A Morning After, By Eric Harger, April 6, 2008

The spelling errors notwithstanding, I think these thoughts are relevant for 911 Bloggers . . . Many (most) of us have had these thoughts, as "crazy" as they may sound to the general population unaware of 9/11 Truth, they're logical . . . So, it seems maybe we should have a basic (communication/alert) plan should an obvious false flag op occur and the Internet mysteriously goes down or acts weird, as it did the last three days in the Philadelphia area . . . Maybe there should be a phone (or text) chain-type system set up across the country to immediately activate and alert whatever actions we have pre-planned . . . just a Sunday afternoon thought . . .

Maybe a plan (by us) is already in the works, and I am unaware . . .


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April 6, 2008

A Morning After

By Eric Harger

I'm not holding my breath but maybe I am waiting to exhale.

Two scenarios at the end of this year confront me with equal increduality. I just cannot believe, Bush/Chenney being the two-headed monster of murderous criminality, that they will just leave office peacefully. Nor can I shake my naivite that such brazen siezing of power could occur under our sleeping noses. I think most of us has been completely shocked at the crimes this dynamic duo have committed, yet most of us must admit, we might have suspected yet just quite didn't see it coming in the magnitude that it did when it did.

Pondering the possiblities, my gut feeling is there will be a pretext to martial law. Yes, the Bushes have held a long and bloody role in world history, surviving wether in power or out. The '34 Wall St. Coup, bankrolling Hitler and Auschwitz, the CIA , assasinaiting Kennedy, Vietnam, Nixon and Operation Condor. Either in office or pupet master above offfice.

This time it feels different though. Escape doors in Paraguay. Private armies and private prisons. No Habeus Corpus. Presidential Directive to control all branches of the government. The Mussellini-esque goose stepping of the Supreme Court. 9-11 inside job. Utter contempt and disregard for law and the Constitition. War for industry. War for oil. War for profit and war for endless hate.

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