Ventura’s 9/11 Questions Break Through Mainstream Media Dam (On FOX - Hannity & Colmes)

Ventura’s 9/11 Questions Break Through Mainstream Media Dam

Jesse ‘The Mind’ Defends Questions About Towers’ Telling Collapse on Hannity & Colmes and National Talk Radio Programs: "How can two planes bring down three buildings?"

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | April 8, 2008

Former Governor Jesse Ventura broke through enemy lines yesterday, exposing major inconsistencies with the official 9/11 story and holding his own against some of mainstream media’s most disingenuous hosts, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Opie & Anthony from XM Satellite radio.

Ventura’s notoriety as a fiercely independent upstart may have kept Hannity, for one, from playing his usual dirty tricks.

As former Governor, Ventura may be the highest level official in the United States to take 9/11 truth questions seriously, yet his enduring popularity and success as a celebrity, wrestler, Hollywood star, Navy SEAL and even Harvard professor make him more difficult to diffuse and ignore than celebrities who have previously come forward or Congressmen who have flirted with raising questions.

The Associated Press ran a story last week about Ventura’s 9/11 comments following an appearance on the Alex Jones Show that has now exploded into a frenzy of coverage as he makes the rounds to promote his book Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, a title that may prove to be more than just rhetoric.

On Hannity & Colmes, Ventura touts his knowledge of (mere elementary) physics and his experience with explosives in the Navy Seals– if only to establish that the questions about the collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7 are entirely credible and indeed deserve an explanation– rather than the usual ridicule.

Indeed, it may have been the first episode of Hannity & Colmes– or any Fox News program, for that matter– where 9/11 truth is treated with dignity and respect. Perhaps with Ventura in-studio towering over him, Hannity realized that his own persona was nothing more than playing a tough guy on TV.

You can see in the transcript how ‘The Body’ crippled the weak defenses of his challenger:

HANNITY: The one thing that I read in the book that I totally found– just alien to me is this idea that you believe in 9/11 conspiracies.

VENTURA: "Well, let me tell it to you this way: Why is it that when you ask any question about 9/11, you’re immediately attacked?"

HANNITY: "I’m not attacking you"

VENTURA: "You’re not. I’m speaking in general. I’m not saying you guys. But I’ve watched– people get attacked, people have their credibility attacked. My problem is, I look at it, and I go: how can two planes knock down three buildings?"

HANNITY: Pretty easy. It’s 757s– 747s.

VENTURA: But there were three buildings that went down.

HANNITY: There was a lot of fire and there was a lot of damage–

VENTURA: Well, first of all, jet fuel blew up at the start. Jet fuel is four-fifths– and I don’t want to stay on this, I’d rather talk other things– but jet fuel is four-fifths kerosene. It doesn’t burn hot. So, using the analogy that it could melt the metal, then propane burns hotter. So if you turn on your camp stove for three hours, shouldn’t it melt the grates? But it doesn’t, does it?– it doesn’t.

Hannity, unsure where to gouge at Ventura’s credibility, drew upon the perceived vulnerabilities of previous celebrities instead: "He’s going Rosie O’Donnell here– that’s Rosie O’Donnell."

Colmes’ brief attempt to trap Ventura into placing the blame on specific government officials resulted in an defiant explanation that the governor simply doesn’t know, but seeks to answer:

"I can’t place blame, but I have a hard time accepting the fact that never before in history has a steel structure fallen to the ground at the rate of gravity (and the core beams, how did they go down?)…I’m simply questioning that it doesn’t add up to me."

Ventura covered similar ground with Opie, Anthony and Jim, who have little to argue about, yet talk over the governor and try to confuse the issue. Listen to parts 1-3 here:

"I just have questions," Ventura blurted over their chatter amidst a detailed discussion about the many inconsistencies of the government’s official story with the truth, the laws of physics and etc.

