Jesse Ventura Schools Dopey & Insanthony on 9/11 - video

Jesse Ventura Schools Dopey & Insanthony on 9/11

Opie, Anthony, Hannity, O'Reilly

Deserve a boycott.

Scarborough too.

What filth.

jim norton = horrible comedian

that guy jim norton especially upsets me, why more truthers and wearechangers don't confront this dude on the street and give him a dose of facts is beyond me.,

he projects a weird brand of sociopathic social darwinistic patriotic comedy similar to that guy Colin Quinn the horrible puppet guy, god i dont even know these peoples names but there are a lot of them out there. Dennis Miller is probably the most quality of the bunch (can you believe that!!) !

Classy Guy.

Never heard of this norton guy but he certainly looked the fool next to Jesse Ventura. He was hysterical most of the time while Ventura maintained his composure. Very classy.

You can defuse irrational emotion...

By acknowledging how they must surely feel. No one wants to believe that such is possible, and indeed I suspect it's why I held onto a Chomsky view of the attack for as long as I didn't investigate it myself. Faith is an important part of humanity, regardless if you are religious or not. The people that organized this crime understood this.

So defeat it by offering sympathy to the official conspiracy theory supporter. Try to relate to them and ask them how they feel about it when giving facts isn't enough. The barrier is not logical, it is emotional.

The Gulf of Tonkin and

The Gulf of Tonkin and Iran/Contra anecdotes as examples of official deception and compartmentalization were extremely effective.

Interviewers underestimate this man's intelligence at their peril.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


But he needs to get a better handle on the basic facts and history of 9/11 if he is going to be truly effective, especially against tougher opposition.

3,000 not 4,000 people were murdered on 9/11/01, for example (in round figures, that is).

He should also not get frustrated with willful ignorance so easily and resort to obvious sarcasm so quickly.

FAA flight emergency protocols kick in after about 3 minutes max. Norman Mineta's testimony is stunning and throws instant light on possible stand down orders from Mr. Cheney.

Zelikow's role in the 9/11 Commission.

Put options.

WTC 7.

There is so much information and so many killer comebacks, there's never a reason to stop talking and raising the 1000's of questions that remain unanswered.

Keep your cool, Mr. Ventura, you've got truth and physics on your side (and millions of truthers).

Thanks for posting this.

Where is this radio show from?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


"But he needs to get a better handle on the basic facts and history of 9/11 if he is going to be truly effective, especially against tougher opposition.

3,000 not 4,000 people were murdered on 9/11/01, for example (in round figures, that is)."
What about the first responders?Many of them are sick and dying. They were murdered on 911.,It's just that they are not all dead .. yet!

On the issue of taking down towers in a conventional CD manner

1. "Terrorists" already tried that and failed in 1993. In 2001, security was surely expected to be tight in the basement areas to avoid a repeat of the exact same event, which would make it hard to explain later on how said event happened again without some kind of American/Al Qaeda collusion or just plain American involvement. Also, it was likely already known to inside jobers that to take down the towers completely, said towers would almost certainly have to be blown sky high and to bits.

2. Taking the twin towers down from the bottom up would have hinted at an inside job. No inside job would have been immediately apparent to most people if two planes at least appeared to cause the collapses of two buildings -- strike that: three buildings. In essence, the destruction of the twin towers had to have all the appearances of being external and/or an "outside job".

3. Two planes causing the collapses of the twin towers would be much more spectacular than the same old thing we got back in 1993. And, in 2001, it had to be already clear to those in the know that even something on the level of Oklahoma City was not great enough to bring about the kind of widespread, new, and repressive terror legislation needed to eventually attack the Middle East.

4. Killing large numbers of people, as opposed to destroying huge American iconic landmark structures (that were in some cases money-losing), was likely not the goal. Think of the renovated area of the Pentagon where Flight 77 allegedly struck as just one example of this.

I'll add more as I remember them.

Thanks for posting this!

The fact of the matter is

The fact of the matter is that they did blow the buildings up with bombs-

but if you were just to drive truck bombs into the buildings ( saying for a moment that a truck bomb in the carpark could make the buildings collapse)there would be a bang and the buildings would be a pile of rubble- no iconic imagery of the buildings burning and the planes hitting them, hell there may have been no actually video edivence of the buildings coming down.

But if you do it the way it was on 911- you smash 1 plane into one of the towers first and from that point the whole world is watching via the media and traumatized to the maximum by each event after- watching LIVE on T.V.

They learnt from the JFK assasination that if people see it with their own eyes the impact and effect is greater.

