CommonDreams Hit Piece: The Truth About the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’

CommonDreams Hit Piece: The Truth About the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’

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There are some very stupid and cowardly people
out there. Unfortunately, way too many of them.

I think we should let David Rovics know what we think about
his ignorant piece of trash.

Mr. Rovics

appears to be an intelligent person who chooses to remain ignorant of the facts.

The questions is...why?

The most charitable answer is that he is in deep denial.

I'll let others speculate about the additional possibilities.

I, for one, don't think we should spend too much time bothering with Mr. Rovics.

Let's be positive and continue reaching out to the general public on the street, that's where we will make the most difference, that's where real change will begin.

From many of the posts in the last few days one can see a noticeable increase in the level of desperation by those working to suppress the truth, a sure sign of our success.

Keep up the great work, brothers and sisters!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Lots of pro-truth comments there!

Let's go and add some more...

It seems that my comment was REMOVED...

First they published it, then removed it - I couldn't find it any longer. Here is what I posted:

Mr Rovics,

I am one of the many "earnest, decent" Finns who, after familiarizing themselves with 9/11, just cannot believe the official (conspiracy) theory. And there are a lot of very *real* experts from different fields (academia, government, military, architecture and engineering, piloting, etc) who provide very good reasons why what we have been told cannot be true. See

"Patriots Question 9/11"

"Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth"

Just a few examples of the glaring problems for which there has been no satisfactory answer:

The Andrews Air Force Base was just 10 miles from the Pentagon. The Pentagon was hit a whopping 35 minutes after the SECOND tower was hit. According to the Commission, fighters from Andrews were over the capital and the Pentagon by 10:45, when the last plane crashed at 10:03. Why only then?

If there is nothing to hide about the anti-hijacking drill that was going on at the same time with the "real" hijackings, why have the government and the media tried to bury the topic? "Is this real-world or exercise?" Quite a coincidence!

Why was the debris from the third skyscraper, WTC 7, destroyed? The building had been evacuated, so its debris could have been investigated thoroughly from the beginning and the collapse mechanism determined. Yet there was no on-site investigation of any kind, and only some pieces from the salvage yards were investigated (which, incidentally, revealed signs of "intergranular melting" and evaporation, clearly beyond what fires can accomplish).

Now NIST is still trying to come up with a report explaining its sudden, symmetrical, 7-second plunge into its foundations, trying to blame the collapse on the failing of a central column -- as if the weight hadn't transferred to the other 80 columns, had a 20-minute fire magically managed to cause even one column to fail. Why 20 minutes? Because NIST, in its conference call last December, admitted that the fires (moving about while burning material) lasted in any given place a maximum of 20 minutes -- a normal duration in any building fire.

The official investigations into 9/11 are not credible in any respect. The only people who have produced hard evidence and new information are those whom the author likes to label "conspiracy theorists". That is the sad reality.