Ventura brought up molten steel at the bottom of the wreckage and other relevant issues while the hosts tried to explain away the situation with vague descriptions of wreckage and debris.

The governor critiqued one host when he tried to argue that fires in the basement were spread from the top floors through the elevator shaft. “The only one problem was– the elevator shafts were sealed. They always are,” Ventura corrected.

When the host theorized that burning plane parts had been the source, Ventura chastised, “You’re getting like Hollywood– you never run out of bullets.” He pointed out that, in reality, most of the fuel burned in the initial explosion, diminishing its ability to bring down the skyscrapers.

Ventura also argued that the fact that NORAD failures and other intelligence breaches did not result in the firings of ‘inept’ officials because firings would lead to unwanted investigations.

By the end, he resigned in silence– pushing his mike away, according to Opie & Anthony– unable to reach his hosts who were ready to explain away the ‘ineptitude’ and ‘futility’ of the government’s details and yet incapable of facing the big lie staring them in the face.

Reports have also come in of Jesse Ventura stumping for 9/11 truth on a number of other combative radio shows, including Bo and Jim of KZPS in Dallas.

Richard Greene of Air America– a station that normally won’t touch 9/11 truth issues– played extended clips of Jesse Ventura’s comments from the Alex Jones Show.

May many more reports pour in…

Jesse, the supposed 911 hijackers did not come from Canada

as you seemed to imply in your interview with Hannity, although it is a widely believed myth held by many Americans. There was an instance where an alleged terrorist with a plan to detonate a bomb in the LA airport was caught trying to get into the US from Canada at Port Angeles, Washington. None of the 911 hijackers, however, entered the US from Canada.

Canada Fights Myth It Was 9/11 Conduit
Charge Often Repeated by U.S. Officials

By Doug Struck
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, April 9, 2005; Page A20

TORONTO -- True or false? Shortly before Sept. 11, 2001, several of the terrorists who would carry out the attacks that day slipped into the United States from Canada.

Canadian officials are vexed that 3 1/2 years later, they have not dispelled the groundless claim that Canada was a route for the Sept. 11 hijackers. Frank McKenna, the new ambassador to the United States, calls it an "urban myth" and has been trying to beat it down in television interviews and

"It took on a life of its own, like a viral infection," McKenna said in a telephone interview from Washington.

This lingering headache for Canada underlines the enduring life of inaccuracies in the media and the sensitivity of Canadians to suggestions that their country's long and lightly guarded border is a threat to the United States.

yeah, "blame Canada", geez

yeah, "blame Canada", geez Jessie!!

good exposure, BUT ... he also fell into Hannity's trap on open borders. He seems to give different answers on different shows, and incomplete answers like about pre-9/11 foreknowledge, planning warnings etc. He said "never have 3 buildings fallen at free fall speed ..." but leaves off 'due to fire'. He also failed to mention that there are architects and engineers, scientists have come out (when it was Hannity tried to claim there were none). He could have tossed out some names.

Good that he is talking about it, but he needs to sharpen up on his facts and be consistent.

Book and Alex Jones Interview

Wednesday April 2, 2008

Alex Jones speaks with Jesse Ventura who has written a book where he reveals the illegal role (his initial meeting with agents who would not identify themselves to him) of the CIA in states like Minnesota, sensitive and up-to-date information on the Blackwater security firm, the story of the American spies who shadowed him on a trade mission to Cuba, and what Fidel Castro told him about who really assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

Product Description

Jesse Ventura,former governor, wrestler, and Navy SEAL,on what's wrong with the Democrats, the Republicans, and politics in America.

Jesse Ventura has had many lives?as a Navy SEAL, as a star of pro wrestling, as an actor, and as the governor of Minnesota. His previous books, I Ain't Got Time to Bleed and Do I Stand Alone?, were both national bestsellers. Don't Start the Revolution Without Me! is the story of his controversial gubernatorial years and his life since deciding not to seek a second term as governor in 2002. Written with award-winning author Dick Russell at a secluded location on Mexico's Baja Peninsula, Ventura's new book reveals for the first time why he left politics?and why he is now considering reentering the arena with a possible independent run for the presidency in 2008.

