The Shell Game & Week of Truth - A crirtical view

This is Julian from TruthMove. Many weeks ago I was offered an advanced copy of "The Shell Game." I had heard it was good talking to a prominent member of the movement whom I respect.

That got me looking into the author. What I found out did not make me very enthusiastic, and I expressed those concerns. My biggest concern at the time was this:

So I asked for a copy of the book and read it cover to cover. After having read the book I was at first somewhat charmed by reading fiction that dealt with many of the themes I am so close to. However, after a week of thinking more about it, I came to realize that I had many problems with the book. I offered a review of the book and had an interesting discussion about it here:

Then a few weeks later I received an e-mail message that Steve Alten sent out asking for support. The message contained many inaccurate, misleading, and even false statements. I expressed my concerns here:

I thought this was all over with, and that the book had run its course, when I found out about the "Week of Truth." I found many statements made on the website highly divisive and disrespectful. I felt fed up. I responded here:

I suppose that all this makes me one of the most vocal skeptics of the benefit of the book and its promotion. But I certainly have not been alone in expressing distaste with the book or concerns about how it is being promoted. I have tried in all my statements to remain level headed and as fair as I could be, offering the benefit of the doubt wherever possible.

I post this here now as I feel that with so many prominent people behind this promotion that it has now become more difficult for people to express concerns or reservations that they may feel about how this is all going down. I feel that it is very important that we not feel a sense of group think or bandwagon effect taking hold in this matter.

In case you do not read anything from the links I have provided, I have made it clear that many of those who support the book and its promotion are people that I highly respect. However it is for that very reason that it has been challenging for myself and others to express our concerns.

I hope to open a constructive dialog about this matter. I encourage everyone to do your very best to stick to facts and logical critique as there is a strong potential for disagreement.

"An Ugly Bandwagon?"

Somehow, I find this subject line, with its attendant insinuation, pretty far from "fair" or "level headed".

Helpful but somewhat dismissive.

I wrote that post when I was feeling fed up with everything I've heard about how the book is being promoted. I added the question mark later when I realized that the title was a bit too definitive. And now that you've pointed out how easily people who might like to ignore its contents could do so by being critical of its title, I've changed it. I hope you are not one of those people.

So, moving on, what about the point of my post? Do you think that maybe some of the concerns I express, obviously shared by others, are worth talking about?

International Truth Movement

"Gut feeling"

"However there is a bit of a gut feeling in this."

How is a "gut feeling" - "fair" or "level headed"? Gut feelings preclude objectivity.

Is your "gut feeling" skewing your objectivity here, so that you can only see the Alten action with negative blinders on?

If I must weigh your "gut feeling" versus my "belief" on this subject, (and in this case, I surely must), then in a normative sense I "believe" that Alten will do just fine on the National stage, and will continue to talk about the right things, like he did in this ABC interview;

Admittedly, I'm not much of a fan of Ruppert, and I haven't read Alten's book. I'm trusting the positive reviews of the book, (and the endorsement of our former moderator here, SBG, whom I unreservedly trust), enough to think that the benefits of the book outweigh the theoretical downside. In the above interview he endorses David Ray Griffin's work, and - both very, very excellent points to bring up in a big media interview.

Attempting to re-frame your argument by changing your lead-in title now, still doesn't get me over your "gut feeling", and the general tenor elicited by the original title, which flavors the very nature of the argument. For those who want to see the original title, here it is;

You state, very clearly, "I have tried in all my statements to remain level headed and as fair as I could be..."

I don't think you have.

Re: "Gut Feelings"


Factual errors on the Week of Truth website can be addressed. Will you state them clearly here in this thread? I can see the one about Seymour Hersch, I'll write to Douglas about it right now. But Ritter has indeed renewed his charge that the Neocons will launch a springtime offensive. Ritter may be wrong again, but he sure was right about the lack of WMDs in Iraq.

Wasn't going to say it, but...

Now you've earned it. You are attacking the messenger. You jumped from the first most obvious subjective comment of mine to the second. And you still haven't addressed any of the concerns expressed by many thoughtful people over many pages on our forum.

I don't think what you said above merits a response. The issue at hand is too much more important than whether I have used perfectly objective language in addressing this issue. I understand the importance of that, and I think that on the whole, my posts of this subject have been fair and respectful. That would be a priority of mine as I indicated several times that most of the people involved are people I respect very much. But I do think they are all missing some important warning signals on this one.

