Dick Cheney: Key Player in a COG America?

Shortly after President Bush boarded Air Force One on 9/11, he spoke with Vice President Dick Cheney for approximately ten minutes (pp.335-6). According to the 9/11 Commission, Cheney called Bush from the underground tunnel leading to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) below the White House. (pp. 39-40). Cheney later recalls making “one phone call [to the president] from the tunnel. And basically I called to let him know that we [at the White House] were a target and I strongly urged him not to return to Washington right away, that he delay his return until we could find out what the hell was going on.” Cheney later recalls, “What I was immediately thinking about was sort of continuity of government” (pp. 335-336).

We know that Continuity of Government Plans were in fact implemented on 9/11, purportedly between 9:45 a.m. and 9:56 a.m. East Coast time. Indeed, we know, courtesy of the Washington Post, that it was Cheney who initiated the COG plan:

“From the bunker, Cheney officially implemented the emergency continuity of government orders ….”

According to many sources, it was Cheney – and not Bush – who authorized the shootdown of planes on 9/11. See, for example, this Washington Post story. Perhaps the reason that Cheney, and not Bush, authorized the shootdown was that Cheney became the head of the “shadow” government instituted on 9/11 under Continuity of Government measures. In other words, he became the real Commander-in-Chief of the COG government.

As a former senior Los Angeles Times reporter notes, COG plans may also help explain why Cheney urged Bush to stay away from Washington:

“The [continuity of government] program is of particular interest today because it helps to explain the thinking and behavior of the second Bush Administration in the hours, days, and months after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Vice President Cheney urged President Bush to stay out of Washington for the rest of that day; Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld ordered his deputy Paul Wolfowitz to get out of town; Cheney himself began to move from Washington to a series of "undisclosed locations"; and other federal officials were later sent to work outside the capital, to ensure the continuity of government in case of further attacks. All these actions had their roots in the Reagan Administration's clandestine planning exercises."

In other words, Bush’s “joy ride” on 9/11 across the country may have been at Cheney’s order.

Cheney’s Claim that He’s Not Part of the Executive Branch

Cheney’s recent claim that his office is not part of the Executive branch of government may be one more piece of circumstantial evidence that COG plans are still be in effect, with Cheney a leader in the extra-constitutional government.

Specifically, last summer, Cheney’s office stated that “the Vice President's office is not an 'entity within the executive branch”.

As summarized in Time Magazine:

“Vice President Dick Cheney has been resisting even his own Executive Branch's efforts to find out what kind of secret material his office has been stashing away over the last four years.

Cheney's office, according to a story first reported by the Chicago Tribune, has resisted attempts by a tiny federal agency to compile information — in accordance with an executive order signed by George Bush himself — on the classified documents being held by the Vice President's operation. Cheney's office argued that the Vice President's office, because it has both executive and legislative branch duties, is exempt from the order.”

It is, of course, possible that Cheney’s response to the request for documents is simply based upon a desire to avoid handing over documents.

However, given that Cheney has been instrumental in creating and practicing Continuity of Government plans for 20 years, and the increasingly strong circumstantial evidence that Continuity of Government plans are currently in effect, Cheney’s statement that he is not within the Executive branch, and that he is also part of the legislative, may be based on his being a leader in a COG government. In other words, if the traditional constitutional form of government were suspended, a COG government in place, and Cheney a key player in that government, it would be accurate and even straightforward that Cheney was not – as of last summer – just a member of the Executive branch.

Indeed, the traditional “executive branch” might not even still exist. As just one example, Bush might not even have a key role in such a COG government, except perhaps actor-in-chief.

And COG leaders, such as perhaps Cheney, would have key roles not only in the executive, but also the legislative branch, to the extent those “branches” (separation of powers is apparently not part of the COG plans) even exist. See this.

Is Cheney the Type Who Would Want to Run the COG Government?

I have previously pointed out that Cheney has been instrumental in creating and practicing Continuity of Government measures for the last 20 years or so.

And it is clear to anyone who has studied Cheney’s background that, as a well-known writer said, "For his entire career, he sought untrammeled power. The Bush presidency and 9/11 finally gave it to him . . ."

So yes…I think it is clear that Cheney would have jumped at the chance to be head of the COG government.

GeorgeWashington, we're on

GeorgeWashington, we're on the same track.

This is what I posted when I posed the question on APFN after the story of the E4B:


Since when does the Secretary of State have the authority to sign a document like the Inter-American Democratic Charter which is akin to the European Union Constitution? The American people would never agree to surrender sovereignty to the OAS or whatever other governing structure they designate as the government of the North American Union. A coup d'etat was the only way to complete the deal. The problem for Congress is that they've been co-conspirators and/or patsies in the NAU agenda all along.

Another bit of evidence that our government is not operating normally is that George Bush signed a trade agreement with India- technology trade agreement. I don't recall congress ever debating it or voting on it. It was signed on 11-9-2001 with 'fighting terrorism' as the reason.


