9-11 Truth Movement CONVERGENCE MARCH in San Diego (Next one May 10th)

This was an amazing march in San Diego. We were honored to have Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange.org and Cosmos from TruthAction.org to help lead the march. If you have never been to a large 9-11 Truth march, then you have no idea what you are missing.

The 9-11 Truth Movement is growing in numbers and it's growing in solidarity. Come join the first ever WEST COAST CONVERGENCE in San Francisco. We meet in Panhandle Park then march down Haight Street to Golden Gate Park! This will be a phenomenal experience. Meet folks from all over the West coast, from Vancouver down to San Diego and all the fantastic people in between.

Expect a visibility experience like never before with an empowering convergence in solidarity!

Do your best to make arrangements to arrive on Saturday, May 10th and join an evening vigil.

Please make plans now.

Your voice and actions will determine our fate as a free Nation..... The World needs all of us to stand together and take action now...


Footage shot by Katy Kurtzman, Tom Frantz, and Bruno Bruhwiler. Editing by Bruno Bruhwiler


wish I was there


Take back the Country.


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

You are so many! Is there not some of you free tocome toFrance?

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

looking at your video I am asking myself why was I alone today like a clown warning the French about the +1000 French troops in Afghanistan by George Bush's puppy Nikolas Sarkoz when you in America are so many ! How have you done it ? Today the 11/04/2008 is my second 11th of the month "ONZE BOUGE" in front of my inter-company restaurant which we share with the famous communist newspaper "HUMANITE".
.......... http://www.humanite.fr/
I did not ask someone to take a photo of my action "Onze Bouge" because it was the same place as my distribution of tract the 11th of January 2008
......... http://www.911blogger.com/node/13259#comment-174211
and I did not feel right to have another photo of only myself alone. Where are the other 911 French truthers ? How can we wake them up ?

Nearly everyone laughed at the "Sandwich man" from America ( prefare Scotland) with his sign saying 68% of the French say NON to the extra troops in Afghanistan but every single person pointed out to me that they were part of the 68% and many encouraged me to continue. My wife will be pleased to hear that ! On the 6 th of April with the same sign I had the same encouragement on the market at Herblay
........ http://911blogger.com/node/14762#comment-182013
( I thought to myself if only my work colleagues joined up with the 911 truth movement we would be so much more efficient !) I am so hoping to have the hundreds of people like you in San Diego moving towards the truth and PEACE. Lots of people told me the tract that I copied from
......... http://www.reopen911.info/11-septembre/afghanistan-lettre-ouverte-aux-de...
was excellent. ( if someone on 911blogger wants a translation I will do my best but you must let me know at mouv4x8@club-internet.fr) Next week I hope to have some feed back from my fellow workers and I am hoping to find some others to join up with me so that we will be at least two at the famous football town of Saint-Denis 93200 spreading the 911 truth.



Just think of yourself as a

Just think of yourself as a voice crying in the wilderness: "Prepare ye the way of the truth!"


And the ax is at the root of every tree.....

Let's bear fruit.

This is for posterity.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Thanks for the

Thanks for the feedback.

Hey, do you personally know Mr. David Dees, the illustrator whose work you posted? If so, perhaps you can have a word with him about something. I notice that he is eager to bandy about the Jewish symbol, the Star of David, as a symbol of evil. Why do you suppose there is a double standard in the work that he has posted? Don't Bush and the neocons use Christianity to promote their agenda? To that extent, shouldn't he give equal time to the Christian cross as a symbol of deceit and conspiracy? Given the accusations that our movement has suffered as to its alleged anti-Semitism, I would think that a person of good will would have some sensitivity about this. Unless, of course, Mr. Dees is in fact an anti-Semite and means to implicate all Jews. Given the fact that he appears to be a Holocaust denier, my guess is that he's anti-Semitic.

Further, his nasty homophobic and anti-cannabis drawing of Obama is hateful, divisive and mean-spirited. I do not support Obama, but it has nothing to do with his sexual tastes or whether or not he uses cannabis.

I know that you are not responsible for those drawings, and you chose ones that are not divisive to our movement, but when you provide a link to this kind of material, it does reflect on 9/11 Blogger as a whole.

Thanks for reading my rant.

You raise good points

Actually, I don't agree with all of Dees illustrations or points.

However, there are some that I do agree with and hence I posted what I felt was relevant.

It is difficult sometimes, we cannot be expected to endorse everything everyone says just because we link to them.