I'm also not that concerned about the minor factual errors on the "Week of Truth" website. The intentional exaggerations and divisive comments that surround this whole promotion are much more important.

So let's get past the messenger here. Anyone who would like to find out what this is all about can go to some of those links and read for themselves what myself and others are concerned about.

International Truth Movement

My comments on this subject:

Q: Do I think The Shell Game is a great book?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I think The Shell Game will help the 9/11 Truth movement?
A: Yes.

Great blog, Jules!

First, let me say that after reading through all your links I definitely need to visit on a regular basis.

Second, thanks for reviewing the book as thoroughly as you did, this means I probably can cite your review instead of writing my own, unless I want to do a very, thorough academic analysis of the book, which I really don't want to do.

Third, I think we should all step back and ask ourselves this one question BEFORE we start tearing each other apart:

Let's assume that this work of fiction is the absolute best book possible and further assume that the author is the best spokesperson for 9/11 truth possible. Let's further assume that the book makes the top 10 and stays there for weeks. The author gets on the msm as everyone hopes and brilliantly exposes the need for a new investigation.

How many interviews do you think he will get once the msm is on to him?

Anyone else remember Rosie O'Donnell?

No one is guaranteed a msm platform simply due to the fact that their book is in the top 10. If that were the case, why not push Dr. Griffin's latest book into the top 10 in non-fiction, I'm sure that would be much easier.

While I was going to take a wait and see attitude with this book and this huge push to put it and the author in the media spotlight, this blog highlights some real problems and false assumptions we should examine before proceeding. I do not want to be rude here, but there is some seriously convoluted thinking going on.

For the record, I would be very interested to hear what people who accept the government myth of 9/11 think of this book and the events of 9/11 after they've read it.

The truth and the truth movement do not rise or fall with any one person, book or film.

Btw, I always look both ways before crossing the street, especially ONE WAY streets.

Let's have this debate, keep it civil and thoughtful and it will only be positive in the long run.

The truth will out, brothers and sisters, because each of us brings something unique to the effort, and combined, we are creating the most wonderful, beautiful movement of people on earth that will spark the beginning of the next phase of human existence on this big, beautiful, blue ball we call home.

I love you all very much.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

"If that were the case...

Why not push Dr. Griffin's latest book into the top 10 in non-fiction?"

How many times do I have to mention the talk of future collaborations that might include promoting Dr. Griffin's latest book?

This collaboration served several purposes. To see if, as a movement, we can actually COLLABORATE, and make something happen. If we are successful, imagine the positive impact it would have on this movement. Also, Steve said he would donate $5000 a week to the FGF for every week he's on the top 10 (no, I have no clue what he would donate without making the top 10). That's not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

It's only one week. If this movement can't collaborate on something for one week, we are in serious trouble.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

I used to be critical and suspicious of

Steve Alten too.

Once I saw the video interview you made with him I changed my mind.

Why? I trust people whose eyes I can see and in whom I see sincerity.

While there is always a risk of people with ulterior motive or the commercialization of 911 Truth, I sincerely believe Steve Alten is on the level and is doing his best for the love of his country.

No self-aggrandizementon on his part. That's my perspective after seeing the video.

Steve's an author and is trying to do the best he can from his perspective.

Why not give him some support and give him the chance to spread the word around.

We have many tools and voices in the movement.

Since he has decided to be vocal and highly visible, it is a good thing.

No doubt, the MSM will spin and distort this, however there are reports of pilots who originally believed the Official Conspiracy Theory who, upon listening to interview by Kevin Barret being ridiculed by the Faux news pundits, decided to investigate for themselves and prove Kevin Barret wrong only to discover the TRUTH for themselves.

MSM attacks on high profile 911 Truth Spokespeople will Backfire. That is the Whole Point.

Steve Alten is Prepared (I believe) for this and so we should give him the moral support and those who feel inclined purchase his book or recommend it to their friends etc who may be interested.


But at least Steve is Doing Something about it.

Much more than the Mel Gibsons & Bruce Willises (Who BTW KNOW THE TRUTH).

THEIR SILENCE IS DEAFENING. I am sure they care for their country. Why not speak up b4 it is too late?

So as a former critic, I'm with Steve on this.

As long one is sincere, honest and dedicated, it is fine by me.