With the truck bombs theory it could have been all over and the towers being just a steaming pile of rubble, there would have any film of it to hypnotize people with over and over with again, no iconic images and theatrics to get the peoples blood boiling.

Truck bomb wouldn't do the job.

Besides all that, how does one truck bomb take out all the massive four inch thick core columns at once? Nobody seems to be able to understand the incredible amount of energy needed to weaken the structures enough to bring them down. These buildings were NOT constructed from popsickle sticks as some would have us believe. They were OVER engineered.

I've never seen so idiotic hosts

That's all I have to say.

good work

well done jesse, i myself get frustrated when trying to explain the facts of 9/11 to ppl. they are so brain washed from the media its nearly impossible to convince them - even using basic physics, like WTC falls at free fall speed due to a few fires!. as jesse gets the key facts right, and just nails the future hosts the truth movement has a chance! dont give up! maybe jesse can take dr steven jones with him on his next interview... or better yet alex jones!!

i find this so mind

i find this so mind blowingly frustrating that people like opie and anthony re basically bending over backwards to defend the US governmet. They are doing the PR and propaganda job for the US government they might as well be paid for it.

and i will paraphrase a quote

'the bigger the lie constructed is, the easier it is for people to believe'

i think this logic rings very true with 9/11, and this is precisely why Jim Nortons 'well why didnt they just make it easy and simple and knock down both towers with bombs in the basement' doesnt hold water. IF they did that Jim, than the shock and awe designed for the event wouldnt have had such a deeply profound psychological effect on people exactly like YOURSELF. The official story of 9/11 is so big, so complex and so multifacted that it bewilders people into willfull ignorance. They cant phathom why such a 'clunky' government could devise such a complicated plan, and this alone is their biggest roadblock in discovering the truth.

the richard clarke 'im sorry' esque incompentance theory imo was designed exactly for these types of people. Possibly early skeptics of the offical story (norton could have been one ofthem) who were quickly pacified by the bone thrown to them by admitting incompetance

alleged hijackers DID NOT come from Canada

I love Jesse. I think he may be the one to break the logjam and I would vote for him for Prime Minister of Canada. He and Daniel Sunjata would make an awesome team. He does get one thing wrong however, (as do many americans). None of the alleged hijackers/patsies came through Canada. They all had valid US visas granted by US officials at US ports of entry not on the border with Canada. I'm sure in the next false flag attack the patsies will be sent on a mission through Canada prior to the attack in order to get even more cooperation from us. We did have some crazies try to cross the border with a trunk full of explosives though.

By the way, we recently signed a deal with the US to allow US soldiers on Canadian soil to help deal with terrorist threats. We already had FBI offices and CIA agents here officially. Most Canadians don't know this because our media are much like the American media and censor the information. We have become even more of a satellite state than we were before, now that we have Bush's pal Steve Harper as Prime Minister.

Serious question: is that guy on the Opie show doing an impression of Abbott and Costello? If so he's very good.

Jessie is doing the cause

justice. I really hope he get's the ear of every Navy Seal in America..

On a low-brow note, Jim Norton represents the lowest form of human life.
It's almost criminal that "men" follow him & this show religously.

Being from NJ, you would be suprised how many East-Coasters listen to these

That's Funny.

On ABC they just stated that Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" has been seen by over 10 million viewers online. After Google Video said they stopped keeping track of this data I'm surprised ABC has access to this. I'd sure like to know how many views "Loose Change" or "Zeitgeist" got. Damn these corporations and anti-democratic bullshit laws.

this stuff made him a g-d Truth Tyrannosaurus!

Thanks a bunch for doing this Mr. Ventura. I love seeing real patriots (history) in action.

Oh and it is my humble opinion that the delivery of the line "I ain't got time to bleed" made Blain a far more compelling character than Schwarzenegger's Dutch in "Predator". Thanks for being a real life hero.

cell phone calls

Cyberfossil: Those brilliant hosts with their sarcastically hollow voices devoid of knowledge about the subject matter of which they speak were so busy ridiculing Jesse about why the perpetrators would have gone to the trouble of faking cell phone calls that they may have missed reading the news today. They may be interested to know today's headline where it was just declared cell phone calls are now possible in Europe ("Under the plan approved Monday, cell phone users could make and receive calls through an onboard base station."). But this isn't a big story here because we all know on 9/11 that passengers were doing it routinely at least for that one day in the good ol' USA. Of course, we all know those 9/11 calls were made only below 5,000' and that is why the calls got through. See, inter alia,

Jesse is the man of the

Jesse is the man of the month.


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