William F. Pepper and Joe Brown on NPR - 4.4.2008


Just under 7 minutes of MLK Truth.

Tell Me More, April 4, 2008 · Joe Brown, of the syndicated television program, "Judge Joe Brown," discusses presiding over the final appeal of convicted King assassin James Earl Ray. Also joining the discussion is Ray's former attorney, William Pepper, author of An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King.

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OT: 9/11 truth on Bill Maher

Some 9/11 Truth happening subtly on the most recent Bill Maher Overtime. Check it out:

Esai Morales

is on our team, I guarantee it. Look how he's totally sticking up for the Los Angeles truthers who bravely spoke out on Maher's show! That's in the last two minutes of the clip, friends : )

more good stuff with Esai here...


NPR Clip Above

Saturday April 5, 2008

William Pepper & Joe Brown just under 7 minutes to make history on NPR

The host asks this amazing question:

"Mr Pepper, during any assassination, I think (?) conspiracy theories abound, you've done extensive studies . . . what are the accounts that you were able to gather that kinda contradicted the conclusions of the committee that investigated Dr King's Death"

You know . . .when we have an assassination of a modern day Gandhi . . . . everyone thinks that maybe it involved more than one person . . I think maybe you wrote a book or maybe you kinda wrote a book . . . I'm feeling a uncomfortable because we're getting near the third rail in my biz . . . please don't mention that James Earl Ray's handler was an associate of Jack Ruby.

National Petroleum Radio


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somewhat off topic but important

I've noticed that there are a number of trolls on the www.commondreams.org website who routinely denounce anything that questions the official 911 story. Example from today in the comments section from this story:


Most of their arguments are weak and rhetorical, avoiding almost all fact. Folks may want to participate in the discussion there and counter these trolls arguments. They routinely rely on debunking911.com as their primary source attempting to debunk the 'truth' movement. They avoid all the scientific based evidence from ae911truth.org and journalof911studies.com.

And by the way, are there any sites or articles that people know of that debunk www.debunking911.com ?

My advice is...

don't waste your time.

I looked at the top of the comments thread and there seem to be enough people there who know what's up, so it's well covered.

As for debunking911.com, it's garbage that just throws junk up. Why bother debunking a debunking site which tries to debunk debunking?

How many times do you want to spin in pointless circles, they have an almost infinite budget, our time is better spent on the street where most Americans live, work and play.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Dont "debate" people in online forums. Spend the time you would have used debating, emailing local architects and engineers about ae911truth.org. It will accomplish much more.

It's worse than that.

commondreams.org is for all intents and purposes part of a media blackout on 9/11 truth.


Common Dreams has repeatedly censored my comments related to 9/11. My comments have been rational and well thought out. After this happened three times I sent the editor an e-mail cordially asking why my comments were being censored and never heard back. Since then I do not waste my time with their site. Funny, they still send me e-mails asking for $$$

Same with Buzzflash.

Buzzflash finally stopped asking me for money because I would only reply to their emails with;