And once 911 Truth takes off, people like Steve Alten who may feel they have risked their careers will find themselves vindicated and it will be all for the better.

At the same time, it is also fine to be willing to look at things critically and subject matters to review on occasion.

So we all should be prepared for scrutiny and tough questions on occassion.

Myself included.

Simply because we have to be careful in this movement for obvious Fetzerian and Tarpleyrian reasons.

No apologies to fans of death star beams and the Boy Who Cried Wolf in Kennebunkport.

We should be able to accept and respond to proper criticism in a mature and responsible way.

That is self-correcting and will help us grow in the right direction.

Anyway, my simple hope is there will be more high-profile sincere authors for 911 Truth in both sides of the Fiction & Non Fiction spectrum.

Also someone should document in a book form the struggle of the 1st Responders and Family Members for 911 Truth, Accountability & Justice.

So authors and publishers out there, believe me many many many people will read it.

Even the devotees of the OCT. It will be an eye opener and tear jerker for sure.

Remember this. Somebody has to speak up for them.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I really wish you wouldn't post that picture

it only reinforces the terror and traumatization of the day as you would quickly find out if you ask a survivor.

I understand your point in posting it, but I think you could make it in a more subtle way, shall we say?


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

You have no idea how much I wish I never had to

post a picture like this.

I wish this picture and many like it never could ever have been taken because 911 could have been prevented.

If enough Americans had woken up to the fact that Oklahoma City 1995, WTC 1993 and even Kennedy 1963 etc were INSIDE JOBS, this picture would never exist.

Because AMERICA IS DRUNK AND ASLEEP, that poor man died the way he did.

We the People Could Have, Should Have Prevented It by being vigilant and not letting the Constitution of the United States of America be Raped and Plundered way way before 911.

Sorry for the picture.

Truth hurts sometimes.

Sad to say, there will be more pictures like this , more 911s unless the country gets back its Constitution.

Don't blame the messenger.

Just Simple Hard Facts.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Again, I couldn't have said

Again, I couldn't have said (or shown it) any better. Maybe if our MSM newspapers and television stations had shown from the start the atrocities of the Iraq "War", even just the coffins of our honorable dead troops . . . the American people would have been forced from their sleep and propagandized, brainwashed zombie stupor sooner.

Photos like this are horrible but needed.


I couldn't have said this

I couldn't have said this any better. Thanks, C911.


Why not make "9/11 Contradicitions" the first "test"

of this collaboration?

I think it's safe to say that 95% of the people in the movement could get behind that, he is a known quantity and extremely well-versed in the facts. The only down side is that he will most likely not want to go on an extended book tour, but could give interviews from his house, anyway.

Why use The Shell Game as the first try at this, with its obvious problems and pushing someone new and untested into the media fray? Someone NOT well versed in the facts and who clearly needs more preparation before going into the media spotlight.

Doesn't the way this book and author have been pushed on us pell mell give you any pause at all?

Why all the hype, hysteria, hyperbole and bombast?

Since this plan depends on members of the movement to push it into the top 10, we can do this at any time in the future just as easily as later this month. Why not wait another month and push it then? Why not push it when people are buying their summer reading-at-the-beach books?

I have no doubt that Mr. Alten is a nice, well-meaning guy. I have no doubt that learning the truth about 9/11 has profoundly affected him.

I just think we should make sure that he is fully prepared to take advantage of the opportunity before we throw him to the media lions AND that we lower our expectations a bit as he and we are being set up for a serious let down, imo.

Why not make the first "truth week" a massive campaign on behalf of the first responders and the Fealgood Foundation?

Why not make the first "truth week" a massive call in to members of Congress regarding the Mukasey statement?

Why not make the first "truth week" a virtual siege on Mr. Waxman's offices demanding a hearing for Sibel Edmonds?

Why not make the first "truth week" a focused effort to get Sen. Obama to take a position on the need for new investigations or on S 1959?

Why not make the first "truth week" a focussed effort on getting DRG's Myth and Reality on public access tv all over the country and creating a buzz about it in every community?

I could go on, ad infinitum.

I just don't think this has been thought out very well and those pushing it seem impervious to constructive criticism, self-reflection and self-correction.

That does not bode well for the chances of success, imo.

Anyone who knows me, knows I play to win (within the rules and in the spirit of the game). That means define the goal, develop a sound strategy with tactical options and train, train, train. I have yet to see evidence of this, especially the training.

