Ahmad Chalabi an informational useful idiot of Douglas Feith

Last night, Jon Steward, used his celebrity and show to uncover how people in the Pentagon such as Doug Feith, use information patsies like Ahmad Chalabi over our own intelligence agencies to go to war. This weaving is one twisted carpet, however, very useful in exposing how the Americans are being lied to by this un-American administration. The manner in which Jon unravels this story is funny and very effective.

Aram Roston tells Jon about Ahmad Chalabi, who gave false information leading the US into Iraq, in his new book, "The Man who Pushed America to War"

Douglas Feith's interview with Kroft ...


I was wondering why Feith came out of the woodwork for this interview with Kroft, Feith knew this new book was coming out "The Man who Pushed America to War". And most likely it was a "preemptive defense".

Feith probably did the interview

to plug his new book.


Sorry I find more crediblity in Prof Stephen Walt And John Mearsheimer,

Sim and GIR you're both right ...

In no way was I implying that Chalabi was the man who made the US attack and invade Iraq as Aram Roston's book indicated. It was a machination to hire and blame Chalabi by the Israeli and American neocons at the Pentagon and White House to be the phoenix fall guy like the so-called 19 highjackers.

That's the twisted carpet. Thanks for posting the video GIR, I will add this to my collection along with the book by Prof Stephen Walt And John Mearsheimer, "The Israel Lobby" (fantastic book btw).