Join the 1st National Coalition 9/11 Truth Action TO BREAK THE MEDIA BLOCKADE !!

GW's comment: If you're sick of hearing about The Shell Game, I understand (although I think Steve Alten truly is dedicated and sincere). And if you don't believe in peak oil , I understand (I'm agnostic).

But let me give you one reason to participate: when it works, it will show that 9/11 activists can move mountains if we focus. And so FUTURE "week of truth" actions can focus on other projects which you find important.

The following was written by William Douglas.

Join the 1st National Coalition 9/11 Truth Action TO BREAK THE MEDIA BLOCKADE !!

WE NEED YOU TO ACT WITH US NOW TO SPREAD THE WORD !! Working together as a wide and diverse 9/11 truth community, we have the chance to finally break the media blockade on 9/11 truth issues and blast 9/11 truth into the corporate media. THIS IS URGENT!!

A historic action coalition involving all the diversity of the 9/11 mass movement has joind together to succeed: Richard Gage (, WeAreChange Seattle, Prof. Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, Peter Phillips (Project Censored), Dylan Avery / Korey Rowe (Loose Change), Daniel Sunjata (9/11 activist / star of Fox TV “Rescue Me”), radio host Jack Blood, actress/activist Lana Wood, Kyle Hence, David Ray Griffin; Janice Matthews (…and many more!

Recently, New York Times best selling author, Steve Alten, released an explosive edu-tainment thriller of historic proportion that extols the 9/11 research of David Ray Griffin and Mike Ruppert, revealing 911 truth INTO THE MINDS OF AMERICANS WHO WOULD NEVER LOOK AT HARD DOCUMENTARIES… BUT WHO LOVE ACTION THRILLERS.

Since its release, Alten has stunned national radio and corporate TV audiences charging that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB !! See his latest TV and national radio interview links at

Alten’s book has been requested by both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, as well as venues like Good Morning America . . . HOWEVER, producers rarely select novels – unless they FIRST appear on the TOP 10 OF THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER LIST.

Working on a unified front, the 9/11 truth movement have the power to drive a book THE SHELL GAME to the TOP 10 and finally have a mainstream voice that address millions of uninformed Americans. (see Alten’s interviews where he urges listeners/viewers to respect and explore the 9/11 truth movement’s work) As such, there is an organized national effort underway to create a MASS BUY-IN FOR TRUTH during the week of April 16 to 22nd.

Never before has such a 9/11 truth coalition formed, and never before have we had an opportunity to reach and affect the mass public thru corporate media channels with hard truths.

Learn all about this urgent campaign, and Alten’s media courage, and what you can do at:


- Spread this action plan out thru all your personal email lists as well asl your 9/11 truth contacts.

- Urge them to do the same.

- Telephone key movement people who can reach others to follow up your emails if you have their numbers.

- Post the “Week of Truth” BANNER LINKS ON THE TOP OF YOUR ACTIVIST SITE HOMEPAGES for the next two weeks with a link to

See WeAreChange Seattle’s example:

- Post this urgent action on all activist blogs you write for, OpEdNews, 911Blogger, etc. urging all to see why this is critical.

- On the Week of Truth (April 16 – 22nd) buy multiple copies of “The Shell Game” thru major book stores or amazon, because that is the counting week for the NY Times list. TOP 10 means a minimum of 15,000 sales in a given week. We have the numbers in this movement to drive this explosive book to the top 10, and to thrust this courageous 9/11 truth speaking author onto corporate media shows.

- If you have 9/11 truth friendly media contacts please book Steve Alten for interviews between April 16 – 22nd. If you have newsletters or your own media, interview him NOW about Week of Truth.

Why “The Shell Game?” There are other books. BECAUSE ALTEN IS A 3 TIMES NY TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR . . . by pushing this, we are already half way around the track, four steps up the ladder . . . a focused hard shove by activists nationally, can DO SOMETHING HISTORIC !!


This CAN WORK, activists all over the country are enflaming the internet with action alerts like this, and media interviews are already being arranged about Week of Truth action, and Alten’s explosive book. It does not take millions to get to the top 10, only thousands.

Tens of thousands are being emailed, highly trafficked sites are posting banner links.

Support This Please.

I used to be a Steve Alten critic until I saw the video Jon Gold produced.

I looked into Steve's eyes and the sincerity was evident.

We are probably going to need many Weeks of Truth with a variety of different authors - Fiction & Non Fiction alike and many other CREATIVE AND DYNAMIC Events before the ULTIMATE DAM BREAKS.

Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere.

Steve is going out of the limb, there does not seem to be any greed / commercial motive behind it so promoting his books and getting him media attention so he can help expose the 911 Lies will be a serious advantage to the Truth Movement as a whole.

I still believe there is no ONE BEST WAY, or one best person or spokesperson who going to do it.


Let's everybody do our small part.

Many hands make Light Work.

Steve, Good Luck with all your efforts and Consider Writing a NON-FICITON BOOK ON THE 1ST RESPONDERS, FAMILY MEMBERS ETC.

Other Books we can push in Future Events:

Book and Alex Jones Interview

Also see : Ventura’s 9/11 Questions Break Through Mainstream Media Dam (On FOX - Hannity & Colmes)


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Ask book stores to stock up.

I went to my local bookstore (Indigo/Chapters in Oshawa Ont.) and suggested they bring in at least a dozen copies of The Shell Game (there are 3 in stock and I wanted to be realistic) and display them prominently. The good news is the employees I talked to were enthusiastic about the idea when I told them that the promotion was an idea of the 9/11 Truth Movement designed to educate the masses. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to get such a positive response.
Next, let's do the same with Jesse Ventura's new book (As if he needs help:)