I take no joy in raining on anyone's parade, but it's already raining outside and someone needs to hand Mr. Alten an umbrella and he needs to be willing to accept one (and not just from Mr. Ruppert, who left the parade years ago).

I look forward to being wrong and publicly stating so if, and when, I am.

I want this to succeed, I just think we need to put our best foot forward and make sure the shoe it's in is well polished and the laces are tied.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Good Points


Why not do BOTH?

Alten & Griffin?

BTW, Senator Obama is a "Grand Chessboard" Pawn.

Ask Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

We agree on Sen. Obama,

my point there was to out him in a big way and push the 9/11 issue right into the heart of the presidential campaign, which the msm is so merrily distracted with.

Do Dr. Griffin first and give Mr. Alten more prep time, is all I'm saying.

You're in NYC, yes?

Cynthia McKinney all the way!


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

The Shell Game is one of many tools.

"Let's have this debate, keep it civil and thoughtful and it will only be positive in the long run."
I hate to argue with you LeftWright because anyone whose philosophy is, "The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward," and is as committed to the Truth as you obviously are, and says the beautiful things you say, is a credit to the "beautiful movement." But I have to restate my belief that this book is one of many tools in the arsenal that will deconstruct the popular public myth.
We needn't assume the book is the "absolute best" anything but having read it and listened to his interview with Jon Gold, I am convinced it and he have potential to open minds. And I agree that if Steve Alten gets his 15 minutes of top ten exposure, he will be attacked and ridiculed and silenced (all to his detriment and to the possible benefit of the Truth Movement.) But combined with all the efforts of WAC, celebrity spokespersons, street protests, etc. don't you agree it has some positive benefit? I don't think anyone believes the Week of Truth or The Shell Game are going to stop a potential false flag operation or open an independent investigation but as tools for revealing the Truth, they definitely have their merit.
Thank you.

Thanks LeftWright for reading and thinking critically

Thanks for your comment about the site. We do hope you will join us at the forum. We don't have as many posters as 911blogger or TruthAction, but there is a lot of crossover, and our moderation has made the place a positive space to converse without too many distractions.

I'm glad you appreciated the review. I've never written a book review like that, or at least not since middle school, and I do think its lacking in subtlety. But then so is the book.

You raise an interesting question, and yes, I was very much hoping we would be able to do exactly that without having to make this personal. I think you are correct when you point out that there is no guarantee that this book will garner wide MSM exposure. And that happening is supported within this promotional effort by a number of exaggerations and divisive statements.

Aren't you all insulted when someone implies that a week of taking no action and just buying a book is the most important things that's ever happened in the movement?

Do any of you like being called 'naive' if you don't support this promotion, or think it fair to do so if you do?

Do any of you think that it might be easy to dismiss Alten and the good things he is saying is people in the media pointed out that he had written a book suggesting that the Lochness monster is real, and supposedly providing evidence?

I could go on. But I didn't write all that stuff on my forum to come here and repeat it.

Please look into this for yourself. There simply ARE reasons to be concerned.

International Truth Movement

Jenny's advice for now...

..which I am sure is going to get down rated from go. ;-P

I think we need to remember another attempt to divide activists in a place called Kennebunkport and step WAY back, and identify and question the frame this debate is happening in.

Before some of us say things we might regret.

I have not read the book--yet. But...

This is not about the book.

That is a red herring. Good, bad or horrid, the value of the book is not the problem. The problem is the underhanded and unprofessional way it's being promoted. For instance, any reputable PR person does NOT claim people have endorsed X until that person says so. That is never on. Even if the book was agreed to be wonderful for 911 Truth(and it's not), the promotional tactics all by themselves should be cause for responsible activists to ask questions about the promoter's motives.

Another problem is how some people have been approached by Douglas appropriately, and others have not. In other case it gets stranger than that, but I won't go into the details publicly unless it becomes necessary. This is a basic divide and conquer strategy. Someone wants us to fight over this book. Which is a work of fiction.

WTF? Bollox alert.

Come on people, we're smarter than this.



The tone of the promotion has been very heavy handed and divisive,

I find the almost total lack of response to legitimate questions quite curious, if not alarming.

We ARE smarter than this, or at least should be by this point.

Cheers, Col. Sparks!

(btw, I'd love to hear your take on the book, should you choose to read it)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

You know what I find quite curious, if not alarming?

