WTC Towers Destruction - Human Intelligence

Maybe I am repeating myself - But for possible newcomers to this website I feel this is one of the most obvious evidence that the official story of 9/11 is false - and I feel it is worth repeating.

The official account of what happened to the Twin Towers is that they "collapsed" because of weakened steel. But after watching these three videos available on YouTube and VideoGoogle it is absolutely clear to me that gravity alone not possibly could have pulverized these massive buildings!

Note the ENORMOUS mushroom-shaped-dust-cloud throwing hundreds of thousand tons of massive steel beams and concrete - several hundred meters outwards as it explodes from top to bottom with ENORMOUS force!
Was it really because of the planes impact and the following fires that World Trade Center 1, 2 & 7 came to the ground? Or did they in fact explode from top to bottom?

The Twin Towers stood 417 meters tall - 63,5 x 63,5 meters wide - and were PULVERIZED into their own footprints, taking the path of MOST RESISTANCE - STRAIGHT DOWN - in about 12 seconds!

The core contained of 47 steel columns and 236 on the outer sides.
To claim that the towers were pulverized only as a result of weakened steel is an insult to human intelligence!

Note the enormous power of the systematic - straight down explosions pulverizing the structure.

World Trade Center were the tallest buildings in the world when they were built. And even in 2001 they were absolutely huge! You can not possibly pulverize TWO of them, each in 10-12 seconds with only gravity working!


Notice how the entire west side is blown out at nearly the same speed as the falling debris! What could pulverize the tower at that speed? How come the buildings own steel and concrete structure almost gave free way without any resistance? There can only be one answer: Some kind of EXPLOSIVE FORCE must have been involved. You can not possibly accomplish that rapid pulverization otherwise!


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Looks much more like erupting & exploding buildings than falling

due to gravity. Massive debris being thrown upwards & sideways.

Particularly in that 3rd video, one can see the demolition wave moving down faster the falling debris!

I also agree with Jesse Ventura, who said he didn't see any pancakes in those so-called "pancake" collapses.

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"Ceci n'est pas une explosion", Gritty reality turned Magritty

I agree, on the third video the demolition wave is a touch faster than the falling debris.

The embedded link to the first and third video didn't work for me, but by copying the url in the "google-video" slot (select all, copy) I was able to paste it into the browser.

For those on slow connections, or without access to a computer, it is useful to show this excellent photo :
"Ceci n'est pas une explosion"
Gritty reality turned Magritty (1 photo says it all)

(A contribution from photographer "DanKrit". Thanks!!)

Photo's like this can help us get this out, beyond internet !!

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Thank you all for the comments and votes!

Here are two other very revealing videos I think. I hope the HTML i correct this time. This time of the South Tower:

The 9/11 Commission Report states: "At 9:58:59, the South Tower collapsed in ten seconds". But the core contained of 47 steel columns and 236 on the outer sides...

Amateur footage - Shot from a short distance to the WTC -front of Trinity Church.
It gives you a clear view of the structure as it sags and lean inwards just before it come to the ground. The camera continues to roll as the people start running away to safety.

Especially NOTE the very scary silence just after a couple of seconds after the destruction has begun! As if the pulverization process was enormously rapid! Surreal...

My thoughts goes to all the victims and their families!

"Virtual Proofs" #7 & 8

7. Physical laws -- the kinds of laws Isaac Newton discovered and which govern our universe --were violated on 9/11: The law of falling objects following the paths of least resistance; the law of conservation of momentum; the law of conservation of angular momentum. According to conservation-of-momentum laws, the block of approximately 34 floors on top of the South Tower should have continued to topple and fall through the path of least resistance: the air. It should have continued to topple and fall to the ground far outside the building’s footprint and NOT through the path of most resistance: the building itself. That same block which can be seen twisting at the start of the collapse should have kept twisting and obeyed the law of conservation of angular momentum but the rotation suddenly stopped. The stopping of both its rotation and its “toppling” can only be explained by the breakup of most of the block, which would have destroyed its moment of inertia. But there is no good explanation for the upper block to break up at the start of the collapse; unless of course, it was being broken up in a purposeful way as in a controlled demolition. This violation of physical laws alone virtually proves that the Official Story is a lie.

8. Evidence has shown that nearly all of the concrete in both Twin Towers was pulverized into dust and powder, with a very large percentage of this being fine micron sized particles, as small as 0.2 microns. Since there is no mechanism in a simple gravity collapse to apply the energy in the perfectly even manner required to pulverize nearly all of the concrete into fine powder, microns thick, something else must have been taking place. And even if nearly all of the potential gravitational energy was actually released in the perfectly even fashion required and actually was being converted -- no longer being gravitational energy -- into FINE FLOATING powder, where was the energy required to plow through the ENTIRE Towers at nearly free-fall speed? The gravitational energy had been converted into floating powder. And as anyone would know, fine floating powder floats, and doesn’t push down very hard. This isn’t rocket science. It really is very simple; just ask any 10 year old with common sense. Floating powder doesn’t crush massive buildings, much less at nearly free-fall speed. This alone virtually proves the Official Story to be a lie.

"9/11: How many virtual proofs does it take to turn on the 9/11 light bulb in people’s minds? A keep it simple approach."