Week of Truth ~ flyer ~ April 16-22nd Campaign

Flyby News Alert -
March 10, 2008
Week of Truth ~ flyer ~ April 16-22nd Campaign Update

You can now download The Shell Game flyer, originally posted at http://visibility911.com/blog/?p=410
You can also download from http://9-11.meetup.com/270/files/

and at the official web site for Week of Truth - http://weekoftruth.org/

From the weekoftruth.org you can also download banners, and watch
video, audio, and flyers; and when you purchase (April 16-22nd) copies
of The Shell Game from this site, Steve Alten's sale commissions will be
donated to the Feal Good Foundation.

Visit and pass the word on this once in a lifetime opportunity that will expose
mainstream awareness to a grand deception, and a cautionary tale to avoid
an invasion on Iran, while exposing the depths of energy-government corruption.

In the next two weeks, besides email, call people to share news on this Week of
Truth grassroots campaign that could get 9/11 out into the mainstream public, and
help stop its unholy wars. Please make a commitment to buy two books that will be
counted in the week April 16-22nd. Let us pull the load together to make a difference.
Thanks if you can, but if too low-funded, please promote this campaign by posting a
flyer or spreading the word regarding: www.weekoftruth.org

The following is updated at

New York Times Best-Selling Author's 9/11 Truth Novel
Week of Truth Buy-In - April 16-22nd

The Shell Game review by Jehan Abdur-Raheem
Also see following reviews by Jonathan Mark and Kevin Barrett:
"Retaking the moment, The Shell Game potential"
and "Why Steve Alten is Winning the Shell Game Debate"

For video-audio of the author talking about this campaign;
and for flyers, banners, and buying The Shell Game, while
benefiting Feal Good Foundation, please spread the word:

WeekOfTruth.org - April 16-22nd