The fact that this effort is now being compared to the "Kennebunkport Warning" fiasco. Kyle Hence, Richard Gage, Janice Matthews, Daniel Sunjata, Michael Wolsey, Dylan Avery, myself, and a wide spectrum of individuals in this movement got together on a conference call to try and figure out a way to get media exposure. The call was initiated by Bill Douglas. I have not liked the fact that Bill Douglas has endlessly spammed this site with "The Shell Game". However, I was willing to hear what he had to say because of my interview with Steven. There is a possibility, however slight, that if we can get him on the top 10, he will get media exposure. Something we would figuratively kill for. That's all we want. Nothing more.

To even suggest that we are doing something as dastardly as putting forward a document with signatures that are disputed, calling those that dispute it (Cindy Sheehan, etc...) wicked things, at least to me, is absurd. We tried to initiate something that may be beneficial to us. If you or anyone else doesn't want to support it, then don't, but the insinuations, and everything else is completely uncalled for.

I'm done. I posted my blog in support of "The Week Of Truth". I posted a banner to the site on my site. However, I'm no longer going to defend myself for trying to do something positive. Good luck to everyone during the "Week Of Truth".

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

A clarafication:

I am NOT saying this effort is exactly like the KW fiasco.

I'm saying that the divisive effects are similar.

And therefore we should go carefully.

Really, this is a daft thing to argue about. It's a bleeding novel. But everyone's all wound up and taking sides. How did that happen? That makes no sense.

And that should be a flag.

Everything else is completely uncalled for?


I refuse to be fingered as the wedge here. You might not like that I'm pointing out some things that are frankly embarrassing to you and to everyone supporting the "Week of Truth", but you simply can't shoot the messenger.

The "Week of Truth" website and previous promotional messages have stated that buying this book could prevent a future false flag attack. The website even points to an actual prediction.

A previous promotional message stated that anyone in the movement who didn't support the "Week of Truth" was "naive".

That same message contained several statements that were either exaggerations or simply false characterizations.

All of this is spelled out at the links I provided in the original post.

As I've been trying to point out in as unflustered a manner as possible, myself and other sincerely committed people in the movement find these statements to be divisive.

If this were a KW comparison, you would be the Cindy Sheehan figure. I don't fault any of the respected movement folks involved in how this is going down. However, I am becoming frustrated feeling like none of them have commented on the divisive manner in which it is being promoted.

It feels like the harder I push with this the more I am the problem, and the more defensive are the responses I get.

There is a problem. I don't want any of those people such as yourself, whom I respect a great deal, to have their reputations smeared as this promotional effort appears to be getting out of hand.

Am I missing something? I am always willing to be wrong. But so far, I think I'm just being inconvenient.

There's too much momentum

There's too much momentum for people to think straight:

"Closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away
To a place where I am blinded by the light
But it's not right..."

Again--this is not about the book--it is about how it has been promoted.

Jules said:

"There is a problem. I don't want any of those people such as yourself, whom I respect a great deal, to have their reputations smeared as this promotional effort appears to be getting out of hand."

Anyone who wants to go on about "wedgies", re-read this bit. We are trying to help. And how difficult is to for someone supporting the book to say, "Yeah, I liked it, but the promotion really does need to be improved"?

If this goes pear shaped , "I told you so" will not be far from my mind....

I'd just like to say...

That all of this apprehension to do something for just one week, something that might be beneficial for us, something that might spawn future collaborations AS A MOVEMENT, really urks me. I know you can't please all of the people all of the time, but quite honestly, this is starting to take its toll.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

The crux of the matter

Here is the crux of the matter:

Criticism should be welcome at all times, but divisive words don't help anyone. Yes, we prey to emotions rather than reason--even when we should know better.

I've read the book and it is fairly well done. What people who have not read the book have to realize is that this is NOT a fiction book about 9/11--it is a fiction book about the next 9/11. Many of the facts presented in the book are straight out of Crossing the Rubicon. The book avoids many of the common 9/11 hoax memes presented as "9/11 truth" and sticks to the hard facts. It is a book about a false flag attack.

It's also a peak oil book. It is a book that clearly and decisively provides a motive for this false flag attack and the 9/11 attack. This, I believe, is the key strength of the book. The question: Why would they do 9/11, is given a compelling motive: Oil is running out.

