"The Black Hat" (but no Cordel Walker)

The New York Times review (2/4/08) of Philip Shenon's book, The Commission, referred to Philip Zelikow as the Black Hat of the story. This book contains a wealth of detail on behind-the-scenes relationships and processes within the 9/11 Commission. In my opinion, the writing will be best savored, evaluated, and utilized within the 9/11 truth community. To underestimate it or refuse to read it because of some basic faults would deprive one so deciding a generous experience in their search for truth. The NYT book review magazine carried a large ad for the book (2/10/08) with a red background that the paper's influential readers couldn't miss, proclaiming in bold print, "The Shocking Omissions and Distortions of the 9/11 Report." Descriptive statements followed, beginning with "The secret relationship between Karl Rove and the executive director of the Commission." A second ad of the same size appeared on 2/25/08, and again it would be difficult for NYT readers to miss the headline, in all caps, "THE BOOK THAT OFFICIAL WASHINGTON DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ." I think this volume will bring far more good energy than harm to the goal of helping educate the public to the need of a truly independent 9/11 investigative body that can exercise subpoena power. The great books of this movement -- by Dr. Griffin and others -- take priority for reading and promotion, but Shenon's extensive research makes a substantial contribution. Let it be used intelligently.

It was quite good

I was pleasantly surprised when I read it. Shenon got most of the stuff about Zelikow. Obviously, there are things that he missed, but he did what he chose to do quite well.

While Mr. Shenon's clearly exposes Philip Zelikow's

obvious and profound conflicts of interest, he also carefully crafts his story to make Dr. Rice and Mr. Tenet take the fall for the mistakes which led to the "terrorist attacks".

Make no mistake that this book is well written and seductive propaganda pushing an "incompetence" framed limited hangout.

I recommend that everyone read this book and take note of what is NOT covered (a la Peter Dale Scott).

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

New NYT review

Shenon's book is reviewed in today's New York Times book review magazine (Sunday, April 13th. "...valuably, he details the incessant maneuvering that took place among the commissioners, the Bush White House, former Clinton administration officials and Congress to influence the final report," writes the reviewer, Jacob Heilbrunn.
This maneuvering really constitutes a story in itself well worth knowing, aside from the end product, the report. You can read this and several other reviews, foreign and domestic, by googling "Philip Shenon" under Google News. I regard this publicity as more helpful than hurtful to our movement.