A couple WeAreChangeLA actions documented by Garko- 1) At Willie Nelson Concert Downtown and 2) 3-11-08 on PCH in Malibu

We Are Change Street Action - Malibu, CA 4 9-11 Truth on March 11, 2008

Willie Nelson Joins 911 Truth Movement - We Are Change LA outside the Willie Nelson Concert at the Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles

What's everybody doing for this coming April 11th? It is a friday you know. Friday the Eleventh is a day of great luck and great civil informationeering potential.

Go to www.truthaction.org to find your people or help your people find you.

Celebrity factor

It was interesting to see how much more open people are to information that would they would otherwise be closed minded to, when someone they admire and respect are open to the ideas in question. More high profile and iconic citizens backing truth and accountability is, and will continue to be, a huge influence on societies chances for staving off this current assault on liberty.

Come on Brad and Angelina, turn your back on the CFR and join us! And bring some A-List friends, we need you..........

Harrison Ford- Do you want to take a stand against the Evil Empire for real? Now's your chance!

thanks WAC LA !

"... a great civil informationeering potential" yes, indeed!

Thank you We Are Change LA for pointing that out. :-)

- Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth http://www.FV911Truth.org
- 9/11 Civil Information Blog http://911civilinfo.blogspot.com