Secrets of Persuasion for Truth Activists - Part 3

Several well-known 9/11 activists have asked my advice before television or radio interviews. My advice to all of them -- whether they are highly-credentialed scientists or unknown but energetic activists -- is the same: strength in numbers.

What do I mean?

Well, no matter what your background is, if it is just you and the interviewer, they can marginalize you and make you look like a member of the "fringe". Even if you are a former high-level military officer, or a successful politician, or a famous actor, the interviewer can pull a Karl Rove-type slime attack on you.

Unless you remember that there is strength in numbers.

The A List

I recommend that everyone bring with them to interviews a list of the highly-credible people who question 9/11. You can use my list, or the lists at Patriots Question 9/11, or any other list of high-powered credible people.

With such a list in hand, you are in a very strong position.

If the interviewer tries to marginalize you, you can hold up your list to the camera and say something like:

"Well, actually, hundreds of high-level military officers, intelligence professionals, structural engineers, architects, scientists, Congress people, and even 9/11 Commissioners agree with me and question the government's version of 9/11. See for yourself at [web address of your list]."

What has just happened? In around 10 seconds, you have just established visually as well as through your words that you stand in impressive company, and that many people with relevant expertise question 9/11.

You have also given the viewers a place to see the list for themselves, and to start their own 9/11 research.

Nice Try, Pal

If the interviewer tries, subsequently, to belittle you, do the same thing again. In fact, every time the interviewer tries to slime 9/11 truth, do the same thing.

Repetition helps facts sink in. And by repeating the same information, it is more likely that it will survive editing and make the broadcast.

Of course, you can also dive in the list and read some of the most impressive people and their qualifications for the interviewer. And, you can obviously make some of your own points about 9/11.

However, the technique of holding up the list and summarizing what it is and where people can read it themselves is -- I believe -- the single effective most efficient and persuasive technique for 9/11 activists.

Even if you don't use the list technique as your primary approach, bring it along as back up. If you get cornered, or you forget what you wanted to talk about, you can break out the list . . .

Indeed, I would argue that even the most effective communicators would benefit from the above-described technique. For example, Bob Bowman has been called "the Best Speaker in America Today", and is an incredibly effective communicator. However, I watched Dr. Bowman be largely marginalized on Fox News through unfair sliming techniques because he didn't refer to all of the other highly-qualified people who questioned 9/11.

If someone of Dr. Bowman's skill and character can be marginalized by deceitful interviewers, all of us can. Unless we use the list technique.