Promotional Flyer for Loose Change: Final Cut screening at East Stroudsburg University

Here is the finished copy of the promotional flyer for the special Loose Change: Final Cut screening at East Stroudsburg University on May 1st at 7pm in Beers Lecture Hall. If you live in the area please print out the attached PDF and spread the word.

Loose-Change-Poster.pdf1012.04 KB

You may...

want to try contacting the Pocono Record and see if they will run a story on this 'controversial piece'.

Mid-size newspapers like that love stories like this.
Contact me if you need a contact to the Pocono Record, I have some...

Mark in Philly

Pocono Record.

I know Beth Brelje wanted to do a story on my 9/11 truth site, but dropped it. But I am planning on doing a press release with the Pocono Record, WNEP 16, WBRE and Channel 13. If you have contacts to the Pocono Record that would rock.

Matt Ross

Great flyer! Those mini-reviews/quotations are brilliant to

catch newbies attention & draw widescale interest!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

I agree !

inspires curiousity.

I love the tattered flag poster

and put up hundreds of them when we premiered the film in the SF Bay Area. I look forward to putting up hundreds more in the future.

Please let us know how the screening goes.

Keep up the great work!


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