Chertoff says: fingerprints not private, can be shared by governments

the makers of 9/11 and the War on Terror proudly present.... Big Brother!

U.S. security chief says fingerprints not private, can be shared by governments

April 9th, 2008
By The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - The American homeland security czar says Canadians shouldn't fear plans for international sharing of biometric information like fingerprints.

Michael Chertoff says fingerprints are like footprints - "They're not particularly private."

The prospect of governments swapping the fingerprints of law-abiding citizens worries privacy advocates.

But Chertoff says officials need to make sure terrorists or criminals can't evade security by exploiting differences in Canadian and American practices.

Chertoff was in Ottawa today for a meeting with Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day on border security issues.

As of June 2009, only a passport or other acceptably secure document will be accepted at the U.S. border.

Chertoff says he's confident the countries can put in place a system of secure driver's licences before the deadline.

I have tried to post the following dissenting comment to the article, but keep getting a message saying "We're having problems with our servers, please try again later". Yeah sure! I wonder what would happen if i praised it?

If you have a Yahoo account, you may want to try and post something too as with key words and phrases that people can research. I don't think they allow URLs (links).

My Message:

Screw you Big Brother and your biometric I.D.s to keep us "safe" from Emmanuel Goldstein! Is this 2008 or 1984?

This is all predicated upon the False Flag Operation / PsyOp known as 9/11 to bring in SPP / NAU to merge our countries. Figure out who the real terrorists are. This is globalization for corporate interests who care nothing about our national security or our rights and freedoms. You don't have to be a rocket scientist but even some of them agree. Google: "patriots question 9/11"