In The Spirit Of Unity, Solidarity, Synchronicity ....

..I submit the following thoughts as additions to, and qualifications of, my last entry:

I understand that there is a good deal of skepticism regarding the proposed Week of Truth initiative and its call to support Steve Alten's book. Since my endorsement of the idea was posted more in the way of a "press release" or general call to arms, I just wanted to write to the community in a more candid tone to spell out exactly why I feel that this project is a worthy endeavor.

Forgive me if in the process I end up repeating or restating things which you may feel I had already made sufficiently clear. First off, I want to say how much I admire the critical and independent thinking that is so prevalent amongst the 9/11 Truth community. It should not come as a surprise, since in the absence of such critical analysis and thought, all of us would still be hoodwinked by the official myth.

This is, therefore, one of our greatest strengths. But in my opinion it can also be a tragic flaw. Let me clarify... Many of you have been at this much longer than I, but as a relative newbie, it has been my perception that our movement's biggest weakness is our divided, fractionalized, schismatic lack of unity in general.

While it is a definite plus to have this "leaderless resistance" waged on many fronts and according to varied methodologies, this particular approach to the info war leaves us oft-times disconnected and isolated by our differences in tactics. Some of us make documentaries, while others start groups like Architects and Engineers.

Still others support a ballot initiative, and some confront slimy politicians, members of the corporate media establishment, and government insiders with hard questions and a video-camera, etc., etc. All of the above has been useful in its own way. But I think what has been lacking is a focal point around which we can synergize and mobilize our collective energy to perhaps make greater progress in a shorter period of time.

When I was approached to help support this Week of Truth effort, I had never met or even heard of Steve Alten or "Shell Game" before. But what was readily apparent to me was the rare combination of factual substance (regarding 9/11 specifically) and commercial viability (and by extension, the access to commercial markets and the targets of those markets, demographically speaking, which such viability potentially affords). I therefore immediately bought and began devouring my copy of the book, and put my unequivocal support behind the idea outlined in my "Tipping Point" blog post.

Though many of those who took part in the now infamous conference call had issues with some of the other content in Steve's book, like his take on global warming and his stance on peak oil, they were all willing to subordinate these differences with an eye towards the potential effect on public opinion that could be made if "Shell Game" got sufficient exposure as to allow Mr. Alten access to MSM platforms; assuming he is a man of his word and does what he claims he will do once he has a captive audience and a mic in his hand. Much trepidation has been salved by his courageous interviews on National CBS Radio, and ABC 6 TV of late:


I too saw Jon Gold's video interview with Steve, and I too sensed that here sat a man who was sincere in his willingness to risk his credibility and his career for the sake of justice, truth, and peace.

Now as new as I am to 9/11 Truth, I am exponentially more ignorant regarding the veracity of Alten's other aforementioned viewpoints. But in my estimation, those issues are of far lesser consequence (though they admittedly are not unrelated to state sponsored terror, etc) than the issue which binds all of us in this attempted mass exodus from the deception and deceit imposed by the murderous myth-makers who seek to suppress the truth we are committed to exposing. The FOX Network appears to be hard at work in preparing the public for another event. Just today I saw them air a piece of "journalism" so rife with manipulatory lies, so yellow in its lack of integrity, so malevolent in its outright fear-mongering, so transparent in its intention to manufacture an atmosphere of mutual distrust amongst our fellow citizens, so conspicuously saturated with disinformation despite its professed aim of informing the public about home-grown terror plots, dirty bombs, and suit case nukes, that it is obvious that time is no longer a luxury we can afford.

They know we are close to exposing them, and though I am far from an Intelligence Professional, it seems abundantly clear that the 9/11 Truth Movement needs to galvanize and act decisively and swiftly to counter these madmen before more innocents die at the hands of the psychopaths masquerading as our leaders and "sworn protectors." We SHOULD be critical of everything that is put in front of us. We SHOULD debate and discuss our strategies and our methods of waging this peaceful revolution. We SHOULD be suspicious of those whose professed interest in the truth is merely the cleverly disguised desire to profiteer for their own benefit. We SHOULD be wary of wolf in sheep's clothing; infiltrators who would seek to discredit and destroy our movement by planting seeds of dissent amongst our ranks.