For eg. I don't agree with Alex Jones, Prison Planet AT ALL about Ron Paul due to his stand on Impeachment and 911 Truth and yet I do link to articles which I think are useful on occassion.

People's view are complex, the web is dynamic and viewpoints change sometimes too fast for one to catch up.

It is up to us individually to exercise our God-given (Or Evolved, if one does not believe in Intelligent Design) Intellectual and Moral Faculties to Discern the Truth for ourselves.

Is David Dees a Holocause denier?


Do I know him personally?

No. Can't speak for him.

Does that mean I am a Holocaust denier?


But I do believe in a person's right of free speech and if people choose to raise questions about the Holocaust and ask for evidence and point out historical discrepancies in the account should they be jailed?

Is Israel beyond criticism?

Is this Anti-Semitism?

".....What is it with the Israelis? Why do they have a predilection for murderous tyrants? What seems, at first, like a pattern of sheer moral perversity may be broken down, in specific cases, into discrete economic, strategic, and diplomatic objectives. Yet one has to be astonished – and more than a little horrified – at the complete amorality that guides the Israeli government's actions around the world......"
- Justin Raimondo

Israel Loves Mugabe Why is that?


Pls see: The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11.


SEE Israeli agents 'helped Entebbe hijackers'


Pls see Israel and 9/11 - Index of What Really Happened


Two Israelis arrested with bombs in the Mexican Congress





The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Thanks for your reply. I

Thanks for your reply. I believe in free speech. I also believe in responsible speech. An existentialist psychologist once said that the Statue of Liberty in NY Harbor should be balanced with a Statue of Responsibility in San Francisco Bay. Not a bad idea, IMO.

Please understand that the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews (and other minorities) is an extremely emotional issue. I have relatives who were in Auschwitz. I've seen the tattoos and heard the stories of mass murder directly from survivors. The denial of ANY historical genocide is repugnant to me. I don't understand what motivates people to go there.

I hate to go into the obligatory "One should not be accused of being an anti-Semite for criticizing Israel" speech, but there you go. I have almost as much contempt for the right-wing Likud as I do for the right-wing Christian Zionist dispensationalists in the U. S. I suspect if I was a Palestinian, my contempt for Israel would reign supreme. However, it's quite obvious that there are people who are hell-bent on conflating all things nefarious with all things Jewish. It's one thing to criticize the racist, supremacist ideology that is right-wing Zionism. It's another to castigate all Jewish people. Further, if the ONLY supremacist ideology that is attacked is the Jewish version, then there is a suspicious lack of balance. Christian Euro-American supremacism is another version, and frankly, I believe that people who identify as Christians should do a better job of removing the log from their own eyes. (for the record, I don't identify myself as either Jewish or Christian)

You quote Justin Raimondo. I often read his opinion pieces. His position on 9/11 is as bad as Alexander Cockburn's. Further, I think his analysis of the Middle East truly does border on the anti-Semitic. I have never read anything of his that was outright Jew-hating, but in his case, as with other critics of Israel, it's a lack of balance that I have problems with. He seems to believe that U. S. foreign policy in the Middle East is directed from Jerusalem. While I have no doubt that there is very close collaboration between the various right-wing players in the U. S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc., I do not believe that the U. S. ruling class is being led by the nose into these wars. He consistently underplays the profit motive for these wars, as well as the geo-political "strategery" involved, in particular the control of energy resources. Instead, he wants to reduce the entire mess into a cartoon of Uncle Sam being Israel's bulldog. Certainly this is a part of the picture. It's by no means the end of the story.

As far as linking to questionable material, I deal with it very simply. I just include a simple disclaimer. Example: "Just for the record, I don't embrace all of the ideas at the "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" site. For example, I see absolutely no evidence that space-based weapons brought down the towers." That's just the way I do it and I understand that not everybody is going to do it that way.

thank you bruno

thank you so much for putting this together bruno. i really appreciate it! it's awesome!

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

Keep up the fantastic work!

The activism of the 9/11 Truth community in San Diego and in the surrounding areas are an inspiration to all of us out here. What a great turnout! Thank you!


"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Man that rally kicks ass!

We've really got something to talk about there, I heard it was good but I didn't imagine that many determined people!

Regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

I feel the same way....

Those were great little interviews in the clip! I couldn't agree more, "it's the beginning of fascism," "international bankers and criminals who are out for themselves and don't care about people," "we have to protect ourselves from our government".

The participants in the San Diego rally realize that the time to stand up for what they believe in, is now! I hope we can do something about our government?

...don't believe them!