I think Alten explains his book well here:

Calling Shell Game a work of "fiction" is only half true. It is true in the sense that is fictional about the next false flag attack, but virtually all of the facts presented about PNAC, Peak Oil, 9/11, etc. are factual as Mr. Alten explains in his interview above. Some have complained that the book omits 9/11 facts, and this is a fair criticism. But it cannot be denied that by reading this book, it will may lead to more people questioning 9/11. The book is what it is--a fictional account of the next 9/11 with real facts about the first 9/11 given at the front of the book as quotes and even woven into the story itself.

The "terrorists" in the book are patsies who are manipulated to manufacture the pretext to attack Iran. This is established in the very first chapter and is a significant part of the plot of the book. It is a false flag book.

Is there any 9/11 documentary or book that does NOT have flaws in it? If so, I have yet to come across one.

Is the book ideal in its presentation of its 9/11 facts? No it is not. Is it credible in the facts it does present? Yes it is. It avoids speculation and reports the incriminating facts. Could it present more information? Of course it could. 9/11 is a massively complex weave of information that has to be sorted through and contextualized.

In this way, criticism of flaws should be welcome if it is a constructive criticism. Ideally, the situation would be such that the level of discourse on 9/11 existed where everything could be critiqued in a fair manner and everyone benefited from these discussions about 9/11. Isn't this what happens on 9/11 blogger and other forums? I think it does. But it has to happen everywhere.

That's the book.

As for the questions of Mr. Alten and the way the book has been promoted. Keep in mind that the book itself is separate from the perceived way in which it is being promoted.

Do I agree with the way the book is being promoted?

As I said on the truthmove forum in response to something said about the potential of the book:

"However, too many of those new to 9/11 truth movement actions, although very effective at what they are doing, hadn’t been beaten up by the six long years of public protest, petitions, lobbying Congress, media, etc. etc. . . . enough to know that something new, fresh, and unusual was our only hope at breaking the 9/11 corporate media blockade."

This is nothing more than wishful thinking. Wishing and hoping something will happen will not make it happen. There is a MSM "blockade" for a reason. There is a reason why the MSM repeatedly attacks advocates for 9/11 truth rather than debates them. Why would the Shell game in any way change this? The false assumption here is the relevancy of the MSM. How many years have we "waited" for the MSM to do anything? We have to assume that they will never do anything, and that we have to do it ourselves. I really don't see this as being cynical--but being realistic. That being said, his interview above seems to speak well to his credibility and effectiveness in speaking to the media. But will a larger stage be set? That's to be seen.

Apart from the perceived merits and drawbacks of the book, (and there are both), I am not exactly thrilled with the way that this is being promoted.


"New York Best Selling Author, Steve Alten, is appearing on national corporate media educating millions of the importance of the 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT. We can get him on more and more media, and perhaps stop a false flag attack that will launch war with Iran. Seymor Hirsch and Scott Ritter are predicting the neocons will launch an event in April. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE."

9/11 truth is not going to be won with CAPTIAL LETTERS AND SCREAMING. The issue is emotional enough as it is, and we don't need speculations and warnings that we are going to be nuked if we don't buy a book. This is inappropriate, in my opinion. In fact, it seems to me that if you want to turn people off from making such a strategy successful, you would use these kinds of strong-arm tactics.

Think of it this way--if I go around screaming at you about TV fakery, it's not going to convince you 9/11 was an inside job--probably the opposite. So if I'm going to scream at you to buy this book because there's going to be a false flag attack--it's just basic reverse psychology. The promoters of Shell game are shooting themselves in the foot if they want to promote their book successfully.

Does exposure outweigh perceived flaws in the book?

As a comparison, the 2nd loose change film has had viral and mass exposure. Does the promise of exposure outweigh any negative drawbacks? Yes and no. Reality is far more complicated, and I'll give you an example. My exposure to 9/11 truth came from this film. I was not completely convinced by it, but it led me to investigate and research on my own. The strength of the 9/11 truth movement is that the amount of research and quality work exists. It's just a matter of getting it at the forefront of what is being presented. Criticism of 9/11 material that is below expectations is a part of the process. We have to make the best of what the real situation is. How does the Shell game fit into this? As like most 9/11 material it has its flaws and strengths. But it is not the be-all and end-all of 9/11 truth. Could it waken some people up? No question. But there are a thousand ways to wake people up, and the Shell Game is not the best one.

In fact, the best strategy will always be a collective one.
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