There is another reason for Dick Cheney to be behind it. His wife Lynne was on the Board of Directors for Lockheed. Lockheed is one of the principal companies involved in installing gps tracking and surveillance on our highways for "security" - (and the global supply chain management system). Lockheed's partner in that venture is Hutchinson Port Holdings (aka Hutchinson Whampoa aka COMMUNIST Chinese Military).


The way our economy is being set up, the company that controls the supply chain - controls the country by definition.

Excellent assessment EWO.

Excellent assessment EWO.

It's very convincing

What would happen if a new government were elected? Would Cheney hand over the COG keys? Or would he quietly end his term as emperor?

Transitional disclosure mums the word ...

This is a good question sim, and one which I often have ask. If and when O or C comes to office, effectively what will they retain or dissolve regarding executive orders and COG that the bush regime has created?

Considering the CFR dominance of all three current candidates, I doubt anything will change, and if COG orders is dismissed I doubt if we will ever be informed.


Nobody who is power mad ever gives up power willingly.

My observation is that it seems that the real power in government is not in the appointees who are the face of government, rather, they are the Deputy Secretaries that don't require confirmation by the Congress. Those people carry over administration after administration. The appointees are expendable. And this strategy allows them to claim ignorance when they testify to Congress. People below the confirmation level almost never testify to Congress.

As long as the U.S. Department of Justice and the Homescam Security Department are controlled by the coup forces, the unconstitutional COG can continue - because they won't allow anything to change. Without the support and loyalty of the body of the organization, the appointees from a new administration are powerless to do anything no matter who gets elected.

COG is a mystery....

...and thank you GW for this blog entry. Keep it coming. It's so enlightening. I believe, you've revealed much in simply pointing out incongruities in Executive branch behavior.

It's a mystery Cheney's statement about not being part of the executive and a very interesting inference, indeed!

Please keep it coming.

...don't believe them!

Meat and potatoes

Thank you George and all above posters. This is all at the heart of the beast and such a consise and compelling synopsis and discussion regarding these matters is a joy to behold. Please keep up the great input.

With you in our quest for Truth, Accountability and Change,

Stewart Howe

Richard Clarke was another key COG player

Great posting GW.

I tell you another key person involved with the Continuity of Government program: Richard Clarke. According to his own account, it was Clarke who activated the COG plan on the morning of 9/11. See:
(Between 9:45 a.m. and 9:56 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Clarke Initiates Continuity of Government Plan

Since around 1984, Clarke participated in the ultra-secret Continuity of Government exercises, along with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. See:
(1984-2004): Richard Clarke Participates in Secret Continuity of Government Exercises

He apparently was involved in the exercises during the 1990s, when they practiced for dealing with the threat of terrorism, rather than the Soviet Union, as was the case in the earlier exercises. See:
1992-2000: Secret Continuity of Government Exercises Prepare for Terrorist Threat

I find this particularly curious since, according to author Andrew Cockburn, at that time the participants in the COG exercises were "almost exclusively ... Republican hawks. "

We all know about Clarke's later criticism of George W. Bush. But, interestingly, many who know him regard Richard Clarke to be a particularly hawkish conservative. See the description of him in this 9/11 Timeline entry:
May 22, 1998: Clinton Creates Counterterrorism ‘Tsar’ Post; Selects Richard Clarke

And check out the following article from the Boston Globe:
Conservative side showed in Hub days


Yes, much like Hitler usurping all sorts of powers after the

so-called Reichstag Fire.

...On the night of February 27th, [1933] Berlin was rocked by a fire that blazed through the Reichstag Building, the German House of Parliament. The building was absolutely gutted. Called out to watch the massive bonfire, Adolf Hiltler exclaimed, “This is a God-given signal.” He was, in fact, delighted with what he saw. The very next day, Hitler met with President von Hindenburg, and pressured him into giving him dictatorial powers. This was a vital step for the Nazis. Now Hitler no longer relied upon the votes of the deputies in the Reichstag, where the Nazis did not enjoy a majority.

The following day, Chancellor Hitler took the radical steps of denying all legal guarantees of personal liberty, freedom of speech and the right of assembly by official decree. This step sent a shiver up many Berlin spines, as the people saw the destroyed Reichstag building as a symbol of the death of German democracy...


Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

A note to WeAreChange or anyone asking candidates questions...

When and if anyone of you have the opportunity to ask questions in an open recorded forum to any of the candidates running for office, please ask 2 questions of vital importance to the future of our nation.

1. Will you rescind any of the Presidential Executive Orders that has been established by the Bush administration that has diminished our civil rights, freedom, and liberties, for example: Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus, and NSPD 51?

2. Also, to the best of your knowledge, is the U.S. still under the emergency act of the Continunity of Government? Was it ever revoked, if not, what would your actions be?

joann - I do not believe that Presidential Executive Orders

can be rescinded by Congress.

