Slanderous Liar Pat Curley of Screw Loose Change Interviewed by Rob Breakenridge April 11, 2008

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(sarcasm on) Our good buddy, Rob Breakenridge (sarcasm off) interviewed a total slanderous liar named Pat Curley of the blog called Screw Loose Change last night on his very low rated evening radio show.  At the beginning of the show Pat Curley spews outright slanderous lies against talk show host Alex Jones.  Then he gets into his lies about 9/11.  Then Rob Breakenridge took calls.  I had a heated exchange and did the best I could to battle their lies.  It was hard while I was being talked over the whole time.  Then Nathan Moulton called in and he in turn was walked all over as well and could barely get a word in.  Then of all people, Troy from West Virginia calls in to slander 9/11 Truth as he always does.  A couple more sheep called in but of course they couldn't debate the facts of 9/11, they just attacked 9/11 Truth which is always the case.  I've uploaded the interview in 5 parts to YouTube.   

"I don't think that anybody really had any idea that this...

Kind of thing was coming." [...] "But ya know, I mean, the specifics or anything like that, there was no idea that this was coming."

And here is Pat's brilliant attempt at debunking what Patty had to say... Absolutely breathtaking at how competent Pat is at debunking information. I literally have to stand back in awe of his abilities. Name calling, and misrepresenting what was said... absolutely brilliant.

Not that it has, but he said our argument has evolved into "the Government should have been able to stop it but they didn't" as if that's something "crazy" to think.

So Pat, you're saying you disagree with Thomas Kean? The person in charge (not) of the investigation that you think wasn't a whitewash?

I stopped listening to it after that. He makes me nauseas.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

The truth movement can learn a lot from these audio

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

thanks for putting up the audio which I think will be very useful to the 911 truth movement. We need to analyse what has been said here so that we can all give clearer replies on these type of radio programs and learn from our mistakes and their mistakes. I will have to re-listen to the audio but can give already several comments

1) with a name like screwLooseChange we know what respect the 911 truthers will get from them

2) first time I have heard that Architect Richard Gage has changed his mind on the WTC7 black squibs and accepts that these squibs were just the air inside the towers being pushed out by the pancaking floors. Is it true that windows are taken out before a controlled demolition so that the glass is not projected outwards ?

3) However the windows blown out in the buildings surrounding the WTC where shuttered by a shock wave which is not generated by a gravity fall but is by explosives.

4) First time I have heard that there are witnesses to the columns bending ( in or out ?) However we can ask how did the massive H beams acquire enough kinetic energy to plunge them into surrounding buildings.

5) The steal H beams and structure collapsed very quickly ~ 1 second and this in controlled demolition is done by cutting charges like thermite and thermate. Not explosives. Will agree that in a usual controlled demolition explosives will not be placed to project out material. But the 911 crime was meant to be a shock and awe treatment so that hundreds of young Americans sign up to fight the terrorists and invade Afghanistan and Irak. Explosives could explain the projection observed. Anyway a gravity collapse can not explain these heavy beams flying out.

6) The east penthouse did fall many seconds before the rest as I having being trying to bring to attention on for some time now
However it is quite correct to take the time the wtc7 fell as ~6.5 seconds because this is the time for the west penthouse to fall from it's initial position to the ground. The fact that the east penthouse fell before ( ~18 seconds ) does not change at all the time for the other penthouse.

7) We will have to investigate further on the molten steel / molten Aluminum. However gravity fall does not explain the meteorite.

On looking for a link to a photo of the meteorite, I fell on this page which is going against what I have said above.

Will have to study this page completely tomorrow.

Yours John

No pancaking

"first time I have heard that Architect Richard Gage has changed his mind on the WTC7 black squibs and accepts that these squibs were just the air inside the towers being pushed out by the pancaking floors"

Being somewhat connected with changes in the "squib" argument - to my knowledge Richard does not say that they were "air pushed out by the pancaking floors". Anyone can clearly see that the floors were not pancaking. The upper part fell as a monolithic whole.

Here is my short analysis of the "squibs":