9/11 Supercomputer Center

Why we need 9/11 supercomputer center?

I have no doubt that WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition. Thanks to the excellent 9/11 researchers. Unfortunately main stream media has burned other ideas to the people's minds that are hard to change.

I propose a project to make scientific computer simulations of the WTC disintegrations. Indeed if explosives were actually used, there would be two revealing cases to simulate:
1. Simulate explosives in such places that simulation looks like the disintegration from the actual videos.
2. Simulate explosives (if any?) only in the impact zone in order to start collapses. I would expect from this some sort of partial collapse or fall off the upper part.

However simulations alone are not enough for brain washed public. We need also animations. The goal should be some kind of visually attractive documentary movie which explains simple physics behind the animations. I think this would be a huge leap ahead. People would open their eyes and understand how absurd the NIST progressive collapse theory is.

Of course this no easy job. There are many obstacles, perhaps the biggest is the money. We need a supercomputer for the simulations and animations and it is not cheap. Truth community has many talented experts and they have already done incredible work with no financial resources. Perhaps research could be done around world like open source software using resources of the supercomputer center.

How we can rice money for the supercomputer center?

I think we have to go after people who already think that towers were brought down by controlled demolition. According to some polls it is about 16 % of Americans. It means tens of millions people in USA. If we could get $100 from a million people, it is more than enough.

We should exam how Ron Paul supporters raised so much funds (about $34 million). Perhaps we should use similar strategy. We need "official" site where money is contributed and which is controlled by well known and respected experts of the truth community. Then we need enthusiastic and creative fund raisers as Ron Paul had.

Of course we could buy time for a supercomputer instead having one. But having our own is better for fund raising. It itself would have a major positive impact for the credibility and brings up a lot of publicity.

How much supercomputers cost?

For instance Texas university Ranger supercomputer 504 TFlops costs $30 million so it means $60.000/TFlops ($30 million/504). Of course that is overkill. Renault Formula 1 team bought recently 36 Tflops supercomputer which will beat number 1 supercomputer at 2003 (Earth simulator). That must be many times faster what NIST has been used. The price of the Formula 1 beast is not public but same amount of TFlops from the Texas Ranger would cost $2.2 million (0.06 * 36 TFLOP). Of course you need add operating cost and software.

So what do you think? Does this make any sense?