China : "Al Qaeda" and Dalai bin Lama planning Olympic suicide-attacks

If this doesn't make people question the Al-Qaeda myth I don't know what will :

The Wen Wei Po, a Hong Kong newspaper backed by the China mainland, said Uighur extremists were colluding with the exiled Tibetan Youth Congress and even al Qaeda to target the Beijing Games.
"Al Qaeda, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and Tibetan Youth Congress are all planning to make the Beijing Olympic Games the target of terror attacks, and have strengthened collusion and collaboration," said the paper in a commentary.

Damn, I'm afraid now. Dalai bin Lama and his hordes of Buddhist are coming to get us with their illegal
suicide-weapons of mass-Buddhism ..


And AL-KIDDING ME is Laughing its head off.

O those Nirvana Terrorists.

INVADE! West China.

Ship the Dalai Bin Lama to Camp camp Guantanamo.

None of the ball headed, bare foot, unarmed safron robed VEGETARIAN TERRORISTS allowed on planes.

We have to expand to War on Terror.

And somebody Broadcast that Joint Osama and Dalai Lama video we have been cooking before August 8.

End of Sarcasm.

Soon Gautama Buddha will be labelled a terrorist.

There is a GOD up there somewhere.

Watching all of this.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it