Alex Jones Smacks Down a 9/11 Kool-Aid Drinker

OK, AJFan and everybody please look at this

Why doesn't Alex Jones talk to Ron Paul the way he talks to this caller?

Why accuse only this caller of drinking Kool-Aid?

Why the Double Standards?

Why does Ron Paul have this view on IMPEACHMENT?

"........Paul told the LVN earlier that the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 without a declaration of war by Congress was the most egregious violation of the Constitution in the last 20 years. But when asked why he hasn't supported the impeachment of President Bush, Paul responded that impeachment is the duty of the opposing party, and he would have to consider if a president willfully or ignorantly deserved impeachment before making a decision....."

Is that a proper Constitutional Position? Ron Paul thinks that it is the duty of the opposition to Impeach.

And he has to "consider" if the President deserved impeachment. Amazing and Shocking.

The Grounds for Impeachment is Voluminous even without 911.

And Why does Alex Jones not Talk to Ron Paul on Air About This?

Why the Hypocrisy?

Who is Drinking Kool-Aid?

We have to THINK FOR OURSELVES. Not depend on others.

AJ has his strengths but he has been making some very serious mistakes.

Ron Paul seems to be hiding behind pacifying the 911 Truth Movement call for a new investigation OUTSIDE THE PURVIEW OF MSM CAMERAS and only on the basis of the "Incompetence Theory".

On top of that his oath of LOYALTY to the Republican Party is highly suspicious to me.

No doubts the Democrats are as bad, but a Constitutionalists will NEVER PUT PARTY OR PRESIDENT B4 THE CONSITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

So as a former Ron Paul fan, I hope some one will call AJ and ask him some questions on why he has double standards on Ron Paul's view about 911 as the video above demonstrates.

And someone pls ask AJ if he has the right to call accuse anyone of drinking Kool Aid if HE IS ENDORSING A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE who may very well hold the sames views as that caller.

Let's stop the hypocrisy.

One reason why I don't believe in any "leaders" or "Heroes" in this movement.

We should be driven by righteous principles and proper systems, not personalities and we already have a wonderful set of Freedom & Liberty Setting Rules in the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Proper Rule of Law. Constitutionally.

Not Vigilantism that we see in the White House.

If people only remembered.

C'Mon America.

Pls Wake Up.

Personally I think RP is serving is own personal interests using us.

Republican? Sure. (Sarcasm here)

What about the Republic?

AJ if your are reading this PLEASE TALK TO RON PAUL.

Tell the Congressman to get off the GOP KOOL AID ONCE AND FOR ALL.

AJ ends the conversation by calling the caller a MORON.

Is everyone who believes the OCT A Moron?

How about the Congressmen then?
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it