April 6, 2008: The Cold Hard 911 Truth, By Heath Widdowson


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April 6, 2008

The Cold Hard 911 Truth

By Heath Widdowson

Millions of people worldwide are demanding a new investigation of the events of 9-11-2001. They consist of engineers, professors, architects, theologians, former statesmen, military officers, and concerned citizens. They have even discussed it in the Japanese parliament Is there in fact any truth at all to the claims of the “conspiracy theorists?”

Sadly, the answer is a resounding yes. Incredibly, the truth is so glaringly obvious that it does, in fact, beggar belief.

I have to admit it, in the beginning I bought the government's official conspiracy theory, hook line and sinker. After all, I’m a vet, and if there is one thing you learn when you’re in the service it’s that our country’s enemies are real and they mean to do us harm. I will never dispute that. So, when the government said Al Quaeda did it, I bought it, case closed. But in the back of my mind it never fully sat right. There were so many questions, mainly: how did those buildings just collapse like that? I tried to explain it away, to believe the official explanation. But it was a dilemma. After all, those buildings were utterly and completely destroyed! Even the entire underground complex of the WTC (which most people are completely unaware of) was destroyed! Between 2002 and 2003 I started reexamining the evidence available. I started learning about the science behind freefall physics. I started checking the math. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that every kinetic event in the universe can be rendered mathematically. Because of the math, I came to the conclusion that those buildings were demolished. Upon reexamining footage from that day it was obvious. I could see the explosions with my own eyes!

The truth is plain to see once one divorces oneself from the emotion of the event. A heightened emotional state is imperative for the success of any psychological operation, because emotions are active in the lower brain, distinct and separate from the higher analytical brain. Fear and anger are the assassins of logic. If those buildings were never attacked by planes, and there was never a terrorist event, what would it look like if they did demolish those buildings? Think about it. If the WTC towers were demolished legally in a controlled demolition scenario, what would it look like? I attest that it would be a spectacular event, played and replayed on youtube for years to come, and it would look exactly like it did on 911, absent the jet-fuel fires from two airline crashes. You can see the explosions right there in front of your own eyes on the raw CNN footage. Detractors, such as the ones who often post in response to 911 truth internet articles, mean well I’m sure. They don’t want to believe what can be proven even beyond a shadow of a doubt. A jury found a certain famous athlete not guilty of murder even when the police had his DNA at the crime scene. People couldn’t understand the science of it or didn't want to. There was too much emotion involved. For one to think rationally and critically, one cannot be in a heightened emotional state. This was the purpose of those planes hitting the buildings: shock and awe, fear, anger. In that state it’s easy to not see things right in front of your eyes. In that state it’s easy to be hypnotized, more susceptible to suggestion. People have to let go of their egos to admit being fooled. It’s a hard thing to admit you are wrong. I know, I’m a veteran and a patriot; this was hard stuff to swallow. But even I don’t have a big enough ego to tell physics professors and engineers they are wrong and that they are kooks. Nor is my ego so big that I can calmly say that 2+2=5. I have to admit that it equals 4, no matter what the idiots on the boob tube might say. I've had people tell me that, of course, everyone saw that plane hit the pentagon, it was right there on TV, right? Wrong! They saw it in their minds!

Once again, if the towers had been brought down legally in an admitted controlled demolition, what would it look like? I live in Columbia S.C., a capital city. Our tallest building is approximately one fourth as tall as one of those towers. If a plane hit that building I can’t imagine it disintegrating from any sort of subsequent fire, I mean it’s a big building! The two towers of the WTC were so massive that it’s beyond most people’s comprehension. At on time these were the tallest buildings in the world. Hundreds, if not thousands, of explosive devices would have been necessary to destroy it, yet two plane loads of fuel did the trick! Anyone, and I mean anyone, trying to explain that away is peddling junk science. The publication Popular Mechanics tried to peddle this junk science. They even put out a book with a foreword by John McCain. All junk science! They all get Fs in science class. But they get in A in propaganda and war-mongering!

I don't know who is behind the horrific events of 911. I can make an educated guess, because of who benefits: Taylor Caldwell’s “quiet, deadly men” of real power, the “captains and the kings.” But saying that would be a conspiracy theory. However, it’s not a theory that those buildings are gone! In seconds they were gone! Poof! Finito! The combined time involved in the utter destructions of the Twin Towers was less than 30 seconds! Are Americans so complacent, so dumbed down, so “doped on religion, sex, and TV,” as John Lennon put it, that they cannot tell when tyranny has arrived at their doorstep?

Sadly, the answer is a resounding yes.

Authors Bio: Health care professional and scholar.