But in my heart of hearts, though admittedly I am no expert, I honestly believe that if what we want is results in a short period of time, that supporting The Week of Truth Initiative is the most efficient and effective thing we can possibly do right now. And if these esteemed members of our extended family can all agree on that, then I submit to you that so should we:

- Richard Gage; Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
- David Ray Griffin, Professor Emeritus, Author, 9/11 Truth Advocate
- Kevin Ryan; former Underwriter Labs manager/whisteblower
- Professor Steven Jones; Scholars for 911 Truth & Justice Founder
- Paul Craig Roberts; Past editor Wall Street Journal/Columnist for The National Review)
- Peter Phillips; Director of Project Censored
- Dylan Avery; Producer/Director "Loose Change – The Final Cut"
- Bob McIlvaine; Father of Bobby – Fighter for 9/11 Truth
- Luke Rudkowski; A Founding Member of WeAreChange
- Jack Blood; Radio Host Who Challenged Tim Russert on 9/11 Questions
- Kyle Hence; 9/11 Press for Truth Director/Citizen's Watch Founder
- Carol Brouillet; Organizer of 1st National 911 Truth Conference in San Francisco
- Janice Matthews; Director of
- Jarek Kupsc; Director of the film "Reflecting Pool"
- Jon Gold; 911Blogger Columnist
- Jonathan Mark; FlyByNews
- Ken Jenkins; Co-Organizer of the 1st National 9/11 Truth Conference/Filmmaker
- Les Jamieson; New York 9/11 Founding Activist
- Michael Jackman; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
- Michael Wolsey; Founder
- Mark Peters; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
- Justin Martell; Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founding Member
- Mike Berger; Media–Spoke to America on CNN in March, 2006
- Paul Deslauriers; grassroots coordinator
- Paul Krik, Filmmaker, "Able Danger: The Movie"
- Peter Garritano; Vermont911 Founding Member
- Reprehensor;

Together we can set into motion a force and ferver among activists across the progressive spectrum that can NOT BE STOPPED!! It is time to act as one, and to put aside our philosophical and methodological differences, if only for the time being. Lets do what we can to push the Week of Truth Action nationally, Its not the first good idea our community has had, and it certainly won't be the last... but it is what's in front of us now, and I don't think its just a coincidence; its SYNCHRONICITY!

Justice, Then Peace...

I would hope that the above listed people

would form an advisory group to work with Mr. Alten to give him the greatest chance for success.

For this strategy to work a carefully crafted set of talking points need to be developed and adhered to.

Each interview should be thoroughly critiqued and constructive criticism provided to Mr. Alten.

I'm certain that you, as a working actor, understand the importance of this process.

Thank you for all your work on behalf of 9/11 truth, Mr. Sunjata.

We are all brothers and sisters on this big, beautiful, blue ball.

There can be no peace without justice, and no justice without truth.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I love your byline man.

Justice... then Peace.

Let's Carve it in the Halls of Congress and at every nook and corner down 1600 Pennsylvania Street.

And into the Hearts and Minds of Every True Blooded American.

Remind the NeoCons its NOT AmeriKa.

You're setting a fine example which I hope many others in your profession decide to exemplify.

Its never too late.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

11th Day Actions


First let me thank you for having the courage to speak out on this vital issue.

You wrote:

"Many of you have been at this much longer than I, but as a relative newbie, it has been my perception that our movement's biggest weakness is our divided, fractionalized, schismatic lack of unity in general."

Please check out and the 11th Day of every month campaign. Beginning in three cities with only a handful of people, it has spread to virtually every major city across the United States and Canada, as well as cities like London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Syndny and Perth.

Mr. Alten has received the support of many leaders in the movement. The 11th Day campaign has been completely grassroots.

For more info check out the following videos:

"The Third Stage"

"Truth Revolution"

Daniel- First of all thank


First of all thank you for your contributions to the movement. I can honestly say I wish there were more people like you in your business. If there was, this fight would be over.

I would also like to reiterate what Danse said above and encourage you to check out TRUTHACTION.ORG and join us on the Eleventh of Every Month.

Until Justice.......

"It is obvious that time is no longer a luxury we can afford."

"It is obvious that time is no longer a luxury we can afford."

Daniel, you are correct. That is the vital point. There is little reason to believe that they will not do it again. They will, or at least they plan to. The only hope is if ENOUGH people become aware QUICKLY ENOUGH, maybe that could prevent another 9/11; which in George Bush's own words will make the first 9/11 "pale by comparison" (11-11/07 & 2-13/08) and will "wreak havoc through death." (8-3/07)
Paul Craig Roberts talks of the next event. Will it be the "American Hiroshima?"

Time may be very short. Get behind the Week Of Truth.

Now is the time.

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." - Mark Twain

For those visitors to this site who are waiting for the cause to succeed before you join, you are needed NOW, not when it's too late.
Imagine this is early 1933 Germany and the Hitler hasn't yet enacted martial law. If you summon up your courage and join forces with all the other sensible people you have the chance to change the course of history.
We have the same opportunity here and now. If Daniel and Jesse and Willie as well as the Pilots and Engineers etc can put their careers at risk, the least we can do is spread the word. (See the above and following posts for ideas.)
If protesters can disrupt the torch run and even threaten the likelihood of the Chinese Olympics, surely we can expose the lies about 9/11. There are way more of us than there are Olympic protesters. It's true, they get the gratuitous media coverage because it plays into the anti-commie game plan, but damn it, there are more of us. We need to be the media.
Thanks DJ for being the brave scarce patriot.