to grow and to change "constructs" unless there are daisies growing above your head, or you are a nice powdery fertilizer for such vegitation.

This especially applies to the peace activists of the 60s who are convinced that it was ONLY the marches in the streets that ended the Vietnam War. Well, its more complicated than that [...see: "Sir! No Sir"].

BUT, what is MUCH less complicated is the obvious TRUTH that the peace movements have failed miserably in these last 40 years because there is more militarism in the world in general now than there was way back then. Additionally, the USofA's congress, cable and commercial TV corporations and the economy are far more "militarized and war based" for a longer period of time than ever in our history. So, whatever that gang was doing [including me for a while], lets just stop doing the same things AGAIN because we will get the same results.

So, I believe that it is incumbent upon the protesters from the 60s to recognize what DID NOT WORK for changing our countries back then, discard the bad and ineffective tactics...AND...bring forward the good ideas...and make some serious adjustments for the New Millenium's INFORMATION AGE.

CI...Civil virtually opposite of everything "behaviorally" and "motivationally" that the centralized peace protests were back in the 60s and 70s.

CI wasting time talking or interrelating with the "bottom and ignorant 1/3rd" of our society [ John Dean's group] expensive remote gathering major expenditures of time, money or vacations...and NO DEPENDENCY UPON THE CORPORATE MEDIA to spread the truth...

Instead...CI.....HAS...only friendly and lawful interaction with our friends and neighbors in highly visible public places...only positive conversations with the "middle third" of our country...only goals to inform, educate and to ask for more "activism-involvement" by the citizenry this year than last year...more "regularly scheduled street actions" that take place much closer to our home towns. And believe it or not...above almost all of the goals is for CI activists to have more "FUN" being out there in public while "envigorating" and "using" our freedoms of speech...and thought.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon

How about CI squads

working local malls every weekend and outside ball games and concerts all spring and summer?

Just put on a shirt or button that says "Ask me about 9/11" and take some 11 Remarkable Facts cards or other literature wherever you go, it is really as easy as that. DVD's are great, too, but some polite dialogue really gets the ball rolling.

Recently, while sitting at a soccer game with the grandfather of one of my daughter's classmates, I started the ball rolling by just asking him what he thought about the mess in Iraq. It didn't take long before the conversation turned to 9/11 and within another few minutes he turned to me and said "you're telling me it was an 'inside job, right?'" He had no trouble thinking Mr. Cheney could be involved and took the facts card I gave him. Prior to that day we had only talked soccer and the weather.

Public presentation is important, be friendly, let them ask questions and try not to wear all black as many find that threatening (silly, but true). This is why I'm always after brightly colored 9/11 truth tee shirts (or making my own). I love my light blue one from Seattle.

Deception and Conception Dollars make great ice breakers, too.

See you on the street!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.