The Darkest Alliance

We have crossed an awful threshold. The leaders of the "free world" have admitted--after years of denials and scapegoating of "bad apples"--to authorizing torture. They have admitted they are war criminals. And still impeachment hearings have not begun.

Now they have said it to our faces. What are we going to do about it?

Gary Webb refused to be complicit. For his courage, the Mockingbird character assassins remembered him with this hit-piece of an obituary:

After the 2004 election, five weeks before his "suicide", he called out the American people for their apathy and moral cowardice.

"What this election tells me, unfortunately, is that it doesn't matter to most Americans if their government lies to them repeatedly.

They no longer care if their leaders erode their civil liberties, push this country further towards a police state, or shroud their actions in additional layers of official secrecy.

They don't mind if their government operates strictly for the benefit of the rich and the corporate class, as long as their own taxes don't go up.

Nor do they care if their government spends itself to the brink of bankruptcy. As long as they feel threatened by some external evil, everything is permitted."

Congress, We the People are looking at you. Will you be complicit in our utter abasement, in the desecration of our Constitution? Will you shame us with your silence, or will you honor Gary Webb by proving him wrong?

The 2004 election was STOLEN in at least 15 states.

Thus, the American people did care and do care, it is a question of making them fully aware and conscious of what's going on and rousing them to action.

It has become quite clear that the "bipartisan" hyper-majority in Congress are either complicit, co-opted or cowed and will not honor their oaths of office and fulfill their Constitutional duties.

Thus, we must keep informing our fellow brothers and sisters, point out their own best interests to them (repeatedly, I hasten to add) , embrace them and bring them with us to the vanguard.

It's time to take our movement to the next level, brothers and sisters. Together, we will make it happen.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Yeah, Gary seemed to still believe.....

.....(in spite of all he had found out about the CIA and drug running), based on his above statements, that our elections were still on the "up & up", and was dumbfounded by our citizenry in the '04 "election",.... in reality, the Fix was In.....

At the very, very least, it would be nice to see a (Karen) "Silkwood"-style movie of his life....just as it would be have Pat Tillman given the same acknowledgement for his idealism, heroism, sacrifice.... and then him ultimately being betrayed.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Self inflicted gunshot deaths

Re Gary Webb.

I saw a spreadsheet once of people that connected people who had died of presumed suicide or had died in weird accidents with their activities that strongly opposed the Bush family political/financial empire.

The list was long.

None of it was secret information, but it only got scary when you saw them all on the same list.

I'm not hinting here. It is definite that 9/11 was either in part or in full a product of the bush administration. Would these people shirk from removing obstacles in their way?

I don't think so.

"..I think, we will find out just how extreme that agenda is."

Gary Webb was certainly prophetic! I hope for the best. I was guilty as Webb charges but have since seen the light. He saw it coming!

By the way, it is unhealthy to oppose the Bush Crime Family. I've always wondered why really happened to Ken Lay? I don't know if you can believe what is printed about his history of heart disease? He was not considered in immediate danger of a fatal heart attack, at any rate.

David Goldstein at Huffington Post asked that very question in an article and noted how much time the right-wingers spend in character assasination so topics such as this never get the full treatment they deserve:

"Did President Bush Have Ken Lay Murdered?"

On an intuitive level, it seems, it deserved more attention.

...don't believe them!