The Trojan Horse on CBC - Part 2 (Conclusion)

The Trojan Horse on CBC - Part 2 (Conclusion)

A dramatic look at reality

Part 2 of this mini-series produced, co-written and starring Paul Gross aired on Sunday night and it did not disappoint.

It was as fast paced as the first, with action and intrigue, and very thought provoking, in terms of what those who have researched 9/11 and the agenda behind it now know. Certainly there were lots of nods to the 9/11 Truth movement throughout part one, some overt with references to "pretexts for war" and statements suggesting that Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were staged (see clip). There were also some cryptic ones. For example, in an apparently unimportant conversation taking place at the beginning of one segment in a restaurant, some may have picked the phrase "the reflecting pool". There is a soon to be released 9/11 movie called The Reflecting Pool.

In Part 2, war between the USA and China is nearly provoked with a false flag terror operation in Saudia Arabia as the two powers compete for control of the oil supply. The cunning McLaughlin becomes the President on an antiwar campaign (with the help of his European friends) but is later brought down (literally) by his own arrogance and hubris, the investigative work of a reporter (and mother, whose only son had be killed in his plot) and by the betrayal of his wife (the VP) in a private jet that loses oxygen causing all on board to lose consciousness (ala Payne Stewart) with F-16s escorting it. In this story, the plane's oxygen supply was sabotaged. That also conjures up reminders of Sen. Wellstone Reps. Begich and Boggs, JFK Jr. and other mysterious plane crashes, believed by many to have been politically motivated assassinations.

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The movie should also be available as a DVD soon.

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The last word:

Kudos to the CBC programming department for taking the very real issues depicted in this drama more seriously than it's news department, and hats off to Paul Gross on a fantastic movie that is as thought provoking as it is entertaining.

It was very much worth watching!

A question for those who saw it:

I've watched it once and will watch it again a bit more carefully.

Did the film imply that the Chinese were making use of "al-Qaeda" or that the Americans were and framing the Chinese as supporters of "al-Qaeda"?

A very interesting film and I'm still amazed that it would be shown on mainstream tv anywhere in North America. I hope it finds it's way onto DVD and is spread far and wide.


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