In a fast-paced and often humorous narrative, Ventura pulls no punches in discussing our corrupt two-party system, the disastrous war in Iraq, and what he suspects really happened on September 11. He provides personal insights into the Clinton and Bush presidencies, and elaborates on the ways in which third parties are rendered impotent by the country's two dominant parties. He reveals the illegal role of the CIA in states like Minnesota, sensitive and up-to-date information on the Blackwater security firm, the story of the American spies who shadowed him on a trade mission to Cuba, and what Fidel Castro told him about who really assassinated President John F. Kennedy. This unique political memoir is a must-read for anyone concerned about the direction that America will take in 2008. 16 b/w photographs.

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The Hour

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The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Woo-hoo.... we go ladies & gentlemen! God bless you Mr. Ventura! The part about propane burnung hotter than jet fuel is a very powerful point to consider. Thanks again Mr. Ventura!


My Stove and Fireplace MELTS ALL THE TIME.

Or even weakens to the point of the surrounding concrete being blown pulverized into dust ALL THE TIME.

Guess the Congress Critters can still look themselves in the mirror.

Compare Ventura versus the "Honourable" Ron Paul.

Do we see a DIFFERENCE?

Pls see:

Why the Double Standards? Can't We Hold Our Congressional Representatives to Full Accountability?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Beware of double talking, false profits.

Good Comments from Prison Planet Forum

This is from : revolutionary_suicide (Prison Planet Forum Member) - Worth Reading.

"hahaha, amazing.. Sean Hannity spits forward the same anti-scientific explanations that FIRE caused THREE high rise steel buildings to collapse at free fall speed, when only two of them got hit by planes, two buildings that were constructed specifically to withstand aircraft collisions and 100 year storms (that theory gets more and more comedic to me everytime i go back and realize people still believe it). Fire has caused only THREE high rise steel buildings to collapse in the history of mankind, WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7. Then when Hannity starts getting beaten over the head with FACTS by the good man Jesse, he resorts to name calling, which is Fox's specialty when it comes to 911 Truth. then Hannity also has the gaul to say if those buildings collapsing at the rate of gravity was something to question than many engineers would have come out and spoken about, ignoring the fact that HUNDREDS HAVE! theyre just blackballed by the corporate owned fascist media. this is the main stream media's MO when it comes to 911 truth: only show the idiots, call them 'conspiracy theorists', or rosie o'donell clones. marginalize and obscure credibility. they wont dare show the countless scholars, physicists, engineer's, architects, demolition experts etc who could easily go on Fox and prove the official myth false if they werent constantly name called and distracted by irrelevant questions and constrained by time.

everyone would be much better off to stop turning their head about 911. it couldnt be more relevant to the current state of events in the world. the evidence is out there. people love to dub 911 researchers 'conspiracy theorists' when they dont realize that they are simply disproving, with evidence and scientific method, that the OFFICIAL conspiracy theory (and thats what it is, look up conspiracy theory in the dictionary) could possibly be true, not constructing any new conspiracy theories of their own. a better term would be conspiracy theory debunkers. the official myth has been proven time and time again to be false at nearly every point and turn. people can speculate day in and day out about 'what really happened' but what we do know is that what weve been told by the government and the mainstream media is a f**king joke. its past the point of debate, either youve seen all the possible relevant evidence regarding 911, or youve made a prejudgement about it without the evidence. and im not talking about Loose Change. go read some books. go ask some physicists, some architects, some engineers, some controlled demolition experts. Hell, even top level ex CIA section chiefs are calling out the 'official conspiracy theory', along with top level officials from Clintons administration, top level officials in Germany's government, an ex-President of Italy, their now showing 911 evidence presentations at the top levels of Japanese government. thinking people all over the world are calling for a new, INDEPENDENT, clean, transparent, true investigation of that event. not some government one, like the 911 commission, NIST, Popular Mechanics, and FEMA.