It is my reading of the law that Congress can challenge them in the courts, but not directly rescind them.

The President can rescind them directly or write new ones overriding existing orders.

As for your second question, I think we should organize a campaign to flood our Congressional representatives with faxes, calls and postcards demanding an answer to this very important question, possibly another "week of truth" action.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Replacement of REX84 - New Martial Law EO

There is a new article posted on Rense this morning about a couple of Executive Orders signed by George Bush last May that are related to COG.


His confusion about the Department of Homescam Security is because he doesn't understand what Homescam's function is. Security in the Homescam context has to do with computer systems and coordination of the work to implement them. If you think of the United States as a corporation, then Homescam would be the IT department responsible to implement the shop floor, personnel, logistics, etc. systems.

There is the REAL ID (NAU DB, Total Information Awareness plus RFID tracking and monitoring)
Guest Worker (Son of the Devil just recently announced that he would be in charge of authorizing visas for foreign student to stay and work in the U.S.)
Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)
SmartPorts - Port Security Computer systems -
Smart Borders - Trusted Shipper
Highway Surveillance - remote sensing, cameras, network hubs for data collection and transmission (tolls are for data center costs more than road maintenance)
- Freight asset tracking, vehicle (truck and car) movement (including passenger)

And then there are the deep hidden systems like the national human resource management system (guest worker is integral), integrated school-workforce development, cradle-to-grave human resource management, supply chain management system for labor.

The NAIS animal tracking and agricultural assets databases for the 'field-to-table' tracking for 'food security' (see Mike Leavitt's speeches).

The list goes on. The bottom line is that the United States is being transformed into a centrally planned and managed economy. Electronic shackles are even more effective than physical shackles because you have the illusion that you are free when the truth is your every breath and step is being measured, tracked and recorded.

Funny you should mention that...

A few years back I was in my favorite soccer shop buying some gear and I saw a guy wearing a Department of Homeland Security jacket and I asked him what he did. This very clean cut and friendly looking Asian American guy smiled and told me that he was an IT specialist and that it was "a great job, the best job I've ever had".

DHS has fusion centers tying in all the local police departments to their databases. Our virtual big brother is getting bigger and more intrusive every day. Local sovereignty gives way to regional sovereignty which then cedes to federal sovereignty and finally to this insane idea of international "unity".

We are all sovereigns, we are all free moral agents, and it is this agency that we must embrace and extend while finding harmony with the natural world if humanity is to survive and flourish on this big, beautiful blue ball we call home.

While I never push the "they want to chip us all" line in public, as I don't think pushing fear is a good strategy at all, this is clearly where this is all heading unless we stop it. Even my very technically savvy 9/11 truth denying brother admits he can see this happening and, even more bizarrely, accepts it fatalistically. Yikes!

We are all brothers and sisters in one big dysfunctional family. Some of our brothers and sisters need to get out into nature, the real reality, and get away from the information systems and unwarranted fear of "Islamofascists" which are making them slaves to forces they do not see and thus, cannot understand.

We have the truth and physics on our side, brothers and sisters, we cannot fail unless we lack the will to succeed.

I love you all very much.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


It's difficult to explain but 9-11 has more to do with information systems than anything else you can point to. That's why the 9-11 report was just recommendations for what the government should do - and it all revolved around systems, information sharing and reorganization for more integration of systems. And as I watched Congress on C-Span - hearing after hearing - it was all about money for new systems.

2002 NYT Article on TIA pg 2


''They're conceptualizing the problem in the way we've suggested it needs to be understood,'' said Philip Zelikow, a historian who is executive director of the Markle Foundation task force on National Security in the Information Age. ''They have a pretty good vision of the need to make the tradeoffs in favor of more sharing and openness.''

Richard Clarke was the Y2k coordinator for the government. General Richard Meyers came out of the IT arena. And I believe that Gen. Ralph Eberhart did also.

Computers really are the doomsday machines - but it's logical doomsday - end of freedom; end of privacy; end of humanity.

(And I was a Systems Analyst/Programmer too).

My daughter and her mother recently got new passports

they didn't believe me when I told them that there were chips in them.

After I showed them that the passports have a printed warning in them about damaging the chips, they went "ohhhhhh".

My daughters are fully down with 9/11 truth, btw.

I worked in IT for awhile and love databases and all kinds of digital technology, it all comes down to TRANSPARENCY.

What is being pushed is about as opaque as a concrete wall.

Great to have you here, eyeswideopen.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

The Bamboozler

Throughout this article, and comments, I couldn't help but hear, off in the background..."Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."
We had Tricky Dick, with Nixon, how will history relate to Mr. Cheney? Old Slicky, after his tanker runs aground?
Another very revealing look given to us by GW. This kind of insight helps to unravel the threads woven into that illustrious curtain of deceit.
Keep it up, a real patriot at heart.