Bush Warns of Another 9/11 By Dr. Dennis Loo


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April 14, 2008

Bush Warns of Another 9/11

By Dr. Dennis Loo

The perverse and perilous paradox of this presidency is that the more Bush and Cheney fail, the more they succeed.

Bush parlayed his criminal failure to protect and come to the rescue of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Katrina into getting Congress to pass in September 2007 the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007.

The Warner Act abrogates the Posse Comitatus Act (the Civil War law that prohibits the use of federal troops in domestic affairs) and gives the President the power to declare, on his own say so, a "public" emergency" and carry out "mass" roundups, arrests and detentions.

All Bush and Cheney need do, in other words, to nullify their record level of unpopularity is allow - or merely fail to prevent - another 9/11 attack (the attack that Bush warns of in the article below.)

If they once again fail to prevent a terrorist attack as they did on 9/11, they will then undoubtedly get their grandest wish: unfettered executive powers.

The reason that this perverse paradox works is because their "war on terror" rests upon a specific, immoral logic - the idea that Americans' lives are more precious than that of Afghanis or Iraqis or Iranians or Pakistanis and that that it is necessary, and justifiable, to do anything to "protect American lives," including torture, mass murder, surveillance of all of us, and so on.

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This could be big

The fact that Bush is now predicting an "attack" originating from Pakistan -- rather than Iran -- could be an important signal. Why?

For years now, 9/11 truthers (and some other critics of the administration) have been predicting a new false flag event, this time to be blamed on Iran. So much so that there's bound to be widespread skepticism when it happens. But surprise all the critics by blaming the attack on the U.S.'s quasi-ally Pakistan, and those critics are left holding the bag.

Suddenly there's massive war fever across the land, and the 9/11 truth movement hasn't been speaking to seeming real events. Worse yet, many in the movement would be intellectually unprepared for this turn of events. It could take many of us weeks if not months to modify our thinking.

Meanwhile, Bush comes out smelling like a rose because he "predicted" what was going to happen. (Naturally, because his henchmen will've been among the planners of this faked attack.) All the more reason for his fellow politicians, the Mockingbird media, and the ever-confused sheeple to rally behind their Fearless Leader as he sets about adding Pakistan to the list of U.S.-occupied countries. (Heck, and while the sheeple are still whipped up about the faked attack, he can probably find some plausible excuse to attack Iran too in the Pakistan invasion's aftermath.)

Granted, this is all highly speculative. The point is, though, that Black Ops are successful by throwing their opponents off balance, and by changing their plans as circumstances evolve. Don't wed yourself too much to any one future scenario. Be prepared for cunning new thrusts by the hidden power elites.

It's no surprise....

After last year, Bush can be expected to warn of nuclear terrorism. I've been expecting this and certain we'll see more statements similar to this right up until the elections.

...don't believe them!