911 was total psychological warfare on the American people and the whole world. Watch us blow up three buildings, while only hitting two with planes (buildings that were specifically built to withstand not only plane crashes but 100 year storms) demolish these three buildings at free fall speed, and tell the world jet fuel did it. let us ignore the countless firemen, police officers, MSM reporters and eyewitness who claimed they heard multiple explosions going off, before and after the second plane hit. watch us tell the world that the Pentagon was hit by a 757, by some cave man who couldnt handle a Cessna, using a manuever most experts could not possibly pull off. we'll ignore the fact that the Pentagons defense system would have shot down any incoming aircraft LONG before it even got close if it wasnt friendly aircraft. let us continue to tell the world that a 757 hit the pentagon, while there is no footage of this occuring (its fine, well have the FBI take away all the relevant security camera footage under the guise of 'National Security') even the point of impact was 19 feet wide initially. thats cool though too, people dont know that 757's are wider than 20 feet. and it doesnt even matter that there was no 757 wreckage at the Pentagon, we'll just tell the good old boys that the plane disintegrated. even though the engines are made of titanium alloy. even though 99% of the passengers and victims at the Pentagon were positively identified. so titanium alloy disintegrates and human bodies do not? cool. watch us pull the wool over the worlds eyes while defying the laws of physics.

911 was so effective on so many levels. scared the shit out of everyone, turned most into flag-waving conformists, and muslim-hating 'good Americans'. also very effective in constructing the virtual police state we now find ourselves in, so brilliantly done that most people think its 'normal' or 'necessary', or even deny it or refuse to acknowedge it. Just like the common Germans in the 30's. its like that old frog in water thing, you put a frog in the water and SLOWLY start turning the temperature up.. slowly. before the frog realizes it, hes been boiled to death. exactly whats going on in our country now. the power that 'they' hold is due to the common man's refusal to see or admit. if everyone would start quesioning things, start informing one another, their game would be over. or of course we can all continue to play the same game, divide and conquer syndrome, apathy and ignorance, take our chips and go into slavery smiling and denying the whole merry way."

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

This is a very good first draft of....

.....the "elevator speech" we all would do well to develop when presenting the evidence to the uninitiated....

I would add that "the Twins exploded/disintegrated (trust your eyes; the word "collapse" does not apply) at the rate of 7 floors a second! How is that possible without controlled demolition? (It's not)."

As well as "Andrews Air Force Base's fighters were 10 miles from the Pentagon, yet 34 minutes (longer, actually) after the SECOND plane hit the Twin Towers, our nation's capitol was left unprotected."

Or, "why was the President allowed to linger so long in that classroom after everyone realized the nation was under attack"?

On and on. No doubt you all have your "favorites".

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

i don't want to twist what you are saying but

in my opinion he was affective precisely because he DIDN'T mention the president reading about pet goats, nor Andrews Airforce base, etc. In other words he didn't go "on and on." i think there is a temptation or compulsion to try to cram a whole lot of facts into a speech. He kept it simple - the speed of gravity, the camp stove, blown to dust, period!! unanswerable. OOPS, he forgot to mention the Bilderberg and New World Order.

the gas barbeque/range analogy

people see that . . why doesn't the range top sag when you heat it up with gas?

people get this . .

Palette of arguments

Saying that the buildings (all three of them) DISINTEGRATED AT THE SPEED OF 7 FLOORS PER SECOND is easier to understand than to say that they "fell at the speed of gravity".

How could anything "pancake" at the speed of seven floors per second?

I also think that saying Andrews was a mere 10 miles from the Pentagon (and that fighters from there were flying above the capitol only well after everything was over) would be strong.

