CSPAN's "Washington Journal" is good resource for coming Week of Truth and beyond-- a call on asking Petraeus about false-flags

Yesterday morning on the Washington Journal, CSPAN’s morning show, host Greta Wodele was asking callers what they would ask General Petraeus if they had the chance. So, I called up and said I would ask him about why we haven’t heard anything about false-flag terror operations in the Middle East and how peace is possible in the continuing presence of these covert operations. Although I had stayed up all night, and was tired, I think I got a bit of the idea across.
Here’s where you can watch it : http://www.c-span.org/homepage.asp?Cat=Series&Code=WJE&ShowVidNum=9&Rot_Cat_CD=WJ&Rot_HT=206&Rot_WD=&ShowVidDays=100&ShowV...

Play “Washington Journal Entire Program (04/08/08)” and go to around 2:11:00 to hear my call. Interestingly, this corresponds to 9:11 EST, as you’ll see on the video. Weird, how that was my minute.

The Washington Journal is a great resource and place to both educate folks about 9-11 truth and other such things and, sometimes, to have the chance to question some politicians. For example, they are having three Senators, including Russ Feingold, and a Representative on this morning. It runs daily on CSPAN from 7-10 EST and they usually have comments in the beginning and then comments and questions again with each guest and, then, again at the end of the program. The screening process is minimal and they let you talk a bit. It's much easier to get an entire concept out than on most all talk-radio shows. "Washington Journal" is a great potential resource for the April 16-22 “Week of Truth” ( www.weekoftruth.org ) and subsequent weeks of truth.

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Here’s an audio recording of this call:

Here's the transcript:

Greta: Los Angeles, California- go ahead.

Me: Good morning Greta.

Greta: Go ahead.

Me: So I think it’s a year ago Zbigniew Brzezinski sat in front of the same committee, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and described what he was warning- that the way that a war against Iran was going to be launched was by some type of event- what looked to be like he was describing a false-flag terror event. And so if I were on that committee today, I would ask General Petraeus why we haven’t heard anything about the covert operations known as “false-flags,” cuz we saw in 2005, in Basra, two British special operatives arrested, dressed as Arabs. We know the Israelis do covert operations, for decades, and blame them on Arabs in order to, you know, to divide and conquer. And we know that our own intelligence agencies have done covert operations. So that’s what I would ask Petraeus is- how are we going to create peace in the Middle East if we have so-called intelligence agencies running around doing false-flag terror bombings and blaming it on other people?

Here’s an audio recording of a call to the Journal I did back on August 22, 2007 that mentions David Ray Griffin’s “Debunking 9-11 Debunking.”
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This call makes reference to this information:
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