New Website

Hi all, I've started a website aimed at collecting together my own articles on September 11 and related subjects. I'm interested in the history of false-flag covert operations, the strategy of tension, etc. I'm trying to bring this material together in a way that is accessible for normal, educated people who have no idea about this crucially important subject. Here it is:

The 911 Agenda, September 11 and Our Political System

Comments and suggestions, especially from the internet savvy, would be appreciated. I'm currently working on a new section that will chronicle the history of the 911-Truth Movement. If anyone can contribute good photos of large 911 Truth gatherings, that would be great. I've picked some off the web already, but could use more.

Tim Howells

Anti-Semitic slant?

Just a quick glance at your website was not encouraging with several "Jewish" subject lines jumping out of the topic selections. Zionism is certainly an elephant in the 9/11 room, but not in the manner presented here. There is no need for a "poison pill" to taint the well of discussion.

Added link

I have added a link to your site from my blog:

Certainly any discussion of "the Jewish Lobby" leaves one open to charges of "antisemitism". It is quite easy to distinguish amongst: (1) powerful political players who favor the interests of the state of Israel over all other interests - except perhaps their own pockets; (2) the state of Israel; (3) the political movement called Zionism; and, (4) those who would identify themselves as Jewish. It is not "anti-semitic" to criticize Israeli and Zionist interests, although by so doing, one is left open to that charge. It is not possible to understand politics at all without understanding how this all works. Go ask Doctors Mershimer and Walt.

If I criticize the present U.S. government, certainly influenced by Christian Dominionists, am I therefore anti-Christian? Am I therefore anti-American?