It's handly to have a couple of strong arguments from different areas. Not all viewers are convinced by the same arguments.

He speaks their language!

I can't tell you how happy I am for Jessie V. A few of my friends, who think I'm just crazy, called me up after seeing/hearing this and the want to know more. This is what needs to happen, the same message from different voices and methods.

BONUS, Jessie brought up the fact that you should not AUTOMATICALLY be called a conspiracy theorist. This will help, becouse some people might not immediately switch off on the subject once it is mentioned.


Pls cover this on your radio show.

Good Job.

And get your friends woken up real fast.

Things are speeding up.

So we got to double time.

Your Website is EXCELLENT.

You should promote it more often. Perhaps add it as a signature to your comments etc.

I only saw it upon looking up your profile.

Really Good Visual and Comprehensive Website , I must say.

We need more of this. Once your friends WAKE UP, they probably will be HOT TO GET ACTIVE FOR 911 TRUTH.

More hands make lighter work.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Here's a guy who really knows how to look after himself on the FOX news channel. I have to say he was brilliant. It this a sign of progress that they weren't shouting him down and calling him a kook?

Its the strength of a Former Navy SEAL

There are many many more..................

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

He owned them

Wow, he owned those guys!


This is an opportunity.. Spread to your good contacts!!!

this is big

Jesse is the strongest spokesperson yet. Maybe a tipping point.

Jesse sounds like a

Jesse sounds like a Libertarian. That's good!

Jesse Ventura

While I was watching Hannity & Colmes last night I thought I heard Jesse Ventura say that he didn't want to spend too much time on the topic of the demolition of WTC 1,2 and 7. Really? As Bill O'Reilly once noted that if the claims of the 9/11 Truth Movement are true, it would be the story of the century. Anyone who believes/knows 9/11 to be an inside job should discuss the issue every chance they get, especially when millions of people are watching. Nevertheless, he did make some good points.

sly as a fox

he is

Ventura's credibility could not be impuned by ad hominem attacks

Hannity couldn't control the dialogue. "He's going Rosie O'donnell on me here" wasn't effective. Jesse presented a few of the most salient arguments/questions credibly and confidently. Colmes had such a condescending tone when asking Ventura about whether he believes our government is responsible. Jesse stayed on point and didn't take the bait. Great job Jesse!!! Let's keep the momentum.


What a classy guy.
Lets hope he emboldens the latent revolutionary in us all.

God Bless Jesse, but...

Great interview - he punked them and they choose to flee not fight; because they know if they get dragged into an empirical argument they would loose.

However and with all that said – JV missed three great opportunities

1. When Hannity said – why aren’t there any engineers out there saying it was a demolition….JV should have rammed AE 911 Truth down there throats; Sean, there’s a web site called …300+ architects and engineers who say the official version of events not only doesn’t add up, but is completely and utterly implausible and against every law of Newtonian physics….oh…and Sean….there are also a site hosted by professional pilots, both commercial and x-military and one hosted by x-military, CIA, FBI, government official etc. ….called and …respectively.

2. When Colmes raised the issue of Fascism…JV should have said…Alan…go to the US Congress…go stand before the Speaker’s Chair…and tell me what you see on either side of it, hanging off the wall….because if you do….you will see two Fasces…the symbols for and derivation of the root word Fascism, the very same symbols used by Hitler and Mussolini…hanging….both left and right….opposite the Speaker’s Chair…what is your answer for that Alan…or for the fact that the President’s grandfather had his bank, the Union bank, seized by the US government in 1942….and that incidentally…there was a Fascist plot to….overthrow the government, suspend the Constitution, get rid of the Congress, the Supreme Court, assassinate FDR…and rule via fiat…all the concoction of the wealthiest men in America and the Bush family were part of it…you can read all about it in…the McCormick-Dickstein hearing of 1934 and the memoirs of our most decorated Maine Corps general…one…Smedley Butler….sorry Alan…was that too much….FACT!!

