NOT the Usual Suspects! David Rovics, Michael Dolan on 9/11 and Empire Radio

Tuesday 4/8/08, Singer-songwriter David Rovics will join me on 9/11 and Empire Radio, 8-10 pm CT,
along with Michael Dolan, Research Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts:

Rovics has blasted 9/11 truth, and Dolan has not yet spoken out publicly, so these are NOT the usual suspects ; )

David Rovics recently ripped on the 9/11 truth movement and defended the leftgatekeepers:
I've had an email conversation with him since then, and he says he'll look at,, and and would be happy to have a radio conversation with a 9/11 truth jihadi! This suggests to me that Rovics has integrity and a reasonably open mind. It should be an interesting conversation, spiced with a couple of Rovics songs.

Second-hour guest Michael Dolan is a colleague of renowned evolutionist and 9/11 truth advocate Lynn Margulis, who is becoming a frequent radio guest. Like my guest on Sat. 3/29, Anthony Hall, Michael Dolan is not currently listed at but probably will be soon!

My complete radio schedule:

Rovics has his head...

well, I was going to say up his... but let's just say... in the sand :-)