3. When Hannity made his remark (top of clip) about how fair he was…JV should have stopped him right there and told him that he was nothing but a corporate shill who says only what his paymasters tell him and allow him to say…and to prove that…JV should have said…if this is not the case, then lets sit here and discuss the Bohemian Grove and The Cremation of Care Ceremony for ten minutes on national TV…and which point Hannity would have not elected to do so and the point would have been made and conceded.

Yes – it was a great spot, but The Body missed three “golden” opportunities to really kick some ass.

Overall – I give JV's performance 6 improbable collapses out of a possible 7.


There has been a lot of talk about coaching Steven Alten. Well, now that JV has broken the mainstream barrier, he should also be coached about the talking points (such as the engineers and architects questioning the official story) to still improve his performance.

This is GOOD Critical Analysis.

That is why a Forum such as this - 911 Blogger and contributions such as yours is so important.

Hopefully JV or his associates / contacts will see this and refine his positions.

We can do a LOT OF DAMAGE in just a 1 minute Soundbite.

Always Improving - 911 Blogger.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I have had an email exchange with Gov. Ventura's publisher,

offering to help him sharpen his Q&A responses. As of this posting, they have not accepted my offer of assistance.

I get the feeling that they've been overwhelmed by members of the 9/11 truth community (and perhaps some pretending to be, as well).

We should all keep in mind that Gov. Ventura is promoting his book and that 9/11 is not his primary issue. I think if we try to turn the governor into a "messenger of 9/11 truth" we will drive him away from talking about the issue of 9/11.

Gov. Ventura is very much his own man, he WILL do his own thing his own way. All we can really do is support him to the extent we choose to do, as individuals and as a group.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Ventura For President

Jesse Ventura has a commanding and persuasive manner about him and a strong enough intellect to carry the day on that debate. Excellent job, Jesse. We couldn't have asked for a better spokesman. And as for his book, the title alone is worth the price of it. "Don't start the revolution without me." Can't we all say that? The reluctant patriot finally drawn back into the zone.
I was gung-ho for Ron Paul for months, though discouraged by his views on 9/11. Jesse for President? Sure, why not? How do we get him access to the ballot in 50 states? How about the Constitution Party? I don't know if they've named their candidate yet, but I've talked to a regional organizer in that party and he had serious questions about 9/11 as well.

Ventura wins this match!

It was a rather amazing display. Ventura's strength of presence put Hannity and Colmes off-balance and unable to find the right opening?

The former governor proved hard to attack, providing simple and yet illustrative arguments. "How do two planes bring down three buildings?"

I agree much of his success seems due to keeping it simple and avoiding convoluted arguments which tend to only confuse matters .

Jesse "The Body" Ventura wasn't perfect but nearly so! He seems like a guy heavy on androgens and unlikely to argue with nimble and flexible responses--wrong. He proves brains and brawn can cohabitat in the same body!

I especially enjoyed that Hannity was left windless in his pitiful attempts to counter Ventura! This is bigger news than we may even realize, since this happened right on MSM and the government's propaganda arm, Faux News!

Hannity and Colmes..
...don't believe them!

Ventura truth hurts

OMG Ventura owns these dorks!

jesse the truth ventura

YES, that's the way to do it ! I think that went very well, when he says he doesn't want to spend too much time on 911, it was perfect bait and switch, cause then he does force it right down their throats, till they can't take it anymore and change the subject ! Then he still doesn't let them off the hook and shoves another fast ball right past them again. He just scores and scores more with outlining what's wrong with the country and it's politics. The average joe and jill had to relate to it all with just enough 911 truth to wet their appetite and open their minds the next time it comes around the dinner table. Let's remember the fox doesn't give you a lot of time and if the whole amount was spent on 911 then it's easier to paint you with the kookie brush. Nice match those faux guys got pinned fair and square!

Hard for a Fox to deal with

an Eagle.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it